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     Dragonfly Ranch Healing Arts CenterHealing Arts Retreat
Dragonflyer Newsletter # 13

June 2006

Aloha to my Extended Dragonflyer Ohana

Grand Caynon Image by Steve Brimm. See story below.


We recently had the pleasure of hosting award winning photographer, Steve Brimm, with his wife, Rebecca Gray, for their first anniversary. Steve allowed me to take his picture even though he is more comfortable behind the camera. He took some photos around the Ranch. We talked about his giving a workshop in Seeing with a Photographer’s Eye. Keep an eye on the workshop page regarding dates for a workshop of 9 people in November. See website for his amazing book of photography of the Michigan Upper Peninsula “Spirit of Place”:

Dragonfly Ranch Images by Steve Brimm © 2006


In July we have the honor of hosting a Soulwork training with Scotsman, Martyn Carrethers and his beloved Teresa Mocna of Poland. These two incredibly gifted healers have found a way to help us become aware of and get past the psychological stumbling blocks we create for ourselves through family dynamics and life events. Highly acclaimed in Europe for their breakthrough techniques, these two are just now being recognized in the United States. Another feather in the Dragonfly cap that they selected the Dragonfly Ranch to do their July 23-29 training in America.

In addition to teaching, Martyn and Teresa have offered their assistance to children afflicted with AIDS in orphanages in Africa. They have found a brave and powerful young woman working there. Tumaini. (Her name means Hope.)

Tumaini Kibona PO Box 80344 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

She can use our prayers and moral support as well as gifts. She loves to get email:

Sad Loss Transformed Into Deep Healing
Because of my work with Martyn and Teresa, I was able to transform a pet-lover’s nightmare into a healing experience. My noble and loyal pet Pomeranian, Kavika, placed his head under the wheel of my moving vehicle on Jan. 10. Needless to say, it was a horrifying experience. I give credit to my dear friend/sister Carolyn and the dolphins for helping me handle this painful incident. On the day Kavika died, I remembered a suggestion Martyn made about how I could heal my heart from the heaviness I feel about the war by making a tomb for the unknown soldier. I encourage all of you who suffer heartbreak over the thought of this illegal and ignoble war, to create a space in your garden, as Martyn suggested, to honor those who have so senselessly lost their lives. I no longer feel pain in my chest where I was storing that deep sorrow—the place that Martyn helped me identify that it did “not belong.” Now, planted in the garden, that sorrow is where it belongs, with Kavika’s spirit as peaceful guardian.

The Festival de la Terre, worldwide earth celebration, is now being expressed all over the United States in coordination with other countries. Thanks to the tip from our Canadian guest, the Dragonfly Ranch notified thousands of organizations about this coordinated event. Please help to continue spreading the word by sending these press releases ( to your local community papers and TV programs adding your own ideas of meeting at a park or gathering place of your choosing. Let citizens of the planet know that Americans want PEACE and we are "in favour of the planet." This second annual event's theme is Water of the World , Organizer Pierre Laronde of France can be reached via:
Terralliance Association
Earth Worldwide Festival
What an honor it is to herald such an important event!

Two lovely and adventurous Japanese women, Naoka and Etsuko (see photo), are working to organize “playshops” at the Dragonfly in the  Fall—around the full moon in Sept, for 5 days; Oct. for one week; and Nov. for 10 days. We are excited about the concept of introducing Japanese women to American men who are wishing to find loving wives. Any single men out there want to join us for East Meets West Dolphin Quest playshops? We are arranging a screening process to determine sincerity and integrity of everyone involved. Cultural education, healthy food, heart-opening dolphin experiences, romance, laughter and lots of Hawaiian FUN!
For more info

The Dragonfly Cottage is undergoing a physical and psychological transformation. With the help of Bobu, I “grew” a room to be used as a healing space/bedroom. It has a huge window overlooking the meadow and sea, with a waterfall (eventually) coming down the glass. We plan to deck it out with bamboo so it will be the “Bamboo Waterfall Room.” The the two twin beds will hang from pulleys so they can swing and be hooked together to convert into a king size bed. Or be pulled up for the healing room. The deck has a new clear plastic cover, providing a huge outdoor living space. This cozy cottage can easily hold 8 people and is a great addition to the Dragonfly for workshop space as well as being ideal for families and groups. Our three lucky ladies from Holland stayed here for 2 weeks and had the good fortune to be blessed with a going away sunset of spectacular quality.

Sandra,Esther,Esmalina, from Holland enjoying one of our spectacular Kona sunsets


We recently were honored to host a Peruvian shaman and his assistant who gave a lecture to an appreciative audience at the Dragonfly Cottage. Dr. Jorge Gonzales Ramirez, PhD (in Natural Health Sciences), blessed the cottage, calling it a “Soncco Wasi“ or House of the Heart.
For 36 years Jorge has been researching and teaching the gifts of his forefathers, a heritage in the shaman tradition. He has amazing understanding of the herbal medicinal treasures of the jungle that help us heal ourselves and inspire us to care for our Mother Earth. He has a non profit organization called Soncco Wasi International (, whose purpose is to disseminate the positive values of Amazonian Shamanic Medicine. Our dear Phoenix is going to Peru to attend a shaman gathering. He is spending a month there in July, studying with shamans.

Good News From The Supreme Court
The Supreme Court voted 8 to 0 in favor of the religious right to use an herbal medicine from South American as a sacrament. It is heartening to see that our newly reconfigured Supreme Court is supportive of defending the rights of people seeking spiritual enlightenment using this ancient tradition.

Suddenly this week, our sweet kitty, Tutu, developed failing kidney and heart issues. While the onset was rapid, her two day departure gave us time to love her and thank her for being such a light spirit. We will miss Tutu. Carolyn sang to her for hours. I invited her to return in a new form. With her little raspy voice, Tutu said goodbye. I will always remember that funny little voice. Tutu was not demanding. And oddly enough, she was an obedient cat! I feel grateful we experienced 18 good years together.  
One of the gifts animals give us is learning to gracefully accept this cycle called life and death. If Tutu did it gently, so can we.


Sofie Hondekyn came all the way from Belgium to celebrate her 40th birthday at the Dragonfly with her husband, Geert. Being the loving people they are, during their 12 day stay, we all fell in love with them!  
Sofie and Geert from Belgium

Another great teacher, Linda Tellington-Jones, allowed me the honor of videoing her last T-touch for Humans class at her Kona home in January. I learned some amazing things that I hope reach the public this year, the 30th anniversary of her work.

Massaging with Linda’s gentle circle-and-one-quarter method releases cellular trauma. Circles on the ears, combined with quick stroking, can save lives of heart attack and stroke victims before the ambulance arrives. We are attempting to edit that video to see if we can make a DVD of it. Keep tuned for details on that.

This summer, Linda is giving a class at her home:
August 11-13 Big Island, HI. TTouch-for-You Experience – a weekend of renewal. Friday 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM and all day Saturday and Sunday. Teacher:  Linda Tellington-Jones. Contact: TTouch USA 800-854-8326 or

Come stay at the Dragonfly and enjoy Linda’s amazing training. It is so simple—yet so effective. I witnessed a miraculous healing of a man who was experiencing recurrence of his childhood polio, causing paralysis. It was a joy to see him regain feeling in his leg and be able to walk up stairs for the first time in years. See Linda’s web site for details.


We have stopped eating Ahi because of the high Mercury content. With Ahi being my main source of protein over the years, my hair analysis shows high Mercury levels in my body. When we do eat Mahimahi or Ono, we learned that cilantro helps pull Mercury out of the body. So when Phoenix made a dish recently, in his simple and creative fashion, it was too good to not share:

Phoenix and guitar
Papaya Passion Salsa
(excellent on fresh mahi mahi or ono)

1 cup raw or roasted macadamia nut pieces
2 ripe strawberry papayas
1 bunch fresh cilantro, chopped
6 fresh lilikoi (passionfruit)
Juice of 2 limes


Mix the nuts with the chopped papaya, cilantro, salt, lime juice and passion fruit juice. Enjoy!

 For dessert, Phoenix served us his unique brand of creative guitar music with his unusual slack key tuning. Now that’s a treat! Some of you have had the pleasure of hearing Phoenix play and asked to get a CD. Well...he is making that CD as we speak.

Phoenix has asked us to mail you his CD in appreciation for your support. Those of you who know Phoenix, know that he is a jewel of a man on a spiritual path—with great love and humor. The music is an unusual combination of energetic and soothing, melodic with a strong beat. Sample here:

The motivation behind making his music available is to fund shamanic healing and study in the Peruvian Amazon. Contributions can be made through to Any amount is greatly appreciated but we ask minimum $20 to recieve a CD or mp3 download.

VERY rarely (3 times in 20 years for me) do we see a bottlenose dolphin or two in nearby bays.  Recently we were blessed with a visit from a family of 4 bottlenose in Honaunau Bay. Visionary artist/friend, Francine Hart, ( dove deep and saw the mother and her calf tossing about a sea cucumber “toy.” One of the adults had this unusual crooked dorsal fin!

The story goes that Grandpa Cwazie Motto, with his distinctive bent dorsal fin, is most likely an ex-Navy guy who was trained to do God-only-knows what. Now he is retired (with no benefits or pension) to the good life in Hawaiian waters. Francine thinks Cwaazie Motto is full of wisdom as well as curiosity.


Life at the Dragonfly Ranch and the Dragonfly Cottage keeps getting better and better. We have never had so many guests! Nor have we had people be so consistently overjoyed with their experience at Dragonfly. Half to three quarters occupancy is usually the norm in B&Bs. We experienced running 100% full for 4 months this Winter! Friends have been been visiting, helping me and trying to talk me out of selling the Dragonfly Ranch. My ohana team of friends is increasing to assist in maintaining the Dragonfly as a successful business, allowing me to enjoy the pleasure of hosting the largest number of happy campers I’ve ever experienced. I have some wonderful people giving serious consideration to purchasing the Dragonfly for $1,300,000. But...who knows what the future holds? Karmically I feel it is time for me to let go but until that happens I will relish every minute of the Dragonfly magic. Right now, we are having TOO MUCH FUN!

Hoping you are having fun too. Come visit us when you can!

Aloha nui loa,

In our life there is a single color, as on an artist's palette, which provides the meaning of life and art. It is the color of love.
   Marc Chagall

Barbara Ann “Kenonilani” Moore

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Barbara Kenonilani Moore

Feel free to forward this newsletter to anyone who might be interested.

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