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Our sprightly spirited Kiki is now on the other side of the veil.
Our dear Purrell kept her purr-fectly beautiful face to the end.

Our dear Pomeranian, Kiki, and ancient kitty, Purrell, both made their transitions peacefully this week. Click here if you are interested in more details.

Our dear 15 year old Pomeranian, Kiki, started having problems with her trachea collapsing about the time Lili was giving birth to her 5 Siamese kittens on Sunday, April 25th. With sheer powerful will to live, for 8 weeks, Kiki managed to overcome this problem and as well as her other health challenges.

On Saturday, the last day of our wonderful Heart Based Singing workshop with Agatha Carubia, Kiki suffered 2 episodes of passing out and then coming back. On Sunday, after the closing ceremony of the workshop, I took Kiki to the vet where she was mercifully given a shot to make her passage peaceful. Since Kiki and I rehearsed her death many times and practiced accepting it as part of life, she was unusually calm and brave. Our beloved sister, Carolyn, was with us and we all managed to handle that sacred transition gracefully. I miss Kiki sorely but it was time to let go of her cute little, malfunctioning body. I did not want her to suffer.

I continue to walk the labyrinth daily in Kiki’s honor, remembering her being next to my heart, where I massaged her while I walked the labyrinth at sunset for the last year. With her enlarged heart, we both knew that every minute was precious, borrowed time. Kiki’s ailment made us conscious of the poignant nature of our love for one another and our enjoyment of life together. It also made me aware of the need to take good care of Kiki with CoQ10 morning and night along with Chinese herbs and other heart supportive herbs and fish oil so she could have quality time to live and enjoy life with good health. It made me take better care of myself during that year--as well as now, for which I will be forever grateful.

Oddly enough, our old kitty, Purrell, also just made her passage. We knew she was fading. She lost her fur and became very thin in the last days. She was still agile, in no pain, and even caught a mouse a few days ago. She finally just went to sleep and didn’t wake yesterday. Purrell was a wonderful cat and had 20 good years. While her body diminished, she remained dignified and kept her beautiful face right to the end.

Carolyn sang “We’ll Meet Again” and Agatha blessed us all with her powerful rendering of Amazing Grace during our farewell ceremony. Both Kiki and Purrell are buried by the statue of St. Francis of Assisi.

I washed and groomed Makana, my other Pomeranian, and Iolani, our Jack Russell Terrier/Chanukah today. I feel so blessed to have such special creatures—especially since Kiki imbued them with her powerfully loving spirit and zest for life.

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