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Dragonflyer Newsletter # 23

Dec. 19, 2007

Rare double rainbow from backdoor of the Dragonfly Ranch by Phoenix
In Hawai'i, rainbows represent new beginnings -- very appropriate for what is happening at the Dragonfly now.

Aloha my dear Dragonfly Ohana,

Sending this letter to wish you Happy Holidays.

Transitions are afoot. More beauty, more peacefulness, and more harmony, due to a positive new team and changes in the neighborhood. For those of you who knew our "noisy" neighbor, the infamous, hard-of-hearing rascal, Thaddeus Ashby. You may be interested in reading more about his colorful life, and recent death, by clicking here.

Might I suggest a minute break of lovely music and pretty visuals to see how this little boat represents the changes happening at the Dragonfly.

One of the Chicago Seven in the '60s Viet Nam resistance, Rennie is now teaching the ancient wisdom of communication with the earth:

The Earth Guardian Day

The Dragonfly Ranch is hosting an extraordinary all-day event, called the Earth Guardian Day. In this workshop you will be taught exceptional Earth skills, many of them drawn from human ancestors who lived in a time pre-dating agriculture.  This is a rare one-day occasion not to be missed.


In this workshop, you will learn how to:
  • Hear in-coming Earth events before they arrive (similar to animals in the Tsunami that moved to higher ground before the water struck)
  • Make rain
  • Work with ' Earth stones' that have unique gifts to assist your Earth guardian abilities
  • Understand today 's global warming and volatile weather patterns from the perspective of the Earth

Earth guardians have always possessed latent abilities to talk with the Earth, make rain, create ozone for the atmosphere and hear in-coming Earth changes before they arrive.  Such abilities may seem like science fiction but are actually an ancient wisdom practiced by certain ancestors. The Earth Guardian experience returns to that forgotten know-how to assist you to turn your own latent abilities into actual abilities by uncovering and empowering the Earth talents you do possess. Whatever your present Earth psychic skill level, from highly advanced teacher to just beginning, you won 't be disappointed by what you will accomplish on December 23.  


To learn more about this workshop, go to http://ffh.org/hawaii.html

We thank our friend, Laura, for sending this G.O.D. (Give Own Definition) smile to us.

Be unconventional this year. Refuse to buy into the status quo. Create a new type of demand in the global market: demand for products that are fairly traded and benefit the billions of  people in our world who are in poverty. Alternatively, refuse to buy material things at all and give gifts in the form of donations that improve lives.


After our resent request for reliable apprentices, I got numerous wonderful responses. Mahalo! The most exciting was a call from my dear friend who is another Vibe lover. Tashina and her beloved, Will, decided it would strengthen their already dynamite marriage to experience 3 months of individuality. That works for me!

Blessed with this temple caregiver extraordinaire, Tashina Wilkinson, the Dragonfly is grateful to be looking and feeling more beautiful, clean and magical than ever.

What a blessing!



Tashina and Will are the folks who introduced me to the K1 machine. Will has “buffed up” his torso and Tashina is in GREAT physical shape using the K1 daily. I have found that it has helped me increase the amount of weight I can lift when I use the Gyrotonics machine. If you want to build muscle and bone density in 10 minutes (equivalent of 1 1/2 hour gym workout) of standing on this amazing machine, check out this phone message: 605 475-6950, then enter 100996#, then 1023#. Call me 808 328 2159, if you want a machine sent to you, money back guarantee. You will LOVE it!


Lori Mazzuca, Kailua Kona

"I was observing a strange interaction between a pair of bottlenose dolphins and a humpback whale, when it became apparent that the two species were collaborating in some way. The dolphin was lying on a humpback whale's head while it was slowly swimming along. Looking through my camera lens the stunt appeared to be orchestrated by mutual "agreement." The whale very slowly-and vertically-lifted the dolphin into the air. I expected the dolphin to wriggle atop the humpback's head to get off, but it just laid still and arched, trying to stay on top of the whale's snout. In this frame the dolphin was beginning its slippery return to the sea. Once back in the ocean, the dolphin swiftly swam away with the other dolphin, leaping joyfully as if they had just scored a coup!"

Many of you know our wonderful Phoenix. While we feel he belongs here and we don’t want him to leave us for long, he has the urge to find stimulating community where he can be challenged to use his multi-faceted talents. We love him dearly and hope someone reading this might have just the right living spot/challenging job for our precious, talented, high-integrity friend, Phoenix.


Those of us connected to researchers who dig for facts about lethal Depleted Uranium know that the truth is being covered up by the war-mongering news media. My friend, Cathy Garger, wrote this story about the new 2000 ton "dummy" bombs being dropped on Hawaii's big Island. Depleted Uranium dust floats downwind to Kona. We need to do what we can to stop the militarization of this island! Please help us get the word out to the world on the internet so that we can do what we can to stop the war machine. The Eisenhower Room of the White house caught on fire today. Ike, who warned us of the Military/Industrial/Congressional Complex, is probably writhing in his grave -- right next to General Smedley Darlington Butler.


Our dear guest/friend, Joann Hoffman, babysat for Noyonika so that her parents visiting from India could experience snorkeling with the turtles in Honaunau Bay.

Joann told me that when her children were small, they were petrified to be "left" at school without her. So she dreamed up the Magic Love Necklace that she placed around their neck with a sound, "zzzt", giving them the feeling of being fortified with the presence of her love. To this day, she tells me she and her kids always part using the sound, "zzzt", to signify their love for one another.

Firstly, thanks so much for taking the time to connect to the Elders website. It has been wonderful to see so many messages of hope and goodwill from people all over the world.

We “Elders” have been very busy over the last several months, so I thought that we would give you a bit of an update…..

July Announcement – in July we came together as a group to announce the existence of the Elders and we were very fortunate to have Nelson Mandela join us. You can hear his speech on our website, www.theElders.org. It was a wonderful day filled with emotion and love as Peter Gabriel sang Biko and the Elders expressed their commitment to working as a collective voice with their only agenda as that of humanity....

Every Human Has Rights Campaign - The Elders all felt that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights should be a foundation and set of principles for the Elders future work. It is incredible that almost sixty years ago, nations from all over the world agreed to uphold the rights expressed in this Universal Declaration, yet today there are still so many human rights abuses in every nation in the world.

We have brought together a group of wonderful partners and launched a campaign called “Every Human Has Rights” to get people to “sign up” to living by the principles of the Universal Declaration and to put pressure on their governments, as a result, to deliver these basic human rights. We are aiming to get one billion people to “sign up” and take responsibility for ensuring that we individually reclaim the Universal Declaration as one humanity. We are also hoping to get grassroots partners from all over the world involved. Help us get there by going to www.theElders.org/human rights where you can sign up – and of course pass this on to all your communities.

With love and blessings,

Archbishop Tutu on behalf of the Elders


Wishing all of you Mele Kalikimaka, happy holidays and a year filled with love, joy, prosperity, good health and jolly belly laughs.

Aloha nui loa and a hui ho,

Barbara Ann “Kenonilani” Moore

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