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UFO info revealed in Honolulu paper

May 30th, 2009

I couldn’t get the links on here but they can be found on:

I suggest checking them out as it seems to be time for major changes to happen–changes that were not allowed by oil money previously. Now the oil is well over the peak!

Did President Kennedy meet extraterrestrials?
May 22, 12:10 AM · 24 comments
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President Kennedy arrives at Homestead AFB, Florida, 1962.
According to claims in a rare video, George Adamski met with President Kennedy at the White House in late 1961 and passed on a letter to him from human looking extraterrestrials. In addition to giving advice on the Cuban missile crisis, the alleged letter also contained an invitation for Kennedy to meet with the extraterrestrials. If Kennedy did attend such a meeting, it may explain why he was certain about human looking extraterrestrial life; made undisclosed trips to Air Force bases to deal with the UFO issue; and why he instructed NASA to cooperate with the USSR on joint space and lunar missions, and to release classified UFO files.
Lou Zinstag, Carl Jung’s niece describes what she was told by Adamski concerning Kennedy’s alleged meeting with extraterrestrials:
I still remember his [Adamski’s] White House story. He told me that he had been entrusted with a written invitation for President Kennedy to visit one of the space people’s huge mother ships at a secret airbase in Desert Hot Springs, California, for few days. In order to keep this visit absolutely secret, Adamski was to take the invitation directly to the White House through a side door. Still glowing with excitement and smiling happily, he explained how the row of cars in which his taxi was traveling had to stop because of a red light just in front of this particular door where a man he knew – a spaceman, he said – was standing ready to let him in. Adamski later learned that Kennedy had spent several hours at the airbase after having canceled an important trip to New York, and that he had a long talk with the ships crew, but that he had not been invited for a flight.”
The quality of witness testimonies, photos and film evidence presented in the rare video (see part one of this investigative series), all lead to the conclusion that George Adamski was largely telling the truth about his flying saucer sightings and contacts with human looking extraterrestrials. There is however no direct physical evidence that Kennedy met with the extraterrestrials Adamski was in contact with. There is, however, circumstantial evidence that such a meeting did happen, and it influenced Kennedy’s policies on space cooperation and UFOs.
The first set of circumstantial evidence concerns Kennedy’s certain knowledge of UFOs and human looking extraterrestrials. A former flight steward and loadmaster on Air Force One, Bill Holden, confirmed that Kennedy was aware of UFOs and human looking extraterrestrials. In a June 2007 interview, Holden explained that in June 1963, while flying to Germany on Air Force One, he placed two newspapers before Kennedy where UFOs were clearly pictured on the front page. In response to Kennedy’s question of what he thought of UFOs, Holden said: “For us to believe that we are the only intelligent beings in the world is unbelievable. So, yes, I believe that there is such a thing as other human species as well as UFOs.” In response President Kennedy said: “You’re right, young man.” The unqualified nature of Kennedy’s response revealed his knowledge that both UFOs and human looking extraterrestrials were real. This is circumstantial evidence that Kennedy was either briefed or did meet with human looking extraterrestrials as Adamski claimed.

A second set of circumstantial evidence concerns a leaked document that claims that Kennedy knew, while serving in the U.S. Congress, about UFO crashes and the recovery of alien bodies. As a former Naval Intelligence officer, Kennedy was deemed reliable to receive such highly classified information. While the authenticity of the document in question, “Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit Summary,” is disputed, the U.S. Army did finally acknowledge through FOIA responses that the Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit did at one time exist and was abolished in the late1950s. The helps support the legitimacy of the leaked document. Furthermore, the claim that Kennedy had knowledge of  UFO crash retrieval operations is supported by British UFO researcher Timothy Good. In his book Need to Know (2007), Good cites a reliable military source that Kennedy was taken to see the alien bodies from Roswell. Good wrote:
Around 1961/1962 President J.F. Kennedy expressed a wish to see the alien bodies associated with an alien crash-site. He had obviously been informed of their existence and wished to see for himself the evidence…. According to information received, the alien bodes were taken to Florida when Kenned went to see them [at] a medical facility.” [pp. 420-21]
If the leaked document and/or the military whistleblower are accurate, then President Kennedy was aware of the reality of extraterrestrial life and technology. If Kennedy was so interested in seeing dead alien bodies during the early part of his administration, then it is very plausible that he would have accepted an invitation to meet with live extraterrestrials as Adamski claimed.
The third set of circumstantial evidence concerns President Kennedy secretly traveling to an undisclosed Air Force base to watch UFOs. A reliable source, according to UFO researcher Timothy Cooper, said that Kennedy “did fly out to an air force base to personally watch an unidentified bogie track from an aircraft under tight security which got no press coverage sometime in 1962.”  If Kennedy did travel to a secret airbase in California to meet with live extraterrestrials, then the incident described by Cooper offered at least one opportunity for such a meeting to take place. Kennedy’s alleged meeting with extraterrestrials, would have made him the second U.S. President to meet extraterrestrial ambassadors in the California desert. The first allegedly occurred on February 20, 1954 with President Eisenhower at Edwards Air Force base.
So far, the circumstantial evidence reveals that President Kennedy had been briefed about UFOs and extraterrestrial life earlier in his political career. Also, Kennedy knew that some extraterrestrials looked similar to humans. Finally, Kennedy secretly traveled to one or more undisclosed Air Force bases to view UFOs in action in 1962. The circumstantial evidence considered so far, does make plausible Adamski’s claim that Kennedy secretly traveled to California to meet with extraterrestrials sometime in 1961/1962. More circumstantial evidence for such a meeting is found in Kennedy’s initiative to get the USSR and USA to cooperate in joint space and lunar missions, and to release classified UFO files.
Continued in Part III: Kennedy linked US-USSR lunar missions with classified UFO files
For more info: Part 1: Was President Kennedy given ET UFO message about Cuba?
Adamski Video: UFOs the Contacts
Desmond Leslie Assessment of the George Adamski Case
Extraterrestrial bases and contact revealed in Italy
The story of “Friendship”
Extraterrestrials Among Us
Galactic COINTELPRO: Exposing the Covert Counter-Intelligence Program against Extraterrestrial Contactees”

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