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Dragonflyer Newsletter # 35

Aloha Dragonflyers,
I’m writing you during the Scorpio full moon to wish all of you a happy Spring and let you know that I have launched upon a great adventure.


His Holiness the Dalai Lama is presented with a conch shell, and important part of Hawaiian culture, at the end of his talk at the University of Hawaii on April 14, 2012.
Photo/Eye of the Island Photography

Beginning my journey in Honolulu in Mid April where I witnessed the Dalai Lama giving a talk, Advancing Peace Through the Power of Aloha, was a good plan. I was moved to tears many times while he was talking. He made me laugh a lot and helped me awaken to a number of philosophical truths. A huge blessing for which I am grateful. Such an amazing man, rich with wisdom and compassion and humor. Full story here.

My dear acupuncturist friend, Ginger Li Akuna, invited me to share her room on a month long cruise to the Baltic leaving Florida on May 13th.
As a freshman in college, Ginger walked into my office in 1971, asking me for advice when I was serving as Academic Adviser at Chico State University. We have been good friends ever since.
On this journey, I’m hoping to meet up with some of my dear European friends in Russia, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, and England--teaching advanced Lomilomi to groups whenever possible. I hope to have more time for sharing the blessing of this sacred Hawaiian rejuvenation treatment as time goes on.
For an itinerary of my 31 day journey:

I recently spent a week in San Diego County where Orenda flew me in for a Gold School convention. Such a wonderful gathering of high-minded individuals who are using and sharing the Orenda cutting edge nutritional supplements. My Gold School roommate, Kathy Reinagel, used crutches for 30 years before she discovered the healing miracle of Orenda. After 4 months on the program, she no longer required crutches.
Debbie Freeze
My other roommate, Debbie Freeze, who was wheelchair-bound, got me to photograph her tearing up her last two cigarettes. She got off of her 8 medications, is now walking without pain, had 60% of her vision return—all since she began taking Orenda supplements in January of this year.

Kathy and Debbie are happy campers!
When I visited my new Orenda friend, Susanne, in Laguna Nigel, her mother called saying she was “done” and felt determined to end her life by stopping her medications as well as all food and drink. Susanne and I heard this request loud and clear. We took it seriously by helping her fill out her 5 Wishes. a tool that helps you express how you want to be treated if you are seriously ill and unable to speak for yourself. Watch the video below by Susan Lawton to learn more.

Click the image to learn more about the 5 wishes

At the same time, Suzanne supplied her lovely mother with Orenda Immune, O-tropin and Balance sprays, chocolate and juice, (Choki and Oki) to see if using it might change her mind. More than a week later, Charlotte has a different attitude and hasn’t mentioned being in a hurry to die.

Susanne and her mother, Charlotte


Feel free to call me or visit my web site if you are interested in trying it.
In mid July in Colorado I will meet back up with my wonderful Orenda ohana (family) when I return from Europe.
My dear friend/mentor, Dr. Shanhang Lu, will be speaking at the Santa Monica library on Sunday, May 27, 3 to 4pm, for those of you in Southern California who care to learn about the anti-aging breakthroughs (especially O-tropin and Immune) that help us cope with stress and toxins. See Dr. Lu’s 3 minute you tube



My dear friend/neighbor, Mayumi Oda, visited her homeland last year on the day of the disaster in Fukashima. Through this grievous period, Mayumi created the theme of her upcoming Honolulu exhibition – "A Prayer for the New Birth of Japan". She said her challenge was “to properly depict this catastrophic time with hope and love through traditional Yamato (Japanese) style paintings.”

It is Mayumi’s wish that we all return to a sustainable culture without nuclear power. She “prayed with each stroke” she put on canvas that “the world would learn to live in peace and harmony with mother nature, as we are the children of the mighty sun goddess (Amaterasu).”



May 10, 2012

Dear Friends,

The situation at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear site remains perilous. The area has been hit with hundreds of earthquakes since the March 11 Great Earthquake and Tsunami that led to the destruction of four reactors and caused release of massive amounts of radiation. The cooling system for all four damaged reactors is jerry-rigged, shaky, and prone to leaks. read more.....



This Is the movie made by one of the heirs to the Gamble portion of Proctor & Gamble. It is called “Thrive”. I bought the movie and had a showing for the community but now you can see it free on youtube and it is being distributed in five languages since it is so popular. I hope you enjoy it.

Susan Theriault

Phoenix, Michael, Cjay, Patricia are softly at “Plork” taking care of the productive garden, animals, and people visiting the Dragonfly. In August, Susan Theriault will arrive. My dream come true: A retired nurse who is a Blood type O, Virgo, Obsessive/Compulsive in keeping things neat and clean!
I feel free to kick up my heals!




The Dragonfly garden pumping the greens!

Sabina Amadia visited and we recorded her exquisite flamenco dancing in the Illuminarium:


Two amazing women, both experts on female sexuality, Dr. Diana Hoppe “Healthy Sex Drive, Healthy You” and Mahalia Michaels, “Turning Up the Alchemical Heat” are considering doing workshops at the Dragonfly regarding female sexuality being a healthy activity. If you would be interested such a workshop in the Fall, please let us know.

We are considering 10 days—5 days with each leader for $4000 all inclusive of healthy food, fun lodging, and transportation once you arrive on the island. Lots of free time to lounge and two free days for personal exploration of the island. Please contact us if you would be interested in listening to your libido, learning to own your body, and connect with a deeper understanding of listening to your libido. Of course, daily visits to the nearby bays to see if the dolphins want to frollic with us will be on the schedule.



Friend Barbara

Like the Dragonfly Ranch

As always, I have Phoenix to thank for helping create this Dragonflyer. And as always, he is getting a new urge to travel—maybe Europe again? A big Mahalo and blessings.

A recent guest, who felt guided to stay at the Dragonfly and teach a sacred American Indian water purification ceremony, shared an ancient song that pre-dates instruments. Since I will be surrounded by water for a month, I will be doing this powerful blessing everywhere I go.
On my journey, I plan to meditate, write and take photos. Will keep you all posted!
Sending warm Aloha!

Barbara Ann "Kenonilani" Moore

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“Barbara lives from her heart, with enormous generosity, kindness and a commitment to healing herself, others and the planet with love.”
- Aysha Griffin



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