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Forced vacinations?

July 5th, 2009


On the website of congressman Gene Green (yes its for real)


Scroll way down the web page to find >>>

“The No Child Left Unimmunized Against Influenza Act”

“The Center for Disease Control has recently recommended that all children aged 6 months to 18 years be given annual influenza vaccination. It will be hard for pediatricians and nurses to keep up with the increased demand – expected to be an additional 30 million children, while reducing the number of school and work absences.

The No Child Left Unimmunized Against Influenza Act hopes that by developing a mass immunization infrastructure in our school systems, it will successfully deliver vaccines to school-age children, for whom pandemic attack rates are expected to be highest.”

Washington, D.C.- Celebrity Dr. Leonard Horowitz says President Obama‘s health care reformers are acting like drug pushers, vaccine junkies, and population controllers. (The drug lobbyists are striking again.)

A federal bill has been introduced: No Child Left Unimmunized. The government is serious about taking all of our rights (and exemptions) away.

Children to be the first targets.

SYDNEY: A doctor at the Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne has proposed to test a cervical cancer vaccine in babies, with a view to adding the vaccine to the infant immunisation program. (Legal devestation for the newborn)

A member of the public who was concerned about a mandatory mass vaccination program in light of the swine flu pandemic called the Arkansas State Health Department for advice only to be told that mandatory vaccines were constitutional and could be enforced at gunpoint by the government if necessary.

The drug companies are powerful. They are about to peddle their products to the American People and the people of the world, by force, if necessary.

We have one powerful weapon in our defense….The book, “THE GREAT WHITE HOAX”.

Let’s not sit this one out. Pick up a copy of the book. Read it. Spread the word.

Click here and buy it now: com/Great- White-Hoax- Suppressed- Pharmaceutical/ dp/1440135649/ ref=sr_1_ 1?ie=UTF8& s=books&qid= 1246622155& sr=1-1

Thanks for joining in. We need all the help we can get.

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Swine flu precautions

June 15th, 2009




The Swine Flu is Here!


Swine Flu symptoms include:


          Fever that is more than 100 degrees              Coughing

            Runny nose and/or sore throat                       Joint Aches

            Severe headaches                                           Vomiting and/or  Diarrhea

            Lethargy (very low energy)                           Lack of Appetite


Consider using natural methods to avoid it, and treat it if necessary:


Vitamin C; 4000-6000 mgs. a day, or to a level you can tolerate without loose stools. Liposomal Vit C is more effective without risking bowel problems.  Intravenous is even better if available.


Guna Citomix; take 4 tablets a day to help prevent the flu.  If you get the flu, take 4 tablets – four times a day until better, then go back to 4 – twice a day until back to normal.


Guna Flu homeopathic remedy; one vial every two hours until feeling better, and then twice a day until you return to normal.


            Nano Colloidal Silver solution; one-half cup 3 times a day.


            Vitamin D; 50,000 international units (IU) per day for no longer than 2 weeks..


            Zinc; 5,000 international units (IU) per day.


            Selenium; 200 micrograms per day.  Please take 4 hours away from Colloidal Silver.


            Probiotics; typically take 4 times dose on label to increase natural flora in the intestinal system.  More for a week after antibiotics.


L-Lysine; 6,000 mg. initially for several days, then reduce to 3,000 mg. until back to normal.


           Epicor is a powerful immune booster but needs to be taken in advance.

           There is a homeopathic flu and bird flu ‘vaccine’ and the swine flu will be available at some time soon. 


If you are unable to remain hydrated (with sufficient fluids in your body after loose stools, vomiting, sweating, etc.), intravenous fluids can help re-hydrate your body.  Intravenous fluids can also be used to significantly increase your levels of Vitamin C and other key fluids that promote good health, when the body is challenged by this illness.



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