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Sound Healing Workshop for Germans was ONO!

January 31st, 2009

Exciting news!
The Dragonfly Ranch: HEALING ARTS CENTER recently hosted a two weeklong workshop for Europeans presented by a famous German musician/singer/sound healer, Christian Bollmann, and his lovely lady, Dr. Jutta Reichardt.
The workshop, blessed with many awesome experiences, was an extraordinary success!
Highlights of their journey were recorded with cameras and DVD as well as in our hearts and minds.
When the vans arrived, the weary travelers who came half way around the world, found his, her or their “spots” with ease, making like Goldie Locks to discover the perfect bed, sheets and pillows. Before eating dinner, the group gathered on the steps and sofa next to the Tang Dynasty Quan Yin and were told to close their eyes and “trust” as they were each “lei-ed” with fragrant plumeria flowers. They ate quietly, in awe, and retired early.
The first morning, while having breakfast in the bright, warm sunshine on the deck, the pueo (sacred Hawaiian White owl) flew atop the bamboo trees at 9:30 in the morning for a ½ hour preening in the sunlight. While this is not typical of owl behavior, it was predicted by a sensitive who just gave me a reading involving my mother. It was surely a happy omen of her approval and of blessed things to come.
Over fifty dolphins swam up beside the group at Hookena Bay, staying all day to play and sing and rest. While one woman was caught in a rip tide, a long time resident, Janey, from the shore sent a man with a dingy to pick her up. This resulted in a touching scene of appreciation that became a strong bond. Janey was invited to attend the going-away party at the end of the journey.
A trip to town one evening provided the group new friends who write songs and play music—long lost friends of mine who were also invited to the party.
Whales appeared while the group sailed on Captain Kiko’s double-hulled canoe trip in Keauhou.
When we learned that Makana would be singing in Hilo, the group quickly adjusted plans and made arrangements to include this special concert that had a number of the old time Hawaiian slack key artists playing with my dear friend, Makana.
On the way to the concert, the group enjoyed riding the waves at the long white sandy beach called Hapuna. Afterwards, everyone enjoyed a picnic in the Kalopa mountain park. They were awestruck by a rainbow over Hilo bay before attending the exciting concert.
The Saturday morning Hilo market was a highlight for shoppers before proceeding to explore the East side of the island. Healing sound work while floating in the Puna warm ponds was another highlight for this group before stopping to pay homage to Madam Pele at the volcano on their return home from Hilo.
A full moon sunrise at the sacred Place of Sanctuary provided an awesome time of powerful prayer, meditation, and singing—all accentuated by a stunning double rainbow—representing doubly powerful “change” or “transformation”. This double “anuenue” over the ocean spoke of a strong ½ hour storm that blasted in and out a few hours later, providing the group with a clear and colorful hour-long showy (best of the year) sunset to remember.
Meditation, yoga, chi gung, dancing, walking the labyrinth, toning (with amazing overtones) and singing in the Illuminarium was an ongoing aspect of this groups amazing program. I cannot praise Christian and Jutta enough for their talented and skillful leadership, always light, always going with the flow, always with humor and grace.
For these mellow Germans, lots of relaxing and singing was a large part of their healing journey to Hawaii. They also took advantage of the opportunity to get lomilomi and have readings from other Dragonfly guests who were available to them. For insightful Tarot readings there was artist/reader, Penny Clements. For connecting with the “other side” by a “real deal” medium, Troy Parkinson also gave readings.
Systemic systems life coach, Martyn Carruthers, spoke on Huna healing one evening and also gave private sessions with people who were interested.
Since everyone fell in love with Capt. Kiko, they were all happy that he joined them on a day trip to Volcano. He talked story and shared the richness of the land where he was raised, delighted to be with his new German friends again.
We were paid a surprise 3-day visit from Ian Rush, an unusual man on a mission:
Originally from England, and more recently from Australia, Ian, found himself surrounded by singing Germans who were delighted to include him in their joyous enthusiasm. While this event was not on his list of goals, I believe he was touched by the open heartedness of the group. Also, his “readings” made him a little skeptical about his skepticism. He left the Dragonfly a slightly changed man.
The Dragonfly garden, lovingly tended by this group of Germans, provided fresh organic greens for many meals catered with love and flair by talented chefs. Of course the delicious food was blessed with songs of gratitude before being gleefully eaten on the peaceful outdoor deck overlooking the ocean.
Prior to dinner, after everyone sang and danced and toned, in the labyrinth, our friend, Martyn Carruthers, suggested the group hold hands every which direction–getting all entangled and then…working at getting…unentangled. Quite an accomplishment that this very special group handled gracefully, punctuated with a little laughter here and there.
For the grand finale dinner party, after a traditional turkey (and salmon) dinner to remember, everyone got in a circle on the outdoor covered deck for the evening festivities. The music included friends, Jamila and Audie, who brought violin and saxophone as well as sufi dancing for songs that Christian and Jutta were familiar with singing but did not know the dancing part. Our dear friend/chef/gardener/musician, Phoenix, played a few of his tunes on his guitar.
Doing his extraordinary 3 overtone sounds for which he is famous, Christian played his guitar and added an ancient Tibetan instrument. Besides her loving voice and healing energy, Jutta adds a light touch of Tibetan bells here and there. The group, having practiced together for years, sang like a well-trained choir. While the Dragonfly has had many parties of renown, the chemistry of this unified group created an amazing party that no one wanted to have end.
Janey and other new friends were amazed at the harmonious sounds, joy and laughter. They joined in with their ukele and good cheer.
Much to our delight, another unexpected guest appeared just as Christian and Jutta were singing a beautiful song to me, in gratitude for providing the sacred space for them at the Dragonfly Ranch that my mother help me create. Starting 35 years ago, my mother and I knew this was the perfect spot for growth, transformation and healing. This unexpected guest was predicted to appear by Troy, our (temporary) resident medium who told me that my mother (who died in 1982) wanted to show herself in the form of a bird. I knew that my mother selected the pueo to be our family amakua (guardian angle/sign).
Near the end of that beautiful song sung for me, that I drank in with my whole heart, the pueo flew up and appeared like a flash of lighting, five feet behind our heads. I felt that my mother, Emelyn, in the form of the white owl, wanted us to know that from beginning to end, she approves of our activities and blesses each of us with her everlasting love.

“In the Sweetness of Friendship,
let there be Laughter
and the Sharing of Pleasures ”
Khalil Gibran
Barbara Ann Kenonilani Moore
President of Hawaii Island Wellness Travel Association (
soul proprietor of Dragonfly Ranch: HEALING ARTS CENTER
Voted #1 B&B in West Hawaii by readers of West Hawaii Today daily paper

where Aloha abounds
72 degrees and sunny on Big Island’s Kona Coast


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