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Dragonflyer Newsletter # 29

June 2010

Aloha from Dragonfly

Hoping your Summer is shaping up nicely for you.


I am pleased to announce the upcoming week long workshop of Patricia Sun at the Dragonfly Ranch in November. Known internationally, many of you may have heard Patricia’s famous healing sounds from her work that began almost 4 decades ago. Patricia gave an amazing sharing here on the Sunset Lanai in March that we are preparing to make a video of for the next newsletter. But today I just got a heart-warming call from Patricia with good news about her improved health and an invitation to be a part of her first teleconference coming up tomorrow. Here is the information:

You are invited to the first Patricia Sun teleconference workshop!

Wherever you live - if you have a phone you can attend an upcoming workshop live. In the privacy of your own home you can ask any question; hear others and Patricia. No driving, parking or flying. Be in the first workshop! It will be so wonderful to be together again at such an important time.

This 2-hour workshop will be held on Saturday, June 26, 2010 at 12:00 noon Pacific Time (3:00 Eastern Time, 9:00 PM in Europe, and 5:00 AM on Sunday in Australia). See the Events page for information on how to participate.

Patricia Sun is a philosopher, an ethicist, a leader, an innovator, a speaker, a teacher, a problem-solver, and a communication expert of a new way to live. On Patricia’s radio show—people call to talk about problems and ask questions, innocent and deep, creative and brave, philosophical and spiritual. Patricia is a scientific mystic who explains paradox and transcends dualistic thinking. She is genuine, supportive, intuitive, and helpful; her extra ordinary philosophy of consciousness emanates from her—and her ability to be present, clear, and articulate, enables her to cut through rhetoric to the heart of the matter, creating a new style of thinking that empowers and heals…



I intend to write a news-filled Dragonflyer letting you know about how I decided to keep the Dragonfly. I will include a clip of our faux retirement party/35th anniversary.


Our dear Pomeranian, Kiki, and ancient kitty, Purrell, both made their transitions peacefully this week. Click here if you are interested in more details.


click on image for expanded photo gallery

Lili had her kittens on my lap on April 25th. She and her Jack Russell friend, Io,
co-parented the babies.

Now Lili and the kittens are romping big time. They will be 9 weeks old on Sunday. Some will be looking to find the perfect homes 3 to 5 weeks from now.

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Life goes on.

I will be writing to you again very soon. Hoping you will join Patricia on her teleseminar. I’ll be there!




Barbara Ann “Kenonilani” Moore

No place on the earth can be completely healthy until all places are. -Wendell Berry

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Vanity Fair Barbara

Sending fuzzy warm aloha love your way.

Please feel free to forward this newsletter to anyone who might be interested.

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