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Dr. Dwight Lundell: The Heart Beat of Asantae

October 18th, 2010

During his recent visit to Kona for the Triathlon, the Dragonfly Ranch was blessed to have Dr. Dwight Lundell deliver a power point speech on Oct. 8. The 30+ people in attendance were spellbound by important facts Dr. Lundell (who has performed over 5000 open-heart surgeries), presented eloquently, with charts to help make the flood of information understandable.

One friend who previously asked me to not bother giving him any more information about diet and nutrition, after the lecture said “WOW!” He suddenly “got it” that he needs to pay attention to taking care of his health. Everyone was appreciative of the fast track information presented so clearly. “Impressive” was the word my 83 year old Hawaiian neighbor (who shares with me his free-range eggs) used to describe the evening.

On the day of his departure from Kona on Oct. 11, Dr. Lundell, (who suggested I call him Dwight) gave an informal talk in Kailua town. This time, he spoke without his power point presentation.

In a very down-home way, Dwight shared his truth from his heart. He explained that he knows that most people don’t want to take pills and certainly not a number of times a day.

But because he knows that certain things are needed by the body to function in the optimal fashion in our stressful times, he formulated a package with 14 important ingredients that can be mixed with water or juice, is palatable, and is taken just one time during the day. Preventing heart problems with anti-inflammatories and antioxidants was his goal. Knowing that the majority of people just want to have something that is simple and effective was what motivated him to create Heart Shot, making it tasty and easy to consume.

Next, he thought about how to get people to know about this product.

Dwight said he realized that no one wants to hear about another new product to take. And certainly, it could be on the shelf at Costco or Longs where many people would see it and not know what it was. Why would they buy it?

BUT…he knows that 3/4 of Americans drink coffee—and love doing it. Finding out about a coffee that is 6 times higher in antioxidants than any other coffee is something most people want to know about. The fact that it is delicious and affordable is makes it even more desirable.

That is when he decided to buy the triple patented proprietary rights to Asantae coffee and wed it to his new product, Heart Shot, and two other fine products, Colorad for weight loss, and Agrisept (made from grapefruit seed extract and a blend of 3 other citrus fruits).

By having the Asantae coffee catch peoples attention, Dwight figured then they might be open to understanding that Heart Shot could very well be a superior product that could improve their health. Those of us who learn about the coffee, in the process become educated about the importance of Heart Shot, Agrisept and Colarad.

After trying them, we soon discover the tremendous results of these products. We then become Dwight’s “assistants” in providing life-saving information to many people who need this information and might otherwise never hear about these products.

People trust their friends to tell the truth. And the truth is, this is good coffee and these are good products. AND the prices are reasonable. AND there is a business opportunity for those of us who like to inform people about how to improve their health. (AND no one needs to do the business if that is not what they want to do.)

Why did Dwight decide to NOT put the product in the big stores but instead go with Multi Level Marketing?  It is because he wants us to educate more people and in so doing, spread the word and be rewarded financially. Dwight seriously likes the idea of affiliates being paid for helping people get healthy.

He believes that with the Healthy Roast Coffee being the “hook” that catches people’s attention, we can inspire trust in the other three Asantae products. It is a brilliant plan and it seems to be working. He has certainly convinced me!

I used to tell people to NOT drink that evil “drug” called coffee! I couldn’t drink even organic coffee myself because of how damaging it was to my bladder. I discovered while giving out free samples at the Mango Festival, that I drank numerous cups of it myself and never once needed to use the bathroom. I found that Asantae coffee not only didn’t cause my bladder any problems, it seemed to heal the problem with its powerful antioxidant properties!

Now when I share the Healthy Roast coffee with my guests at the Dragonfly Ranch, people who previously got acid reflux or the “jitters” when they drank other coffee, do not have that reaction with Asantae. Everyone loves the “smooth” taste and especially loves the delicate aftertaste.

I found that for the first time in my life, I like drinking my coffee black. I look forward to my coffee in the morning because it makes me happy—and healthy! I actually drink it throughout the day. Instead of telling people who love to drink coffee that they shouldn’t do it, I now love sharing this “health find” with others.

It also makes me happy to know that Dr. Dwight Lundell is a sincerely genuine, caring person. He said, “After a long career of being an open heart surgeon, I could retire like my buddies, playing a lot of golf and drinking a lot of alcohol.” That isn’t what this well-intended doctor wanted for his years as an active senior who participated in the 2009 Triathlon–winning the 10th spot in his age bracket.

Instead, Dwight decided to expose the medical community for continuing to distribute damaging medication for lowering high cholesterol when 75 percent of all heart attacks victims have normal cholesterol! The truth is, those doctors and pharmaceutical companies are making money on a falsehood!

A very sharp German elder who is well versed on supplements as well as being psychic, told me she circulated Dr. Lundell’s open letter of apology for the medical community regarding the use of unnecessary medication to lower cholesterol. This friend told me that she believes the quality the product he formulated is pure on an energetic level.  (Over the years, I have valued her opinion highly.)

Instead of being a part of that medical lie that other doctors continue, Dwight decided to create a company that helps introduce to as many people as possible the product he carefully designed to prevent heart disease.

In his understated, humble way, Dwight said, “MLMs are like marriages. They can be very bad or very good. The way they can be very good is if there is a lot of love. I decided I wanted this company to be based on love and caring from the top down.” In my opinion, that is what makes the Asantae MLM work.

In particular, Dr. Lundell proved to me that he fits the description a “consistent contributor” by Risk Management Professor J. Keith Murnighan:
The consistent contributor looks for the collective good first and personal good second.” He says that the consistent contributor can drive the actions of others, acting as a catalyst for cooperation, initiating cooperation, leading the way for others to follow suit.  Murnighan points out that in a larger group, “if someone consistently acts as a friend, it’s easier for others to act as friends and everyone benefits” in the spirit of trust.

In his very down home, friendly way, Dwight said to those of us attending the small meeting in Kailua, “Like a good marriage, I wanted this company to have a solid foundation of love and caring.”

My experience of having two evenings with Dr. Dwight Lundell proved to me that he is sincere in his altruistic intention to use his expertise to formulate a product that will prevent heart disease. He is wise to have chosen this MLM method of distribution. He is also sincere about wanting to help those who assist him in his mission to save lives.

Stressing the importance of not “selling” people but rather simply introducing them to good-for-you coffee, the new Asantae website will allow for people who simply want to drink good tasting coffee, giving the option of purchasing coffee as a “preferred buyer”—while giving the person who told them about the coffee a commission.

(When the “top” of an MLM company is greedy, the price of the product becomes expensive. Because the Asantae people are wanting these products to get out there internationally, they have kept the prices as low as they can while still allowing affiliates to make a reasonable profit.)

In addition to being convinced of Dwight’s sincerity, I was impressed with his open-minded receptivity to learning and growing. When we ate dinner before his talk at the Dragonfly, I showed him how Redmond Real Salt is better than regular table salt—that it turns on the electrolytes. He was impressed.

I was surprised that Dwight, being the intelligent scientist that he is, was uninformed about the scientific information out about the dangers of GMO. So I loaned him my two Jeffrey Smith books, showing him how Jeffrey fully documented his claims with scientific evidence. After the meeting in Kailua, Dwight returned the books to me. In his soft-spoken way, he said he read the books and thanked me for loaning them to him.
I share these insights with others who are drinking Asantae coffee and thinking about taking the Asantae message out to more people. We are blessed to learn the truth about what creates heart health from this well-informed doctor who cares about people living long healthy lives. I see Asantae affiliates as being his ambassadors of healing, joining this high-minded retired cardiologist-turned author/businessman with a mission.

It is not surprising to me that Dr. Dwight Lundell is called “The Heart Beat of Asantae.”


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