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My letter to the Nuclear Regulations Commission

October 14th, 2009

Aloha Mr. Hayes,

As the president of the Big Island Health and Wellness Alliance (BIHWA) I am writing to thank you for listening to the requests of the people of this island asking that you DISallow Depleted Uranium on our Sacred Aina.
Furthermore, I am begging you to not pretend to be hearing our heart-felt pleas but rather respond to our need to safe guard our guests visiting this island, the people who reside here, and our noble soldiers, from this deadly substance.

I formally request that there be a public hearing that allows our residents the right to protect themselves from this invasive substance that destroys the health of our residents.

I also wish to request that an Environmental Impact Study be done.


I attended your meeting and read your literature assuring us that DU is nothing for us to worry about.

I can tell you from personal experience that Depleted Uranium IS dangerous. Ever since I protested, on a fateful day in 2007, against DU at PTA when I was caught in a dust devil as I looked at a meter spike in the dangerous zone, I have been experiencing serious health problems resembling issues that develop after exposure to depleted uranium. I won’t bother going into detail but suffice it to say that I do not think I would be challenged with chronic lymphoid leukemia if you and your team of experts were to honestly assess the danger of DU years ago and had then put a stop to the live fire, bombing, and Stykers moving DU dust into the precious air that Big Islander’s breathe.

As you heard form the statistics of this area, cancer has increased for us “down winders” so that I am not the only victim suspected of suffering from the effects of DU on this island.

The words that popped out of my mouth when I was speaking at the meeting you arranged for us in Kona was, “Are you dupes?” When I saw your facial responses to my question, I regretted offending you by using those harsh words. I came home and looked up the meaning of “dupe:” an “unknowing” dupe is a victim of deception. The verb, “to dupe”, means “to deceive”. Since you are educated and intelligent people, I can’t help but believe that you are fully aware of how lethal DU is to humans, plants, animals, the planet. Are you deceiving yourselves when you try to tell us that allowing DU on our island is not hazardous to our health and the well being of our precious land, water, and air?

You now have the opportunity to make a stellar decision that goes against all the brainwashing you have been exposed to and are attempting to foist upon us. After the meeting, when I shook you hands, I told you that I would appreciate your taking an honest stand that could cost you your job. None of you seemed thrilled at that possibility. I know times are tough and you have a high paying job. But at what cost to your integrity when you rubber stamp every request you have ever gotten asking you for permission to possess the most destructive substance on the planet: the material used in Weapons of Mass Destruction, silently killing even humans it was not intended to kill for four and a half million years to come ? Wouldn’t it be a new experience to look at yourself in the mirror and say, “Today I’m going to go on record for making the RIGHT decision, the sane decision, the decision that protects our citizens from the proliferation of this lethal material. I’m going to say NO to allowing Depleted Uranium in the Aloha State.”

Every one of you can actually use your own brain and realize that you have an opportunity to take a major historical step—one that could positively affect your life and that of your children to follow—by going on record as refusing the army the right to allow Depleted Uranium on these islands. REMEDIATE is the key word I wish for you to embrace. Say NO to allowing the military a permit to possess Depleted Uranium.

I repeat:



Barbara Moore

“In the Sweetness of Friendship,
let there be Laughter
and the Sharing of Pleasures ”
Khalil Gibran
Barbara Ann Kenonilani Moore
President of Big Island Health and Wellness Travel Alliance
soul proprietor of Dragonfly Ranch: HEALING ARTS CENTER
Voted #1 B&B in West Hawaii by readers of West Hawaii Today daily paper
where Aloha abounds
72 degrees and sunny on Big Island’s Kona Coast


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