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CORPRATIONS using UN to control water?

June 24th, 2011

Why a Corporate Power Grab at the UN Threatens Our Most Critical Resource

Billions of dollars are being given out to the most ardent promoters of water privatization.
June 23, 2011 |
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Early this month, pharmaceutical titan Merck became the latest multinational to pledge allegiance to the CEO Water Mandate, the United Nations’ public-private initiative “designed to assist companies in the development, implementation and disclosure of water sustainability policies and practices.”

But there’s darker data beneath that sunny marketing: The CEO Water Mandate has been heavily hammered by the Sierra Club, the Polaris Institute and more for exerting undemocratic corporate control over water resources (PDF) under the banner of the United Nations. It even won a Public Eye Award for flagrant greenwashing from the Swiss non-governmental organization Berne Declaration. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

“There is no admission of problems with the Water Mandate, or the United Nations Global Compact itself” — the strategic policy initiative committed to human rights, labor and the environment — Blue Gold and Blue Covenant author and activist Maude Barlow, who also chairs the National Council of Canadians and Food & Water Watch, explained to AlterNet. “These initiatives continue to flourish, not least because the most powerful member states of the United Nations are fully behind them. This also means that the United Nations is not funded fully. Programs and agencies often rely on private sponsorship to function, and are often barely getting their core administrative budgets funded.”

Another major problem is that routinely compromised and controversial institutions like World Bank, International Monetary Fund and regional development banks in general are in control of the United Nations’ biggest projects. In April, the World Bank assumed control of the United Nations Climate Conference’s new $100 billion Green Fund, which is the opposite of a comforting proposition, considering the World Bank’s repeatedly noxious financing of oil and coal projects.

“That gives control of billions of dollars to those who have been the most ardent promoters of water privatization,” added Barlow, whose foreword for the Council of Canadians’ recently damning report on private sector influence over the United Nations (PDF) argued that the planet is on the verge of a water crisis of terrifying proportions. “We’re also seeing the IMF forcing indebted nations to sell off public assets, including water systems, as a condition of receiving financial support. The whole system is rigged for these corporations, and they still are losing contracts, not meeting their obligations and watching as remunicipalization moves forward in France and other core markets.”

That kind of illogical corporate performance would logically lead to less control, not more. But the United Nations continues to hand over the reins to multinationals like its new cosigner Merck, which has repeatedly settled in court over everything from carcinogenic pollution to deceptive marketing. Despite the fact that the United Nations’ own Joint Inspection Unit stated in a 2010 report (PDF) that the Global Compact’s corporate partnerships were an unregulated mess.

“The lack of a clear and articulated mandate has resulted in blurred focus and impact,” the report stated. “The absence of adequate entry criteria and an effective monitoring system to measure actual implementation of the principles by participants has drawn some criticism and reputational risk for the Organization, and the Office’s special set up has countered existing rules and procedures. Ten years after its creation, despite the intense activity carried out by the Office and the increasing resources received, results are mixed and risks unmitigated.”

The report suggested that not only was a clearer mandate from Member States required to “rethink and refocus” the Compact’s corporate partnerships, but that the United Nations’ General Assembly must better direct the Secretary-General to delineate the Compact’s overall functions “in order to prevent a situation whereby any external group or actor(s) may divert attention from the strategic goals agreed to promote interests which may damage the reputation of the United Nations.” The short version? It’s not working, and won’t work in its current form for the foreseeable future.


US cover up of Nebraska Nuclear Emergency

June 21st, 2011

Sent: Monday, June 20, 2011 6:51 AM

Subject: FW: Obama orders a News Blackout  of the pending Nuclear Emergency in Nebraska…so much for a Free  Press…Obama won a Transparency Award…what a JOKE

Subject: Obama orders a News Blackout of  the pending Nuclear Emergency in Nebraska…so much for a Free Press…Obama  won a Transparency Award…what a JOKE

Here’s a message sent to me with  some of the information about how
corrupt Obama is on the nuclear  power issue. This is just one issue.
Below that are some links I previously  sent regarding the Fort Calhoun
Nuclear Plant Please forward to your  networks.


Obama orders a News Blackout of  the pending Nuclear Emergency in
Nebraska…so much for A Free  Press…Obama won a Transparency
Award…what a JOKE
Date: Sunday, June  19, 2011, 1:37 PM



The Obama regime has ordered a “total and complete”  news censorship relating to any information regarding the near catastrophic  meltdown of the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant [photo top left] located near  Omaha Nebraska

US  Orders News Blackout Over Crippled Nebraska Nuclear Plant

A  shocking report prepared by Russia’s Federal Atomic Energy Agency (FAAE)

on  information provided to them by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) states that the Obama  regime has ordered a “total and complete” news blackout relating to any
information regarding the near catastrophic meltdown of the  FortCalhoun Nuclear Power Plant [photo top left] located in  Nebraska.

According to this report, the
Fort  Calhoun Nuclear Plant suffered a “catastrophic loss of cooling”
to  one of its idle spent fuel rod pools on 7 June after this plant was deluged  with water caused by the
historic  flooding of the Missouri River which resulted in a fire causing the Federal  Aviation Agency (FAA) ( to issue a no-fly ban  over the area.

Located  about 20 minutes outside downtown Omaha,  the largest city in Nebraska,  the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant is owned by Omaha Public Power District OPPD)  who on their website denies their plant is at a
“Level 4″ emergency  by stating “This terminology is not accurate, and is not how emergencies at  nuclear power plants are classified.”,_Nebraska

Russian  atomic scientists in this FAAE report, however, say that this
OPPD  statement is an “outright falsehood” as all nuclear plants in
the world  operate under the guidelines of the International Nuclear
and  Radiological Event Scale (INES) which clearly states the “events”
occurring at the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant do, indeed, put it
in the “Level 4″ emergency category of an “accident with local
consequences” thus making this one of the worst nuclear accidents in
US history


Though  this report confirms independent readings in the United States
of  ”negligible release of nuclear gasses” related to this accident

it  warns that by the Obama regimes censoring of this event for
“political purposes” it risks a “serious blowback” from the American
public should they gain knowledge of this being hidden from  them.

Interesting to note about this event was the Nuclear Regulatory
Commission (NRC) Chief, Gregory B. Jaczko, blasting the Obama regime
just days before the near meltdown of the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power
Plant by declaring that “the policy of not enforcing most fire code
violations at dozens of nuclear plants is “unacceptable” and has  tied
the hands of NRC  inspectors.”


This  report further notes that the “cover-up” of this nuclear disaster
by  President Obama is being based on his “fantasy” of creating so-
called  green jobs which he (strangely) includes nuclear power…
Obama’s fears of  the American people turning against nuclear power,
should its true dangers  be known, appear to be valid as both Germany
and Italy (whose  people, unlike the Americans, have been told the
truth) have turned  against it after the disaster in Japan and vowed to
close all of  their atomic plants.

Perhaps  even more sadly for the American people is this report
stating that the  Obama regime is “walking in lockstep” with Japan in
their attempts to keep  the truth of nuclear accidents from their
citizens; which in the case of  the Japanese can only be labeled as
horrific as new evidence points to them  knowing hours of the Great
Tsunami that their atomic reactors had  melted down, but have only
today ordered an evacuation of pregnant  women from what are called
“radiation hotspots.”

With  a country that some scientists are now warning soon become
uninhabitable  due to radiation damage, and with reports of mutant
rabbits and  radioactive whales now being reported, one wonders if in
knowing the  truth the American people would really want to follow
Japan’s  ”example” instead of those people in Germany and  Italy?

But,  with an already documented increase in the infant mortality rate
for  American mothers living in the western coastal regions of the US
caused by radiation blowing onto them from Japan being ignored by
these people there doesn’t seem to be much hope for  them.

“If  you’re still living under the delusion that the TSA is just
restricted to  airports then think again. A joint VIPR “security
exercise” involving  military personnel has Transportation Security
Administration workers  covering 5,000 miles and three states,
illustrating once again how the TSA  is turning into a literal
occupying army for domestic repression in  America.

The  TSA, in alliance with a whole host of federal, state, local
agencies  as well as military personnel, is currently conducting a
massive  ”security exercise” throughout Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia.

“The  participating teams are composed of a variety of TSA assets
including  federal air marshals, canine teams, inspectors and bomb
appraisal  officers. They will be joined by state and local law
enforcement  officials to supplement existing resources, provide
detection and  response capabilities. The exercise will utilize
multiple airborne  assets, including Blackhawk helicopters and fixed
wing aircraft as  well as waterborne and surface teams,” reports the
Marietta  Times.

Although  the exercise is couched in serious rhetoric about
preparedness, it  relates to “no specific threat” and the details are
nebulous to say  the least and seems to revolve around little else than
testing out  high-tech surveillance equipment and reminding Americans
who their  bosses are.”


Thank you  to Robert Knight of WBAI for reporting on the Fort Calhoun,
NE,  nuclear plant situation:
& <;program_id=41252&amp;nav=&amp;>

Here  is a link for search results on KMTV Action 3 website in Omaha on
the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant: <;qu=fort%20calhoun%20nuclear%20plant&amp;redirected=true>


Close GE Mark I reactors

June 10th, 2011
Nuclear Information and Resource Service
Take Action!
Nuclear Monitor

Nuclear Crisis in Japan

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dailykos NIRS blog Youtube

Help close GE Mark I reactors: Become a Co-Petitioner to the NRC

June 9, 2011

On April 13, our colleagues at Beyond Nuclear submitted a formal emergency petition to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to immediately suspend the operating license of all General Electric Mark 1 reactors in the U.S. (the same reactor design that failed so catastrophically at Fukushima) and to hold public meetings near every Mark I site. A list of the Mark 1 reactors can be found here. A factsheet on the 40-year history of the design deficiencies of the Mark I’s can be found here. The full text of the petition can be found here.

On June 8, the NRC held a “public” meeting on this petition. Hundreds of people tried to call in and the NRC’s system crashed, delaying the meeting for 1/2 hour. Eventually, more than 100 people successfully called in to the meeting. Only co-petitioners were allowed to speak, however.

Now we are asking all organizations and every person–especially the more than 7,500 who already have sent letters to their Congressmembers and President Obama demanding shutdown of these dangerous reactors–to join NIRS and other organizations and individuals in becoming Co-Petitioners to this petition. Let’s make sure the NRC doesn’t get off easy–let’s make sure they know the people of the world are watching them. The Mark I’s account for less than 4% of the U.S. electricity supply. Unlike the homes and livelihoods of the people near Fukushima, their power can easily be replaced. We need to close these reactors now.

Special Instructions for this Action:

Please edit the text of the message where appropriate and include in the text your name, organization (if you are co-petitioning on behalf of an organization, delete if you are acting for yourself), address and e-mail address. You may also add to the text of the message to include your own concerns–however, please do not delete any of the existing text.

By becoming a co-petitioner, you are joining a legal process–although there are no legal requirements or costs placed on you. However, all information that you submit to the NRC will become part of the public record and may be published by the NRC on its website. We thus advise you NOT to include your phone number. The NRC may contact you via e-mail about the status of this petition.

Siva Lingam

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

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General releases “plan” to take out Middle East

June 6th, 2011


Ultimate dog tease

June 3rd, 2011

This is FUN! Heaven knows we need a laugh break.