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Is Dragonfly right for you?

There are certain people who arrive at the Dragonfly and discover that this does not feel like"home" to them. Sometimes these people end up spending the night, awakening to the birds, bathing in the outdoor showers or tub and absolutely loving this unusually natural lifestyle. Others are less able to adapt to the vast change. We hope by putting out the facts, you can determine in advance if you are not a Dragonflyer. Remember, "A Marriott we are not." Most people come here because they don't want to be in a sterile hotel. They love the homey feeling here, the natural surroundings and friendly atmosphere. Occasionally someone feels disappointed that we are not like a hotel.

If you are looking for Mai Tais by the pool, this isn't the place. The ocean is two minutes away--with world class diving and snorkeling . If you wish to drink excessive amounts of alcohol, this is not the right place. We encourage a healthy lifestyle at the Dragonfly and find that people sometimes experience a "freedom" not desiring alcohol while they are here. Some of our guests like to have some light drinks that make them feel more relaxed and happy. That's fine with us. We find that excessive alcohol usage makes for fuzzy antennae. That doesn't fly well at the Dragonfly.

We keep our guestrooms as clean as we can, but we are not hermeticly sealed. The Dragonfly is like a treehouse, with lots of natural open spaces. We live in harmony with nature, never spraying toxic poison. Remember, "It's a jungle out there." Harmless insects, such as spiders or the possibly prolific "bug of the week," sometimes come inside. You may also see a gecko, or hear it chirp. Mosquitoes are not usually bad but if you are especially tastey, we recommend that you bring with you a spray that works, applying it before coming on the property. One bite can be annoying to people who are allergic.

While Kona is drier than other parts of the island, very sensitive noses may detect a hind of mildew or mold--especially during the rainier season (April to October).

If you wish to smoke in your room, this is the wrong place to stay. We ask smokers to use our designated smoking area.

We think of the Dragonfly as being a place for people who like to camp but want the comforts of home. We have high thread count 100% cotton sheets, goose down feather pillows and comforters, etc. Comfortable we are. Clean we are. Impeccably clean? It has been said that the Dragonfly is classy, "with a down home touch of Funk."

Sound travels more here than other places. You might hear a goat sneeze a block away on a silent night, which is how the nights usually are. Sounds of the country can include roosters in the distance. Especially if the moon is full, this can happen at odd times. Cows moo and horses whinny across the way. A few fisherman drive to work prior to the sunrising on our nearby, lightly traveled highway. Neighborhood dogs bark at times and occasionally we hear the sounds of our neighbor's daily lives (such as their voices, a weed eater or saw, music or a TV). We provide earplugs that most people don't feel a need to use. But if you are extremely sound sensitive, we suggest you bring your favorite ear plugs -- or consider staying somewhere else (remembering to check and ask how quiet it is before booking). While we are considered peaceful and quiet by many, some people are looking for silence--which we don't have except during most of the night.

Birds start singing early* and most people want to swim with the dolphins. There is no way to keep out the sounds of the song birds because most everything is open--with screens for walls. Not many people "sleep in" around the Dragonfly.*Usually the sounds of the birds is a highlight for our guests but we did have someone once leave who was very sensitive to sound and just wanted to sleep in.

To operate this place, we need a staff of lovely, caring people. You're welcome to use the shared kitchen for meal preparation. Some people come here to enjoy the beauty of the place and want only the company of each other. Interaction is most enjoyable but not required.

HANG LOOSE MONGOOSE LIFESTYLE...with house pets for friends. We are not anal retentive folks and have an easy lifestyle here, laughing, talking and enjoying our well-mannered pets. If you think dogs should never come in the house, then you would not appreciate our four loving little chihuahuas who think they live here with us (because they do). We also have tree cats who are told to stay outside for the sake of cat allergic people. All of our animals love people and are respectful. Our pets do not gravitate to people who do not want to love them.

We respectfully play music now and then. Occasionally we like to light a fire and do a drumming circle-inviting guests to join in (concluding the session at 9pm).

Please feel free to call and discuss these details to ascertain if this is going to suit your needs for your well-earned vacation.

The Hawaii Business and Convention Bureau rates a $250 a night room as "moderate" in price. So all rates in Hawaii may seem high, comparitively speaking.

Prices at the Dragonfly are higher than rates in rainy areas. There are places that cost less in Kona. But nowhere else is there the Dragonfly magic.

Also, the added amenities of labyrinth, far infrared sauna, etc. are beyond what any other B&B or hotel offers.


Welcome to Kona. Turn right out of the airport onto the main road, Highway 11. Drive approximatly 25 miles. After an S curve, ten minutes past Captain Cook, between highway mile marker post 103 and 104 look for the turn off to Highway 160 on the right, with a large sign for Pu'uhonua O Honaunau National Park. This is our road. Continue 1 1/2 miles down to a major curve on the right. You will see our mailbox saying Tropical Lodging, a Dragonfly Goddess above the gate, and a sign saying Dragonfly Ranch.

You can park your worries outside and park your vehicle to the right of the goddess fountain, beside the monkeypod tree. We will help you with your luggage after you walk up the cement drive and get located in your room/suite. If you ever park to the left, please park near the wall to the left or in front of the tree to the right, leaving a clear access in the middle going to the meadow land where the horse resides.

In Hawaii, the taxes we apply to your accommodation are rated at 13.42%. While we wish we didn't have to charge this extra fee--we are required to collect it for the state.

At Dragonfly we work hard not to disappoint customers by turning them away. We charge the full amount in advance to hold your booking. In the event that you do have to cancel, please let us know promptly. This may enable us to resell the space and reduce the cost to you. We apply a one-night charge to cancellations made outside of 14 days while cancellations within 14 days are subject to the full charge. However, if we do resell the space, we will refund your payment less a one night charge.

To avoid any monetary loss if your plans have to change, we suggest purchasing travel insurance



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