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ALOHA vs. WMD: Nonviolence or Nonexistence—Our Choice

Residents of Hawaii, and visitors who want to come to these "healing islands," are being asked (or told?) to host hundreds of Stryker Brigade Tanks on our precious Big Island.

The tanks (each costing $3.7 million) are scheduled to operate on our sacred "aina" (land) that the Army has admitted to defiling with lethal amounts of uranium while exercising military "war games" since the ‘60’s.

Besides contaminating our islands, the ultimate result of this illogical thinking is:
The Military will "Defend Us to Death" with Strykers created to use WMD.

Is it not oxymoronic to jeopardize the entire planet in order to protect citizens of the United States from “terrorists”?

It is as effective as declaring a "no peeing section in the pool." Once airborne, minute lethal uranium particles do not have barriers, and do not stay within whatever country our president decides to invade and occupy by illegally declaring war.

The Stryker is created to shoot "giant uranium darts" that contain lethal amounts of deadly radioactive uranium that "doesn't stop when the war ends and is indiscriminate in who it kills"--thus making it a Weapon of Mass Destruction.

Who in their right mind would order the use of Weapons of Mass Destruction (that travel around the whole planet)—in order to "defend" us?

The answer to that question is, "Only a psychopath or a person who is unaware of the long term effects of this lethal substance." We can not protect ourselves from this insidious dust; once inside the body, it lodges in organs and bones causing incurable diseases; and, DU lasts more than 4 billion 500 million years.)

It is simply illogical to imagine that anyone benefits from using WMD—other than the fleeting financial gain for warmongering weapons suppliers. Even they, and their families, would become sick if WMD were to continue to be used as they presently are.

With the Gulf War Syndrome, we are seeing that our noble soldiers are not being told that they are handling weapons designed to kill not only the enemy but have the side effect of sickening or killing them, their wives, their offspring AND everyone all over our finite globe. http://www.military.com/benefits/veterans-health-care/gulf-war-syndrome

See Dr. Doug Rokke's video. He is the US Army's former expert on Depleted Uranium: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvIqhVnaalo
Only recently did the Pentagon stop trying to cover up their usage of radioactive Depleted Uranium in Hawaii, when the United States Senator Dan Inouye confirmed it’s presence on the islands.

We now know that DU contamination is at Pohakuloa Military Training Area. We believe that it is killing birds found near PTA, causing tumors in livestock, making cats sick with side effects of uranium poisoning, and is most likely the cause of the increase in incidents of cancer and deformities in babies born downwind of that facility.

The military is required to accept our "input" regarding their intention to station 4000 soldiers, 324 eight-wheeled, 20 ton, uranium-drenched (from the Iraqi desert) Stryker tanks with 600 support vehicles to drive around practicing "war games" on DU-contaminated soil. These tanks would stir up DU dust which the wind could potentially carry all over the island to make us vulnerable to more illness.

We have only until Oct. 30th to send our opposition regarding this ill-conceived military plan that will make tourists want to avoid coming to our previous pristine paradise.

Please help Hawaiian citizens prevent Strykers in Hawaii. We already have over 800 sites contaminated by the military and we now wish to demilitarize our islands. Strykers, or any military activity, would only increase the already unacceptable risk to our health and add more pollution to our fragile ecosystem. What the Hawaiian Islands need from the military is REMEDIATION.

Please write to the PublicComments@aec.apgea.army.mi, demanding that, in accordance with U.S. and International Law, our government stop using WMD.

Tell the military that we want the army to CLEAN UP the mess they have made, as required by our United States law (U.S. Army Regulations AR 700-48 and TB 9-1300-278).

Simply put:
Vote "NO" to Depleted Uranium and "NO" to Strykers in Hawaii;
Vote "YES" to Aloha and "YES" to a WMD radiation-free Hawaii DMZ.

Look at http://www.protecthawaii.ws/ and www.dmzhawaii.org and send a copy of your email to: tenfingers10toes@protecthawaii.ws

PLEASE spread the word to everyone who cares about preserving our precious islands, reversing the wrong direction war has been taking us.

Invite friends to embrace Aloha, sharing what we learn from indigenous Hawaiian’s--that every person on the planet is “Ohana of the World.” As “family,” we need to take care of one another and our mother earth. We welcome your help to make Hawaii a DeMilitarizedZone as a step toward Worldwide Peace.

With kind actions we can preserve and export the Aloha Spirit throughout the world, to create understanding and lasting peace—our only prudent and sane defense.

Barbara Kenonilani Moore
Soul proprietor of Dragonfly Ranch: Healing Arts Center
Kona, Hawaii





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