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the banking system demystified

July 25th, 2009

Thanks be to Phoenix for finding this:


Mandatory Vaccinations?

July 22nd, 2009

Dear Ohana,

With all intention to set a tone of preparedness, not alarmism, I am
sending this email. All indicators seem to be moving toward Mandatory
Vaccination, probably for this fall. For myself, this feels like just too
much POWER for the WHO to have over my health and health freedom, yet they
are setting themselves up for just this. When you look into the laws they
are discussing, the tone and direction of their communiques and the laws
that are already set in place, it seems pretty apparent, where they are

Will WHO Mandate a “Swine Flu” Vaccine?

PLEASE be diligent about this and check it out for yourself and do what
feels right to you. It seems urgent and time sensitive. If there is enough
of an upsurge, there are allies in Congress who will set an alternative
legislation in place to have self shielding as an option…..they would
need to hear from us and know this is what we want though in order for
this to happen. Right now it is vaccinate or be quarantined.

One way to let congress know is to go to this link
where at the bottom of the page you will find a letter you can send, it is
fast and easy or just write your own letter to congress, it the NSF letter
does not support your needs or express you attitudes.

Please take action either way and let others know about this in your own

My understanding is that in the UK they already have laws for mandatory
vaccination. If the WHO mandates this than all 194 countries who are
signatories under their umbrella will be compelled to follow their
mandate. Follow the money trail, follow your instincts and please do
something inorder that you be heard loud and clear if this does not sit
well with you. Check the laws already in place in Hawaii and you may be
surprised to see our police force can be mandated to carry out the Dept of
Health’s bidding regarding quarantining. Others laws are also getting air
time, but so far have not been passed.

Let’s not be unparpared, let’s do what we can now to set up outcomes we
feel good about for our future.

To our health and freedom of choice, Angela


Travel Well, Aloha,



Frankenfood info from Organic Bites

July 16th, 2009
The National Organic Program administers the O...
Image via Wikipedia

July 16, 2009
Organic Bytes #182: Frankenfoods, Natural Versus Organic, & Labor Rights…

Health, Justice and Sustainability News
from the Organic Consumers Association
In This Issue

Quote of the Week: New Study Reveals Major Health Problems Linked to Genetically Engineered Foods
Alert of the Week: Support the OCA’s National Organic Standards Board Endorsements
Alert Update of the Week: Tell Whole Foods and UNFI: Organic Means Respecting Workers’ Rights
Survey of the Week: Consumers Think ‘Natural’ is Greener Than ‘Organic’
Related Web Forum Posting of the Week: The Debate Over ‘Natural’ Versus Organic Products – Where Do You Stand On This Issue?
Good News of the Week: Administration Seeks to Restrict Antibiotics in Livestock
More Headlines of the Week

Quote of the Week
New Study Reveals Major Health Problems Linked to Genetically Engineered Foods
“We demand the systematic publication of the results of these tests, which we could only obtain on a case by case basis by taking legal action… It [the study] brings to light a significant underestimation of the initial signs of diseases like cancer and diseases of the hormonal, immune, nervous and reproductive systems, among others… The health crises may be more important than the international financial crisis because of the lack of transparency of the regulators.”
Source: An alarming study published in the Journal of Biological Science this week points toward serious health hazards from genetically engineered foods and pesticides. The research, conducted by scientists from France, Italy, New Zealand, U.K. and U.S., corroborates the decade-long criticism by public interest organizations such as the Organic Consumers Association, Greenpeace, and Friends of the Earth that European Food Safety bureaucrats and the U.S. FDA have used unreliable tests to assess the safety of food and products containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs). GMOs are now found in more than 80% of (non-organic) foods sold in conventional grocery stores in the U.S., as well as the majority of animal feed in the EU.
Learn more

Alert of the Week
Support the OCA’s National Organic Standards Board Endorsements
This year, Secretary Vilsack will make the Obama Administration’s first appointments to the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB), a non-governmental advisory and supervisory board comprised of representatives of the organic community who make formal recommendations on organic standards and allowed ingredients in organic production to the USDA National Organic Program (NOP).
Several important topics are now under deliberation by the NOSB and the NOP, including:
-Blatant violations of national organic standards in the organic dairy sector, where leading brands (including Horizon and Aurora) continue to unfairly undercut ethical brands by utilizing cheaper, but inhumane and less nutritious, intensive confinement feedlots where cows have limited or no access to required pasture.
-Misbranding in the personal care products sector where increasing numbers of products that are laced with synthetic chemicals and not certified as organic are nonetheless being labeled or advertised as “organic”.
-Standards for organic aquaculture (fish farms) that pose environmental and food safety concerns
-The continuing controversy over which minor ingredients may be synthetic or sourced in non-organic form.
The appointment of strong organic advocates to the NOSB will help to safeguard organic integrity, allow the organic movement to speak with one voice, and reassure consumers that “USDA Organic” is the “gold standard” for nutrition, safety, humane treatment of animals and environmental sustainability.
Learn more and take action

Alert Update of the Week
Tell Whole Foods and UNFI: Organic Means Respecting Workers’ Rights
In recent weeks, the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) has urged the world’s largest organic and “natural” retailer and wholesaler, Whole Foods Market and United Natural Foods, Inc. respectively, to prioritize certified organic food and products, support farmers and manufacturers’ transition to organic production, and to stop advertising or promoting so-called “natural” products (greenwashed conventional products) as if they were “almost as good as”or”almost organic.”
Since our founding in 1998, OCA has fought to integrate organic and Fair Trade principles, to protect the rights of workers, both in the U.S. and abroad, throughout the natural and organic supply chain, from farm workers and food processing workers, to truck drivers, warehouse packers and retail clerks in grocery stores, coffee houses, and restaurants. OCA believes that Fair Trade, health, and sustainability are the inseparable components of an organic food and farming system and a green economy. This is why the OCA and our allies are challenging industry leaders, Whole Foods and UNFI, as well as the entire organic and green community, to implement a domestic Organic and Fair Trade code of conduct that assures workers’ rights are respected.
Take action today and send the Whole Foods and UNFI’s CEOs a message that organic means supporting workers’ rights!
Learn more and take action

Survey of the Week
Consumers Think ‘Natural’ is Greener Than ‘Organic’
A new Shelton Group survey of U.S. consumers shows 31 percent of respondents believe ’100 percent natural’ is the most desirable eco-friendly product label claim, compared to 14 percent who chose ’100 percent organic’. According to Shelton, “Many consumers do not understand green terminology. They prefer the word ‘natural’ over the term ‘organic,’ thinking organic is more of an unregulated marketing buzzword that means the product is more expensive. In reality, the opposite is true: ‘Natural’ is the unregulated word. Organic foods must meet government standards to be certified as such.”
The survey suggests why bottom line companies like Horizon, Silk, and Peace Cereal are ditching organic ingredients, while UNFI and Whole Foods Market are failing to educate consumers and project a clear preference for certified organic goods. Instead UNFI, WFM, and others are giving prominent shelf space to so-called ‘natural’ product-lines which are cheaper and more profitable to produce and sell than “organic,” although so-called “natural” products are routinely contaminated with GMOs and synthetic chemicals, and derived from industrial agriculture and food processing practices that are polluting the environment, undermining biodiversity, destabilizing the climate, and exploiting farmers and workers.
Learn more

Related Web Forum Posting of the Week
The Debate Over ‘Natural’ vs. Organic:
Where Do You Stand On This Issue?
Letter from one of our readers: “I have relied on the Organic Consumers Association to be a significant force for alternatives to an industrial food system. You have had a significant impact on helping all of us interested in choices in the food marketplace. I really take issue with the stance that certified organic is the only legitimate alternative to an industrial/global/impersonal food system. The movement which is connecting more and more consumers to think about where their food comes from, how it is produced and who profits from their food expenditures has grown rapidly as a “big tent” movement. I acknowledge that some abuse of the “natural” label occurs, but I do not believe we who are interested in alternatives to the industrial/global/impersonal food system benefit from a position which asserts that the only alternative acceptable is “certified organic.”
Learn more and join the discussion

Donate to OCA & Receive Access to Yoga and Meditation Videos Online
The Organic Consumers Association is partnering with to provide OCA donors with a month’s worth of instructional web fitness videos at no cost with any size donation. Your donations help us continue to do the important work that you read about each week in Organic Bytes and each day on our website ( Just put “yoga offer” in the comments of your donation here:


Headlines and Articles of the Week

1) Good News of the Week
Administration Seeks to Restrict Antibiotics in Livestock
“The Obama administration announced Monday that it would seek to ban many routine uses of antibiotics in farm animals in hopes of reducing the spread of dangerous bacteria in humans. In written testimony to the House Rules Committee, Dr. Joshua Sharfstein, principal deputy commissioner of food and drugs, said feeding antibiotics to healthy chickens, pigs and cattle – done to encourage rapid growth – should cease. And Dr. Sharfstein said farmers should no longer be able to use antibiotics in animals without the supervision of a veterinarian…”
Learn more
2) Consumer Tip of the Week
“Localwashing:” Corporate America’s Latest Tactic to Co-opt Green-Minded Consumers
With Americans’ new focus on buying products made close to home, corporations are moving quickly to co-opt the term “local.” How do consumers determine what’s really local, and what is just a marketing show?
Learn more
3) Web Video of the Week:
“A Chemical Reaction,” a new documentary film on lawn chemicals, scheduled for release in 2009, tells the story of one of the most powerful and effective community grassroots initiatives in recent history.
Watch a preview
4) Environment News of the Week:
Dow Pitching New Toxic Pesticide That Aggravates Global Warming
“Public health and environmental advocates have asked the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to deny a request from Dow AgroSciences for a permit allowing it to release large amounts of sulfuryl fluoride onto farm fields in four states. The chemical is a toxic pesticide whose global warming effects are thousands of times stronger than carbon dioxide…”
Learn more
5) Health News of the Week:
Nobody Knows What Nanoparticles Do – Yet They Are in Your Food, Cosmetics, and Toys
“Your sunscreen, energy drink and high-tech clothing may be among the 800-plus consumer products made with nanomaterials: those manufactured at the scale of atoms and molecules. Nanotechnology, a fast-growing global industry, is essentially unregulated. Advocates and independent scientists agree that we need to get ahead of the risks before it’s too late…”
Learn more

HI–Get Involved Locally

Learn more about OCA related action alerts and other news in HI here.
Join HI discussion groups in our forum.
Post events in HI on our community calendar.

Message from our Sponsors
The Almond Butter of Genius
It was here in Berkeley that Steve Wozniak went to school. He attended the University of California where he studied electrical engineering. He had the good sense to drop out in 1975 and, with Steve Jobs, founded Apple Computer, Inc., a two-man operation. Just as Mozart channeled musical scores, writing them down in a final version without revising, editing or correcting, so too, Steve channeled the circuitry for the first PC. He was the conduit for a revolutionary invention that has changed every aspect of our lives. This is the spirit of Berkeley: 20 Nobel Prize winners have taught here.

Organic Alive Tahini Steve Wozniak with Steve Jobs, California 1975 American Genius

A Liberating Experience
We invite you then to open a jar and spread our almond butter on a slice of apple. Experience it’s texture and savor its aroma. Taste it’s whole-bodied flavor. Maybe it will inspire you with the ethos of this Berkeley of prophets and scholars. We call it Freedom Butter. In its aliveness, it is an intimation of what you can be. We cordially invite you to explore our website

Please forward this publication to family and friends, place it on web sites,
print it, duplicate it and post it freely. Knowledge is power!

Organic Bytes is a publication of Organic Consumers Association

6771 South Silver Hill Drive – Finland, MN 55603 – Phone: 218-226-4164 – Fax: 218-353-7652

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this made me sob–please take action for Gaza

July 16th, 2009


Dear Barbara, 

Share this report with your

Congressperson. Demand an investigation. Demand Strings Attached.


The Israeli group Breaking the Silence has just released a collection of testimonies (1) by Israeli soldiers that took part in the Gaza attack last December and January. 


This is not the first report documenting the horrors inflicted on the civilian population in Gaza. Less than two weeks ago, for example, Amnesty International produced a report documenting Israel’s use of battlefield weapons against the civilian population trapped in Gaza. (2) 


Today Israeli soldiers corroborate charges that the military repeatedly violated international law.


You know what? You feel like a child playing around with a magnifying glass, burning up ants. Really. A 20-year-old kid should not be doing such things to people. 

The soldiers testify about their use of human shields (3), their use of phosphorus over civilian populations, and about the sheer magnitude of the destruction.


Why fire phosphorus? Because it’s fun. Cool.

It looked awful, like in those World War II films where nothing remained. A totally destroyed city. 


The soldiers also relate efforts of the military rabbinate unit to make the attack a holy war between “the sons of darkness” and “the sons of light.”



[They told us] No pity, God protects you, everything you do is sanctified.

The list goes on.

Now we have heard from both Gazans and Israeli soldiers, all telling a similar story. 


Generous US aid – American tax dollars –  made this possible. American-made weapons were used to attack Gazan civilians, productive factories, schools and administrative buildings. 


The British government has canceled a number of  weapons contracts with Israel


Isn’t it time for members of the U.S. Congress to pay attention? Demand an investigation now into the use of US tax monies to fund war crimes in Gaza

Sydney Levy

Jewish Voice for Peace


(1) Breaking the Silence Testimonies


(2) Amnesty International Gaza report



(3) Ha’aretz: Israeli soldier: “We used Gazans as human shields.”

Original article removed from Ha’aretz, but available in full here: )



(4) BBC Breaking the Silence on Gaza Abuses


National Geographic best pics of the year

July 16th, 2009



Take action against Monsanto

July 14th, 2009

Subject: Tell Your Senators: Monsanto can’t feed the world
Dear Friend,
In a promising move, the G8 — a group of the world’s eight wealthiest nations — has just announced a shift away from providing direct food aid to developing countries and towards helping farmers abroad produce and distribute their own food.
That’s a laudable goal. But the Obama administration along with members of the U.S. Congress are using this singular moment to move their own agenda: propping up U.S. biotechnology companies like Monsanto. They hope to accomplish this by promoting genetically modified seeds and chemical inputs as tools to fight hunger, despite research that shows that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have little impact on crop yield and do not fare well in drought-prone regions that need the most help.
I just took action and signed a petition asking my senators to oppose the Casey-Lugar bill that would push GMOs on the world. I hope you will, too.
Please have a look and take action.

Thanks! Marilyn

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Wayne Dyer’s affirmations

July 12th, 2009
Scientific classification of living things use...
Image via Wikipedia

Great affirmations From Wayne Dyer‘s new book, “Excuses Begone!” Who can’t relate to these?!

1. It will be difficult: I have the ability to accomplish any task I set my mind to with ease and comfort.

2. It’s going to be risky: Being myself involves no risks. It is my ultimate truth, and I live it fearlessly.

3. It will take a long time: I have infinite patience when it comes to fulfilling my destiny.

4. There will be family drama: I would rather be loathed for who I am than loved for who I am not.

5. I don’t deserve it: I am a Divine creation, a piece of God. Therefore, I cannot be undeserving.

6. It’s not my nature: My essential nature is perfect and faultless. It is to this nature that I return.

7. I can’t afford it: I am connected to an unlimited source of abundance.

8. No one will help me: The right circumstances and the right people are already here and will show up on time.

9. It has never happened before: I am willing to attract all that I desire, beginning here and now.

10. I’m not strong enough: I have access to unlimited assistance. My strength comes from my connection to my Source of being.

11. I’m not smart enough: I am a creation of the Divine mind; all is perfect, and I am a genius in my own right.

12. I’m too old (or not old enough): I am an infinite being. The age of my body has no bearing on what I do or who I am.

13. The rules won’t let me: I live my life according to Divine rules.

14. It’s too big: I think only about what I can do now. By thinking small, I accomplish great things.

15. I don’t have the energy: I feel passionately about my life, and this passion fills me with excitement and energy.

16. It’s my personal family history: I live in the present moment by being grateful for all of my life experiences as a child.

17. I’m too busy: As I unclutter my life, I free myself to answer the callings of my soul.

18. I’m too scared: I can accomplish anything I put my mind to, because I know that I am never alone.

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my latest health “finds”

July 7th, 2009
Organic vegetables at a farmers' market in Arg...
Image via Wikipedia

Since Dr. Shanhong Lu came here and talked about the remarkable results she has been experiencing and miracle stories about her patients using Orenda products, Phoenix and I decided to try it. We went down and got our blood tested. In a few months, we will test again to see what the products have done for us.

Products from two companies I’m using now are and (Immune, O-tropin and Oki Juice).

I met Lynn Ferguson, who tested me with her EAV machine from Germany. She was impressed with how Orenda works together with Pearlcium for optimum health (or vice versa). Check out this youTube:
Also, look at the impressive David Wolf interview too. Dr. Rulin was here just 2 days ago!

This is a totally cool product. If you are interested in looking at it, go to

To find out more about the Orenda products, go to or call 1-866-673-1333 (using my #40927 if you want to place an order). If you have particular health issues and want to know how much of what to take, you can talk to Dr. Lu at 530-925-0565

I am using the two product lines in conjunction with my negative ion clothing that i wear almost 24/7 now. I love it all and i’m feeling remarkably healthy! If you are interested in learning more about this, call me at 808-328-2159.

I have found that when I take Pearlcium morning and night, my PH is 7.2 routinely. One of my goals is to keep my PH alkaline as we have learned that cancer can not exist in an alkaline PH. While some health care practitioners have alerted me to the possibility of my having a health challenge, I have chosen to meet the challenge by making sure I am eating all organic food, taking only the best supplements, exercising daily, sleeping properly, keeping my Ph alkaline and lowering my stress level whenever possible. I’m also laughing, taking good care of my adorable animals, enjoying my guests and in general, having a good time living life. Hope the same is true for you!

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Green Genius Newsletter

July 6th, 2009

Cora Piliwali sends this out to me. Sign up if you are interested.

Good Morning
Green Geniuses!

A BIG Mahalo to sis Diane for passing this email to us!
Please take time to click on the link (below the article) and send in your vote to ban this rule!! – and incase you feel like:  “What’s the big deal?”…or…“I’m busy and don’t have the time so I’ll let my neighbor cast their vote!”  first, I need to say that it only took me a total of 2 minutes to fill out the form and send online through this email link (it was very easy and fast!!)…. Second, let me remind you about the dangers of these GMO foods and the reality of what you are REALLY feeding yourself and your children…(while keeping in mind that imitation INFANT FOOD/MILK is made with genetically altered soy and a majority of our processed foods already have a genetically altered corn base!)
If you need to be reminded about the dangers of GMO foods please read and enjoy the following article. (You may also enjoy watching these videos on the dangers of GMO…)
GMO Foods, Genetically Modified Organisms, Wake Up America 3 (11:24 minutes long) <;hl=en&amp;emb=0&amp;aq=-1&amp;oq=>
GMO Trilogy – Hidden Dangers in Kids’ Meals: Genetically Engineered Foods (1of3 … <;ei=ktk7Sp2LCY6yqwPJo7SUCg&amp;q=genetically+althered+foods+&amp;hl=en> 28:29 minutes long) <;ei=ktk7Sp2LCY6yqwPJo7SUCg&amp;q=genetically+althered+foods+&amp;hl=en>

28:29 –  1 year ago

BAD SEED: The Dangerous Truth About Our Food (6:37 minutes long)      If you are ready to vote just go ahead and scroll down to the URL link below the article:
Mahalo for your vote!

<javascript:void();> Print this article <javascript:void();>    |   Read this article in: | IT <>  |
November 1, 2005

GM Food Dangers Directly Affect Biological Descendants and Future Generations

Here is another story you will not find on mainstream media.
A breakthrough study
from a national Russian research agency <>  suggests that a diet with genetically-modified <;lr=&amp;safe=off&amp;oi=defmore&amp;defl=en&amp;q=define:Genetically-modified> (GM) soy may indeed affect newborns of parents maintaining a GM-based food diet.
According to the study reported by Russian federal news agency Regnum News Agency <> , GM foods can affect “the posterity of humans and animals“.
This is the first research that determined clear dependence between eating genetically modified soy and the posterity of living creatures.
If you think that this is news propaganda, look at this photograph of two mice of the exact same age, and guess which is the one that has had parents on a GM-food diet.

The study that included this information was presented on Oct. 10 at a symposium on genetic modification, a program organized by the National Association for Genetic Security <>  (NAGS).
The study has been conducted by a team of researchers led by Irina Ermakova <> , Doctor of Biology, at the Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiology of the Russian Academy of Sciences <> (RAS).

Irina Ermakova
During the experiment, doctor Ermakova <>  added GM soy flour to the food of female rats two weeks before conception, during conception and nursing. In the control group were the rat females that were not added anything to their food.
For the study, the scientists used GM soy flour in a diet for female rats two weeks before and during conception, and after birth.
Three groups of rats were assigned a different diet each: a control group received no soy, the second group received GM soy flour, and the third group received conventional soy flour. The scientists counted birth and death after the offerings.
Three weeks after birth, the death rate of the baby rats was counted for each group.
It was found that both the conventional soy and the GM soy did not affect the number of baby rats each mother produced.
However, the death rates of baby rats in three weeks after birth were drastically different.

The death rates for the control, the group raised by mothers on a GM soy diet, and the group raised by mothers on a conventional soy diet were 6.8 percent, 55.6 percent and 9 percent respectively.
The results indicate that conventional soy did not have a negative effect on the death rate, while a GM soy diet increased the death rate by a factor of eight.
, 30 percent of the babies in the GM soy group had an abnormal weight of less than 20 grams.

The morphology and biochemical structures of rats are very similar to those of humans, and this makes the results we obtained very disturbing,” Irina Ermakova told the NAGS press office.
Aleksey Kulikov, NAGS Vice-president, said the results of the study justified the necessity of full scale testing of GM-products over all living creatures.
In the US, the majority of soy crop is genetically modified.
In the recent past, Russian scientists have warned about the dangers of genetically modified products <> in a letter to President Putin.
Importing genetically modified foods is jeopardizing both Russia’s health and agriculture, they have been claiming.
In one instance, Alexander Baranov, president of the National Association for Genetic Security, explained that genetically modified products are putting the health of the nation in serious danger, RIA News Agency <>  reported <> . The letter to Vladimir Putin, signed by more than 30 key public, political, and scientific figures, read:
This address is imposed by the growing vulnerability of Russia’s biological security. There is a process of substituting environmentally friendly foods, which are typical for Russia, with imported genetically modified products. Russia is becoming a site for testing foreign biotechnology.
Among other precautions
, the letter advises a ban on using GM products in baby food, a moratorium on growing GM crops before they are proved to be harmless, and a new federal law concerning biological security. The letter also notes that the Russian food market is flooded with imported genetically modified and transgenic products that are not subject to any state control.
These products are dangerous in their unpredictability, especially considering their prolonged use. We don’t know their eventual effects on the human body,” Vladimir Kuznetsov <> , head of the scientific council of the Russian Academy of Sciences <> , said.
Kuznetsov also warned that
some sectors of Russian agriculture, such as seed-farming, are disappearing because of the use of genetically modified cultures and that Russian agriculture risks of becoming completely dependent on multi-national corporations, which may have strong impact in steering Russia toward loosing its status as a leader supplier of ecologically safe and environmentally-sound products.
Alexei Yablokov <> , President of the Center for Environmental Policy <> , went even further with a strong statement supporting his strong stance against what he calls “biogenetic terrorism”. According to him <>  the roots of biologically modified products are in biological weapons.

Robin Good via Sepp Hasslberger -
Reference: Health Supreme <>  [ Read more <>  ]


Ok Green Genius now that you’ve been reminded about the dangers of GM foods, Cast your vote on the link below…it’s quick and easy!


“The purpose of life is to be restored back to Love, moment to moment. To fulfill this purpose, the individual must acknowledge that he is 100 percent responsible for creating his life the way it is. He must come to see that it is his thoughts that create his life the way it is moment to moment. The problems are not people, places, and situations but rather the thoughts of them. He must come to appreciate that there is no such thing as “out there.”
        ~Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len


Cora L Piliwale

Kapolei Health & Fitness Center

Hawaii Medical Service Association
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Hawaii
An Independent Licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association
949 Kamokila Blvd. Kapolei, HI 96707 Suite 170
Tel: (808) 694-1910

Fax: (808) 694-1040


A Museletter gift: peace thru creativity and music

July 6th, 2009
Faithful praying towards Makkah; Umayyad Mosqu...
Image via Wikipedia


My thanks to Richard, the Muse.

The  Kaua’i  MuseLetter

“HeartBeat of Kaua’i”     


This is one of the most enlightened newsletter sharings that I know; 

my wonderful friend Shelley creates these; 

if you want to subscribe, just send to:


Shelley sends these out around once of week


The “muse” Loves this “Love Filled News”!

I know many of you will love it too!.


Jai! Love Filled News


all pictures in this newsletter

compliments & copyright of Simone M. Mathews


view online version


The Science of Miracles

I Bring What I Love

Ecstatic Dance


Sacred Geometry Gifts

The Science of Miracles



An inspiring journey into the science of miracles 

bringing new light into the power of Grace.

Gregg Braden, a world renowned scientist and author, 

brings forward new research illuminating 

this powerful source within all of us. 

Enjoy this short series of videos 

on the Science of Miracles now.


Watch The Science of Miracles


On the same page you can receive 

the auspicious gift of the Oneness Blessing 

assisting in opening to greater experiences with all life.

This blessing now comes in a video format,

new videos put up each week.


Receive the Oneness Blessing


Experience an ancient ritual for health and vitality

on all levels directly from south India… The Oneness Temple

through this short video series


Kalash Puja


I Bring What I Love



I recently saw the film I Bring What I Love, a documentary of Youssou N’Dour. 

Youssou is an African Griot, a traditional musical storyteller, and Sufi Muslim

from Senegal immersed in a devout love affair with God.  His passionate love

cannot be contained as he chooses to sing his love of God during Ramadan

breaking down religious taboos.  With a pure intent to show the world a more

tolerant view of Islam he brings an overwhelming love through his music.  

The music cannot be contained to his roots and he reaches out to share,

creating fusions which challenge the African Muslim world.

As love conquers all… eventually the music is welcomed back at home.



Our lord is One

One, with no peer

With his grace you live nine months

in the warmth of your mother’s womb

Then you came into this world

And were given a destiny

He laid forgiveness onto your wrongs,

Covered you with His favors

Thanking Him is enough to receive more

In return, He asks only that you surrender to Him

The Way is thus to surrender, and to thank Him


From the album Egypt byYoussou N’Dour


Watch the video of Youssou N’dour singing 

The New Africa


I Bring What I Love  


Ecstatic Dance



*  Enjoy new photos of my recent dance performances of the Ramayana, the 

classic epic drama depicting the ways of polarity ultimately entering Oneness.


*  Receive the ancient ritual of The Temple Dance.


*  Also you’ll find a link to read my new blog column with Balam,

Balinese American Fusion Contemporary Dance Company…

Jai! Ecstatic Dance

a yogini’s play of the soul through a body



Ecstatic Dance





The Abundance Breakthrough Project, by Jo Dunning,

is an amazing and free opportunity to receive daily energy waves

sweeping the planet as we catapult into more prosperous ways of living for all.

  She has numerous resources assisting us into abundant value of ourselves and

life itself.  From our center of greatness, outer prosperity for all is inevitable.

The Abundance Project


Sacred Geometry Gifts

Simone M. Mathews of

has gifted us with these beautiful sacred geometry images.


Sacred geometry may be understood as a worldview of pattern recognition, 

a complex system of religious symbols and structures involving space, time, 

and form.  According to this belief the basic patterns of existence are perceived

as sacred.  By connecting with these, a person contemplates the Mysterious

Magnum, and the Great Design.  By studying the nature of these patterns, forms

and relationships and their connections, insight may be gained into the 

mysteries, the laws and lore of the Universe.



Enter Simone M. Mathews

halls of sacred geometries


Wave of Love






with love,



Jai… Joyous praise

Sri… Honorable

Yogis… All of us together as One!




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