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Nuclear Regulatory Commission Ignores Depleted Uranium Risks

March 19th, 2009



Nuclear Regulatory Commission Ignores Depleted Uranium Risks |


March 18, 2009

4:24 PM


CONTACT: Institute for Energy and Environmental Research

Arjun Makhijani, IEER, 301-270-5500 


Nuclear Regulatory Commission Ignores Depleted Uranium Risks


Votes to Ignore Sound Science, Its Own Prior Analysis, and Radiological Safety



Decision an Apparent Bow to Burgeoning Nuclear Fuel Enrichment Industry


TAKOMA PARK, Md. – March 18 – The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) voted today to declare that depleted uranium (DU) from enrichment plants is a Class A low-level radioactive waste — the least dangerous kind that supposedly consists mainly of short-lived radionuclides. In 2005, the NRC had concluded that large amounts of DU were not covered by its existing low-level waste rule and directed its staff to develop recommendations regarding DU classification. The Commission’s action also opens the door to classification of other dangerous radioactive wastes in the least hazardous category — Class A.  Commissioner Jaczko dissented and voted in favor of a rulemaking process to determine the classification of DU within the existing low-level waste framework. 


“With the exception of Commissioner Jaczko’s vote, the NRC today bypassed scientific integrity, its own prior analysis in a draft low-level waste environmental impact statement, and the simple facts about the characteristics of depleted uranium,” said Dr. Arjun Makhijani, president of the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (IEER), who has studied the issue of depleted uranium disposal and testified in NRC enrichment plant licensing proceedings. “This will make DU disposal cheap for the enrichment companies. The NRC seems eager to please the burgeoning uranium enrichment industry, but it has compromised sound science and public health protection of future generations.” 


“The Commission has done a real disservice to the public with this decision,” said Dr. Makhijani. “President Obama has said his administration would respect good science. With the exception of the courageous vote of Commissioner Jaczko, who voted for a process that would respect the scientific and regulatory processes, the NRC majority flouted that commitment.” 


Extensive analyses done by IEER have shown that DU disposal in large amounts in shallow facilities would greatly exceed the dose limits of current NRC low-level waste regulations (see, for instance, The 1981 analysis done by the NRC itself in the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the low-level waste regulation concluded that DU in Class A waste should not exceed 0.05 microcuries per cubic centimeter. DU from enrichment plants has a concentration that is over ten times greater than that. The final rule dropped DU in large amounts from consideration because it was notconsidered a waste at that time. 


Dr. Makhijani said that the NRC staff’s October 2008 finding that doses from DU disposal could result in low doses in arid climates is based on unsupportable assumptions. For instance, the analysis assumes that will be no erosion from wind, rain, flowing water, or snow for one million years at the disposal site. Another implicit assumption was that affected people would remember where the disposal took place and know not to go onto the site for a million years because the dose is calculated only for people outside the disposal area. 


Currently some 740,000 tons of depleted uranium in unstable hexafluoride form are stockpiled at Department of Energy sites at Paducah, Kentucky, Portsmouth, Ohio, and Oak Ridge, Tennessee. One company, LES, is currently building an enrichment plant in New Mexico, which will generate well over 100,000 metric tons of DU. The NRC granted a license to that company for the enrichment plant in 2006. Three other companies are seeking licenses to build enrichment plants in Idaho, Ohio, and North Carolina. The NRC staff assumes that between existing stocks and DU from new plants, 1.4 million tons in all, will have to be disposed of as a radioactive waste. The radioactivity of DU grows with time because of the in-growth of the decay products of uranium-238, like thorium-230 and radium-226. 


Dr. Makhijani added that the NRC staff did not do its homework regarding DU disposal impacts prior to granting a license to LES in 2006. Its counsel stated that it relied on a 1990 technical analysis done for the EnergySolutions low-level waste disposal site in Utah as being sound. Among other things, that analysis included a conclusion that an amount of uranium-238 greater that the weight of the Earth could be disposed of in fraction of an ounce of Utah soil. The staff did not back away from its reliance on the report even when the physical impossibility of the conclusion was pointed out in expert testimony by Dr. Makhijani (transcript available). 


“It is a sad day because science and public health have succumbed to expediency and profit,” concluded Dr. Makhijani. “Commissioner Jaczko’s vote for a regulatory process to determine the classification of DU and update the low-level waste rule, using the proper legal, technical and public processes, is the only bright spot. We applaud him. We call on President Obama to support Commissioner Jaczko’s vote and call a halt to the process that has classified a dangerous, long-lived radioactive waste in the least dangerous Class A category. He should ask the NRC to set in motion process that will respect science and protect public health.” 


EnergySolutions, which has a low-level waste disposal site in Utah, is most likely to gain an advantage from today’s NRC ruling, since it is licensed to dispose of Class A low-level waste only. A newly licensed low-level waste disposal site in West Texas may also benefit. 



IEER is dedicated to increasing public involvement in and control over environmental problems through the democratization of science.


Women of India take positive action to beat climate change

March 19th, 2009

ENVIRONMENT-INDIA: Women Farmers Ready to Beat Climate Change
By Keya Acharya

ZAHEERABAD, Andhra Pradesh, Mar 17 (IPS) – A collective of 5,000 women spread across 75 villages in this arid, interior part of southern India is now offering a chemical-free, non-irrigated, organic agriculture as one method of combating global warming.

Agriculture accounts for 28 percent of Indian greenhouse gas emissions, mainly methane emission from paddy fields and cattle and nitrous oxides from fertilisers. The 2007 report by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) says India’s rainfall pattern will be changing disproportionately, with intense rain occurring over fewer days, leading directly to confusion in the agricultural scenario.

Decreased rain in December, January and February implies lesser storage and greater water stress, says the report, while more frequent and prolonged droughts are predicted.

The report cites, as example of impacts, that a 0.5 degrees Celsius rise in temperature will reduce wheat production in India by 0.45 tonnes per hectare.

Research at the School of Environmental Sciences in New Delhi projects crop losses of 10-40 percent by 2100 despite the beneficial effects of higher carbon dioxide on growth, with the dynamics of pests and diseases significantly altered.

Adaptation is both necessary and unavoidable, says the IPCC.

In Zaheerabad, dalit (the broken) women forming the lowest rung of India’s stratified society, now demonstrate adaptatation to climate change by following a system of interspersing crops that do not need extra water, chemical inputs or pesticides for production.

The women grow as many as 19 types of indigenous crops to an acre, on arid, degraded lands that they have been regenerated with help from an organisation called the Deccan Development Society (DDS).

DDS, working in this area of India for the last 25 years, has helped these women acquire land through government schemes for ‘dalits’, and form ‘sanghas’ or local self-help groups that convene regularly and decide their own courses.

The women plant mostly in October-November, calling up the family’s help for 7 days for weeding and 15-20 days for harvesting. Farmyard manure is applied once in two or three years depending on soil conditions.

In Bidakanne village, 50 year-old Samamma, standing in her field, points out the various crops, all without water and chemical inputs, growing in between the rows of sunflowers: linseed, green pea, chick pea, various types of millets, wheat, safflower and legumes.

The sunflower leaves attract pests and its soil depletion is compensated by the legumes which are nitrogen-fixing.

“In my type of cropping, one absorbs and one gives to the soil, while I get all my food requirements of oils, cereals and vegetable greens,’’ says Samamma.

Samamma’s under-one-acre plot produces, amongst other crops, 150 kg of red ‘horsegram’, 200 kg of millets and 50 kilos of linseed. She keeps 50 kg of grains and 30 kg of gram and sells the rest in the open market.

The 5,000 women in 75 villages are now in various stages of adopting this method of agriculture.

“In the climate change framework, this system of dryland agriculture has the resilience to withstand all the fallouts of elevated temperatures”, says P.V. Satheesh, the director of DDS.

Multiple stresses from global warming in India and the Asian continent are foreseen in water scarcity, groundwater salinity, food insecurity and hunger, loss of livelihoods and problems in downstream agriculture that depend on glacial melts.

The women now run a uniquely evolved system of ‘crop financing’ and food-distribution that they have mapped out themselves.

Subscription to the Sangha is by a fistful of grain. Those borrowing grains from this community grain bank then pay back five times the borrowed amount in grain.

The collected grains are then sifted for good seed and the rest is either sold in the open market, sold to members in crisis at low rates, or distributed to poor families in the village.

“I check the earheads of grain for good seed”, says 55 year old Akkama, seed bank manager in Hulugera village. “It’s a system handed down to me from my ancestors.” The women have stored over 50 different varieties of seeds from local cereals such as millets, wheat, red gram, linseed and sorghum.

The money collected from open market sales every year is deposited in regular banks and the interest earned from them is used to finance loans for members who again complete the cycle by paying back their loan in grain over five years.

DDS has now involved the women in a monitored system of organic produce that is certified by the global Participatory Guarantee Scheme (PGS)’s Organic India Council.

The method is a system of third party certification by organic growers themselves, initiated in India in 2006 by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and the Indian ministry of agriculture in consultation with farmers and NGOs.

PGS groups are a worldwide phenomenon, operating in countries like the United States, New Zealand, Brazil and France. New initiatives are coming up in Vietnam and South and East Africa.

In Zaheerabad, the organically certified staples and grains are packed and labeled with the PGS certification, taken by a mobile van to be sold in retail to consumers in Hyderabad city 150 kms. Satheesh says the women are swamped with orders.

And yet, these women have come from the poorest rungs of society. Narsamma, 55, says she worked as a labourer 25 years ago, earning a pittance.

She heard about DDS’s self-help group in a neighbouring village and approached the organisation for help.

She has now provided education for five children, two of whom work in NGOs, built a new house and bought cattle and land with DDS and government-support.

” Now, when landlords come to me for borrowing seed, now I can laugh,’’ says the feisty woman who has traveled to London, Peru, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, talking to local farmers about the ecologically sound agriculture practiced by the women of Zaheerabad.


Mattthews messages of hope

March 8th, 2009



    /Hello Everyone ….. some days we get a little down and so we

    forget what we know. Maybe these little excerpts from Matthew’s

    messages will help cheer us up. /



    /*May 21, 2008*/


    Free will choices of the majority have been made and now, without

    influencing those choices one whit, we can reveal that in the

    _energy field of potential_, Obama?s momentum always was

    unstoppable, and we can tell you that this highly evolved soul with

    many lifetimes as a wise and just leader came from a spiritually and

    intellectually advanced civilization specifically to rise to his

    current prominence.

    At soul level he knows this is his mission, but consciously he is

    aware only of his innate leadership abilities and genuine intent to

    serve his nation as he so states; in time he will become consciously

    aware of his origin and purpose for embodying in this lifetime. Once

    he is in office, some darkly-intentioned persons expect to control

    him just as they and others before them have controlled a succession

    of US presidents and many members of Congress. However, that vicious

    kind of governing is at an end, and contrary to the protestations of

    Hillary Clinton that this race is not over, she and other top

    Illuminati know they are witnessing the demise of their ?secret

    government?; therefore, the Obama family members are among the most

    intensely light-protected persons on Earth.




    /While that election is of undeniable importance, foment leading to

    benevolent changes in other countries? governments is of paramount

    significance too. The myriad reforms underway span the globe?WORLD

    transformation is what is occurring?_and in time, every leader in

    every nation will be a lighted soul._/




    /*November 21, 2008*/


    /Prior to birth/ all peoples now on the planet (that means ALL of

    us) knew the soul who would incarnate as Barack Obama and joyfully

    agreed to his becoming president of the United States to lead that

    country and the world into the Golden Age.

    All participant souls were born with that knowledge, but it was

    forgotten in the adjustment to ?life in the flesh? and its needs,

    and even more so, indoctrination by family, educators, religion and

    society. But they all knew that would happen because it is inherent

    in third density embodiment; therefore, according to the plan, light

    in ever increasing intensity has been provided by beings throughout

    the universe to merge Earth peoples? consciousness with their soul

    level knowingness.


    So what is considered in your world to be a recent political event

    had its beginnings long ago in your counting of time and is far, FAR

    more than Obama?s imminent presidency!


    Think of the innumerable times ?historic? has been used to describe

    this, and rightly so! However, most people have no idea how truly

    historic it is?they have not yet reached their soul?s knowledge that

    includes what I just explained or what I and other sources of

    messages have told you through our receivers: /This era on Earth is

    unique, what is happening is unprecedented in the universe. /


    Replace your concerns about his safety with gratitude for the shield

    of protective Christed light surrounding him, and yes, the light in

    your prayers does indeed add to his well being.


    _We encourage you to be patient while everything unfolds_, knowing

    without any doubt whatsoever that the light is in control!


    This applies to the global economic situation too. There is no way

    to sugarcoat the bleak news that this is worsening, however, we do

    ask that you remember what was in a recent message (see next

    paragraph) about your agreement to experience this and your innate

    ability to handle it.


    *Excerpt from October 22, 2008 message*


    We have been asked how people around the world will weather the

    effects of what finally is called what it is, an international

    economic crisis, and we can only say that this is like in any other

    situation on the planet: The universal law of attraction, or ?like

    attracts like,? which is totally neutral and constantly in

    operation, will serve each individual in accordance with his or her

    perception of and reaction to personal situations. The energy sent

    forth by those who see themselves as tragic victims will zoom out

    and draw to itself the energy of thought forms in the ?universal

    soup? that match the individual’s thoughts and feelings, and the

    energy combination will manifest ?tragic victim? circumstances for

    the person to deal with. Those who feel genuine gratitude for what

    they have will be provided with more to be grateful for, and the

    energy of sharing with an open heart has the same positive result.


    But always _the foundation of weathering any distressing situation

    is staying out of fear about it_! The magnified energy of fear

    assures that the law of attraction will bring fear-filled

    circumstances to the fearful person. How long it will take to reach

    the end of the tunnel and what you will encounter during the

    transition from the totally corrupt system that is collapsing to an

    honorable system that will serve all peoples fairly we don’t know.

    If we could give you a timetable, we would, but exactness in your

    time for completion of all details cannot be determined in this

    moment. The darkness that for millennia has produced dire situations

    for Earth and her resident life forms to contend with cannot be

    undone overnight?that is, not by the energy of third density

    thoughts. Few people know the phenomenal power of their thoughts or

    know that never before have changes the magnitude of world

    transformation and spiritual renewal come with the astounding speed

    and scope of the Golden Age plan. We urge you to look within and

    reach what your souls know: This is a time not for impatience or

    doubting? /and especially not fear!?/but for steadfastness in hope,

    optimism, gratitude and LOVE!


    I believe it is well worth my repeating something else: Earth?s

    ascension is assured and on pace; it is up to each individual to

    decide to physically accompany her. If it is your wish to do so, the

    energy of fear or other negative attachment is not your ally because

    it blocks the light that bodies require to survive in the higher

    frequencies of Earth?s journey to her destination.


    Absorbing light is as simple as living from your heart, the seat of

    your soul, and souls are made of light energy. You need not study

    spiritual or metaphysical material, perform rituals or find a guru

    or other mentor. You need not spend years looking for some elusive

    entry into the light?you ARE light! You need only to know this and

    live by it! It isn?t by chance that the Golden Rule was so named, or

    that despite all the dark manipulations of the Bible?s original

    content and intent, /?Do unto others as you would have them do

    unto you? /remained. The guidance of the Golden Rule, in all its

    simplicity, is part of the elaborate plan that already has

    manifested Earth?s Golden Age in the continuum.


    (Reminder: In Matthew’s language, “continuum” means something

    already so, done, actualized, can’t go back, be cancelled, be turned

    around, it is so.)


    Earth has reached energy levels where the higher frequencies are

    accelerating everything, and whatever is in your thoughts is

    manifesting more quickly than previously?/be careful what you

    think!/ Not only is it important to focus only on what you /want/ in

    your life and your world, but also to refrain from thoughts of

    retribution, revenge, or punishing others. Those carry the heavy

    negative energy attachments that account for generation after

    generation of violence, brutality and oppression as one side

    retaliates for what the other side?s ancestors did to the first

    side?s ancestors, thus incurring karma upon karma for all those

    souls to deal with. While we understand the desire to hold

    accountable President Bush and others operating within the

    Illuminati for their actions that amount to crimes against humanity

    itself, we encourage you to let the judicial system do what it will

    and be content with that.


    When the Golden Age plan was formulated, Bush and those other strong

    souls willingly agreed to fill their roles as long as necessary,

    then join the light forces. Those roles were essential to the part

    of the plan that covered third density karmic completion and

    subsequent reconciliation of darkness and light within balance,

    wherein all is light.


    Whatever ?punishment? you may feel ?fits the crime? committed by

    Bush and all the other like-minded individuals, we tell you that

    they have imposed upon themselves unimaginably harsher consequences

    than any of your legal systems could ever conceive, and that is why

    time and again we have urged you to send them light.


    //Let your thoughts be of peace, love, honor, abundance, fairness,

    goodness?all the beautiful, harmonious facets of life you want for

    yourself and your world?and know that we are among the myriad light

    beings who lovingly are by your side in every moment.


    */January 20, 2009/*


    On the inauguration of Barack Obama as president of the United

    States, we ask that you fill your hearts with love and gratitude and

    direct those feelings to him and his family and to the individuals

    who will assist and advise him. The outpouring of those kinds of

    energy streamers is like a blanket of golden filaments surrounding

    your world. By sending that energy to the Obama family and the new

    administration, you are radiating light to guide, protect and

    contribute to their success in governing wisely and honorably; and

    the light in their efforts beams out to the world, thus benefiting

    all souls and Mother Earth herself.


    Although inauguration day is a specific date in linear time, in a

    universal context it is a major part of the master plan devised by

    the spiritual hierarchy in conjunction with physical civilizations

    in the timelessness of the continuum. (There’s that word again)

    Obama?s willingness to come from a spiritually and intellectually

    highly evolved civilization to take on the primary leadership role

    in your world is part of that plan, which all of you knew and agreed

    to prior to your birth. The soaring hope of peoples around the world

    when he was elected has grown exponentially, and Mother Earth

    herself is feeling uplifted by the surge of harmonic waves from her

    residents and from all light beings throughout the universe.


    The first day of new presidential leadership is an event of

    paramount importance in a series of on-target powerful developments

    in the plan?s goal of spiritual renewal and reformation in your

    physical world, but in the /*continuum*/, /its success already has

    been achieved!/ [/Note: The November 21, 2008 message in

    ?Matthew?s Messages? on //

    <>/ explains the plan./] Nevertheless,

    all of the forward movement is operating in /your /concept of time,

    and in this respect, your every thought, feeling and action is

    creating not only your personal lives, but collectively are the

    stepping stones to Earth?s ?future? world. All those steps are being

    taken at one pace or another, and holding your light steady in trust

    and patience as events unfold within the new US administration will

    heighten the collective consciousness. The higher the collective

    consciousness of a peoples, the higher the vibrations they radiate

    and attract in kind, all the while assisting Earth?s ascension into

    the increasingly higher frequencies that you perceive as time

    passing faster and faster.


    Abundance is the God-given right of souls, and joyful living

    circumstances for /every/ person on the planet is part of the master

    plan that includes the election of Obama.


    _From a purely ?3D? perspective_, his administration is facing one

    of the gravest situations the world has ever encountered. And

    indeed, it is a huge mess that must be cleaned up!


    _However, what we see from our vantage point_ is that Earth is far

    healthier today than she has been for millennia, and due to the

    massive infusion of off-planet light that guided individuals into

    generating their own light, the turn-around in Earth?s condition has

    happened with speed that is unprecedented in the universe. Again,

    this is all according to the master plan, and every soul on the

    planet is participating one way or another.


    The population as a whole is seeing the economic situation, as it is

    reported by mainstream media, with unemployment, retail sales and

    real estate statistics along with various analysts? forecasts.


    Therefore, in the collective consciousness the situation appears

    dire?by some estimates, the spiraling downward will continue for as

    long as two years and the overall impact will be felt with leveling

    out stages over the next ten or twenty years.


    The analysts are calculating in accordance with economic history and

    they see the resolution as combined government and corporate efforts

    to return to what they consider the soundness of the global system

    that existed prior to the meltdown.


    You know better!


    You know the economic system is collapsing to end the Illuminati?s

    long stranglehold on all aspects of commerce, taxation, investments,

    and such, and that _a new foundation based in light is rising out of

    those ashes. _


    You know that the increasing light in your world is propelling Earth

    to her fifth density destination;


    you know about the universal law of attraction and the advent of

    on-planet assistance from the same advanced civilizations that have

    been helping from afar for sixty-some years.


    By living in consonance with this awareness, the light in your

    optimism and trust has raised the vibrations within the collective



    ?your contribution has been phenomenal!


    We want to clarify some misunderstandings prevailing even among the

    most faithfully dedicated lightworkers about the economic reforms

    underway. Some persons still do not know the magnitude of what is

    commonly known as NESARA. In previous messages I have recommended

    reading the explanatory messages about the true NESARA, but we

    understand your time constraints and I have been requested to

    summarize that material [Special NESARA Edition in ?Matthew?s

    Messages? below September 11, 2006 message on

    <>]. Most succinctly stated*, NESARA is

    that master plan for manifesting spiritual renewal and world

    transformation. *


    Underlying all of the death, destruction and tyranny in the Middle

    East is the extremely heavy karma being played out. Long before your

    recorded history, the inhabitants of those lands battled savagely

    for supremacy, and ancient blood permeated the earth. The resultant

    negativity had to be released in massive degree so Earth could move

    out of deep third density, and souls who lived in those early

    civilizations have returned time and again with the chosen mission

    to reduce the accumulated negativity. The inhabitants of those lands

    today came in for the same purpose, but this time, they are here to

    complete the release and achieve karmic balance as individuals and

    for Earth.


    We know that overview seems dispassionate in light of the extensive

    pain in Gaza, just as in Iraq and Darfur and all other places on

    Earth where darkness still has a toehold. Even though we know that

    the individual and area-wide karmic balancing taking place is

    essential and we know that the souls who participated in accordance

    with original or amended contracts have achieved leaps in spiritual

    growth, we weep for those who are living in the midst of trauma

    because they are not aware of their loved ones? magnificent

    accomplishments or their very own. The balance to our deep sadness

    for them is our joy in the assurance that one day they will know

    what we do, whether they are in spirit lifetimes or in Earth?s

    Golden Age that they helped to manifest.


    Now, in the same spirit of exultation and brilliant light of hope

    that is pervasive in your world, we bid you farewell even as we

    lovingly accompany you every moment along your pathway. Matthew.


    Hope you enjoyed this excerpt. Looking forward to Matthew’s next

    message around March 20th, my birthday season, Spring, the Equinox,

    more Light, Flowers. Hooray! Love ‘n hugz … Joline


    LOVE and PEACE


    Suzanne Ward




    *Joline Stone*


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inspiration from a man with no arms and no legs

March 8th, 2009


inside scoop about Hawaiian Lands case

March 6th, 2009

Lanny Sinkin wrote:

Below are two commentaries on the recent oral argument at the U.S.  Supreme Court in the Kingdom Lands case.  The second piece arrived  without information on the author.  I am told that Keanu Sai is the  author of that piece.
I have attached a transcript of that oral  argument as well.



By Leon  Siu
February 27, 2009
Washington, D.C.,  USA
Reading the newspaper accounts of the State of Hawaii v.  the Office of Hawaiian Affairs oral arguments at the Supreme Court I asked  myself, were they in the same courtroom that I was? Hawaii papers put a phony,  positive spin on what actually went down. The stories were written with the  kind of provincial slant… home-town-team, win-or-lose, they’re-our-boys and  we’re-darn proud-of- ‘em and we-love- ‘em.
Well, we do love ‘em,  but those of us who were there saw a very different picture than the hometown  news reported. The fact is, the state and OHA choked.
Hawaii’s  little league ball teams do much better in rallying and coming through  in the clutch in their world-series encounters. But the State and OHA got  dirty lickins playing in this big league, world-series-  level of court. They performed like a bunch of amateur scam artists, but in  nice suits.
In essence, the Supreme Court justices appeared not  just skeptical, they seemed to be downright annoyed at the state’s convoluted  arguments and manipulative efforts to have the federal court undo the results  of 14 years of dragging through the state courts.
The justices  took their line of questioning way outside the expectations and comfort zone  of both the state and OHA. Neither party was prepared to (or wanted to)  address the issue of title except to reinforce the state’s claim to  so-called “perfect title” as “a given.” So they did some fancy footwork to try  to dodge the title issue; which did not amuse or make any points with  the court. Neither was the court pleased when the state and OHA tried to steer  the justices back to the actual narrow question on deck about state’s  rights.
The state’s whole case is built upon the premise that  the State of Hawaii has “indisputable perfect title” to the “ceded lands.”  Well guess what? If their title was “indisputable” and “perfect” why are they  in court? And why have they been in court over this issue for 14 years?  Because there is a dispute! There is a question of  title!
The injunction leveled against the State of Hawaii by the  State Supreme Court in January 2008 caused the State to run crying to the U.S.  Supreme Court saying, “No fair, no fair! The Apology Law would force us to  give Hawaiians back the lands stolen from them over 100 years ago! It’s ours  fair and square because the U.S. gave it to us! The Apology means nothing. We  have “perfect title!”

[Ironically, this is the very Apology Law  that the state embraces in their support the Akaka Bill. But that’s another  story.]
The Apology Law undermines the state’s “perfect title”  claim. The State Court ordered the injunction because the Apology Law  clearly shows that there is a dispute — a big one! The  Apology Law flatly says that the seizure of Hawaii was illegal and that  the native Hawaiians never gave up their claims (title) to the lands of  Hawaii.
These two glaring admissions of fact, framed within this  federal Apology Law (USPL 103-150) don’t merely suggest a problem of  land title; they cast serious doubt on the very legitimacy of the State of  Hawaii. How can something that results from an illegal act now be considered  legal, or in this case, perfect?
The illegality of the  initial act (the seizure of the lands of Hawaii) means that anything else  based on that illegal act is likewise, illegal; and that means the State of  Hawaii and its construct, OHA are illegal entities. That means the only valid,  lawful claimant to the lands and jurisdiction of the Hawaiian Islands is,  after all these years, the still-existing Hawaiian Kingdom.
That  is why the state claimed right off the bat that it had “indisputable” “perfect  title.” The state was desperately trying to keep the court from inquiring  about any other option regarding title by eliminating that, first off, as a  point of contention. But the court’s refusal to wear such blinders was  unnerving to the state. You could almost hear the state attorney general  saying to the court, “focus! focus!”

But just because the state  took a beating, doesn’t mean OHA fared much better.
Probably the  most egregious action that day was by OHA when it chose to agree with the  state’s “perfect title” position and by doing so, failing to present the  Native Hawaiians’ un-relinquished claims as a challenge to the state. They  virtually abandoned the Native Hawaiian land claim implicit in the Apology  Law! By doing so, they virtually abandoned the Native Hawaiians; the clients  they purport to represent!
At best it was a stupid legal  maneuver; at worst it was a shameful betrayal.
OHA never  challenged the state’s “perfect title” claim and argued instead that according  to state laws, the state had a “fiduciary duty,” sort of a moral obligation,  to take care of the Native Hawaiians.
That led Justice Ginsburg  to ask, “The Native Hawaiians — they do get 20 percent of the proceeds,  correct?” And the OHA attorney to answer, “That’s correct…as a matter of State  law they get 20 percent of the revenue from the ceded-lands trust…” (we all  looked incredulously at each other…since when?) Then he clarified,  “…though the amount of that revenue has itself been the subject of protracted  and unresolved litigation.”  Oh, so we get 20%, but not yet! The  check’s in the mail…

Later, Justice Kennedy stated to the OHA  attorney: “Your whole case rests on a cloud on the title in favor of your  clients. But you — you ignore the cloud on the title that has been entered  against the State.”
So, OHA’s strategy is: don’t press for the  Native Hawaiian’s outstanding claim on the land, but instead, shift to begging  for handouts from the state because, according to “state law,” the state has a  “fiduciary duty” to take care of Native Hawaiians. OHA in essence was making a  pitch (in the Supreme Court of the United States!) for a welfare claim,  not a land claim!
In my opinion, both the state  and OHA were way out of their league in this court. But you can’t blame them.  They had a flimsy case to begin with; one in which they are trying to defend a  situation that resulted from a long series of illegal actions. It’s very hard  to defend a string of lies.
Two good things came from this: 1)  the state and OHA have proven they have nothing to stand on, and 2) there is  now a gaping doorway for the Hawaiian Kingdom to walk through, assert itself  and claim its rightful title the lands of Hawaii.

Malama  pono,

The Myth of Ceded Lands and the State of  Hawai`i’s

Claim to Perfect  Title


In the recent Ceded lands  hearing at the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C., on

February 25, 2009, Attorney  General Mark Bennett repeatedly asserted in the hearings

that the State of Hawai`i  has perfect title to over one million acres of land that were

transferred to the United  States government upon annexation in 1898 and then transferred

to the State of Hawai`i in  1959. This is an incorrect statement. This falsehood, however,

is not based on arguments  for or against the highly charged Hawaiian sovereignty

movement; rather, it is a  simple question to answer since ownership of land is not a

matter of rhetoric but  dependent on a sequence of deeds in a chain of title between the

party granting title and the  party receiving title. In fact, the term “perfect title” in real

estate terms means “a title  that is free of liens and legal questions as to ownership of the

property. A requirement for  the sale of real estate.”


What determines a perfect  title is a chain of title that doesn’t have a missing link. Here in

Hawai`i all titles originate  from the Hawaiian Kingdom government whether by Royal

Patents or Land Commission  Awards and all subsequent conveyances between

individuals are registered  at the Bureau of Conveyances located at the corner of

Punchbowl and Beretania  Streets on the ground floor of the Kalanimoku Building. An

example of a chain of title  would be the Hawaiian Kingdom government to Joe Smith,

Joe Smith to Alex White,  Alex White to Alapa`i, Alapa`i to Yao Wong, Yao Wong to

Jonathan Judd. If there is  no record of the deed between Alapa`i and Yao Wong there is a

break in the chain of title  and therefore Jonathan Judd cannot claim to have a perfect title,

which is a “requirement for  the sale of real estate.”


For so-called Ceded Lands,  being the Hawaiian Kingdom government and Crown lands,

the chain of title is  supposedly from the Hawaiian Kingdom government and Queen

Lili`uokalani to the  Provisional government, the Provisional government to the Republic

of Hawai`i, the Republic of  Hawai`i to the United States, the United States to the State of

Hawai`i. In this chain,  however, there are two missing links and not just one. On January

17, 1893, the Provisional  government seized control of the Government and Crown lands

without conveyance, but  through revolt, and after investigating the revolt, President

Cleveland reported to the  Congress on December 18, 1893 that the Provisional

government was neither  de facto  (a successful  revolution), nor de  jure (the lawful  

government), but  self-proclaimed (committing the crime of high treason). On November

13, 1893, U.S. Ambassador  Albert Willis began to negotiate with the Queen, on behalf of

President Cleveland, to  grant amnesty for these criminals and an agreement to restore the

Hawaiian Kingdom government  was concluded with the condition that the Queen grant

amnesty after the government  was restored.


The other missing link is  that there is no record of conveyance from the so-called

Republic of Hawai`i to the  United States when the Hawaiian Islands were supposedly

annexed in 1898. According  to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the term cede is “to

yield or give up by treaty.”  In order for countries to cede territory to the United States it

must be made by treaty, e.g.  Louisiana Purchase from France in 1803, or the Alaska

Purchase from Russia in  1867. For Hawai`i, there are two failed treaties of cession, the

first in 1893 and the other  in 1897, but the first was permanently withdrawn from the

Senate by Cleveland in March  of 1893, and the second was not able to be ratified by the

Senate because of protests  by the Queen and Hawaiian subjects. Instead, the United

States enacted a  Congressional joint resolution proclaiming that the Hawaiian Islands had  

been annexed. The joint  resolution of annexation is not a treaty or conveyance from the

so-called Republic of  Hawai`i. It is a unilateral declaration that was used to seize and

occupy the Hawaiian Islands  during the Spanish-American War. The United States today

could no more annex Iraq by  a joint resolution than it could annex the Hawaiian Islands

by joint resolution in 1898.  Congressional laws have no effect beyond the borders of the

United States.


If there is no record of a  deed from the Hawaiian Kingdom government and the Queen to

the Provisional government  transferring Government and Crown lands, there is a break in

the chain of title and  therefore the State of Hawai`i cannot claim to have a perfect title,  

which is a “requirement for  the sale of real estate.” As far as the term “Ceded lands,”

there is no such thing  because the Government and Crown lands were never “yielded or

given up by treaty” to the  United States in the first place. Confusing cession for

occupation is tantamount to  confusing adoption for kidnapping. This is not a case of

semantics, but ignorance of the legal  and political history of Hawai`i.

Lanny  Sinkin
P. O. Box 944
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(808) 936-4428

Attorney at  Law
Ali’i Mana’o Nui by appointment of Ali’i Nui Mo’i Edmund Keli’i Silva,  Jr.


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Flouride (rat poison) in your water (or toothpaste)?

March 2nd, 2009

My Oahu friend, Richard Deihl, sent this to me:


I object

to having our water supply being adulterated with fluoride. I also

object to the concept of involuntary mass-medication. It has no place

in a free society. People who want fluoride should be free to eat as

much as they want, but at the same time, those of us who do not want

it should not have it literally forced down our throats.


There are ample studies available that show not only the

ineffectiveness of fluoride but its toxicity. Fluoride is a hazardous

waste by-product of the phosphate fertilizer and aluminum industries

and is a key ingredient in rat poison.


I’ll let Dr. Joseph Mercola conclude my testimony:


    In 2005, eleven unions within the EPA publicly called for a ban

of water fluoridation, over concerns that it may cause bone cancer.

And in 2006, the American Dental Association warned parents of

infants not to use fluoridated water when mixing baby formula.


    As award-winning journalist Christopher Bryson revealed in his

book The Fluoride Deception, there has been a multi-tiered effort –

or as Bryson says, an abuse of power — by military and industry

scientists and public health officials to shamelessly promote

fluoride to the dentistry field and the American public with little

regard to the implications it would have on human health.


    Just what are those potential implications?


        * An increased risk of bone cancer

        * Fluorosis, a discoloring of your teeth and breakdown of

their enamel (between 30 percent and 50 percent of children have

dental fluorosis on at least two teeth in “optimally fluoridated


        * An increased risk of osteoporosis

        * Developmental problems such as lower IQ


    But that’s not all. According to Paul Connett, PhD:


    1. Fluoride accumulates in your bones and makes them more brittle

and prone to fracture. Lifetime exposure to fluoride will contribute

to higher rates of hip fracture in the elderly.


    2. Fluoride accumulates in your pineal gland, possibly lowering

the production of melatonin, a very important regulatory hormone


    3. There are serious concerns about a connection between

fluoridation and the current epidemics of both arthritis and



    4. In animal studies fluoride at 1 ppm in drinking water

increases the uptake of aluminum into your brain.


    5. Counties with 3 ppm or more of fluoride in their water have

lower fertility rates.


    6. The fluoridating agents most commonly used in the United

States not only increase the uptake of lead into children’s blood but

are also associated with an increase in violent behavior.



    Of course, the main reason why fluoride is reportedly added to

the U.S. water supply in the first place is to prevent cavities. Yet,

data compiled by the World Health Organization shows no difference in

tooth decay in countries that use fluoridated water compared with

countries that don’t use fluoridated water. So not only is fluoride

unsafe, it is ineffective as well.




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