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/Hello Everyone ..... some days we get a little down and so we
forget what we know. Maybe these little excerpts from Matthew's
messages will help cheer us up. /
/*May 21, 2008*/
Free will choices of the majority have been made and now, without
influencing those choices one whit, we can reveal that in the
_energy field of potential_, Obama?s momentum always was
unstoppable, and we can tell you that this highly evolved soul with
many lifetimes as a wise and just leader came from a spiritually and
intellectually advanced civilization specifically to rise to his
current prominence.
At soul level he knows this is his mission, but consciously he is
aware only of his innate leadership abilities and genuine intent to
serve his nation as he so states; in time he will become consciously
aware of his origin and purpose for embodying in this lifetime. Once
he is in office, some darkly-intentioned persons expect to control
him just as they and others before them have controlled a succession
of US presidents and many members of Congress. However, that vicious
kind of governing is at an end, and contrary to the protestations of
Hillary Clinton that this race is not over, she and other top
Illuminati know they are witnessing the demise of their ?secret
government?; therefore, the Obama family members are among the most
intensely light-protected persons on Earth.


/While that election is of undeniable importance, foment leading to
benevolent changes in other countries? governments is of paramount
significance too. The myriad reforms underway span the globe?WORLD
transformation is what is occurring?_and in time, every leader in
every nation will be a lighted soul._/


/*November 21, 2008*/
/Prior to birth/ all peoples now on the planet (that means ALL of
us) knew the soul who would incarnate as Barack Obama and joyfully
agreed to his becoming president of the United States to lead that
country and the world into the Golden Age.
All participant souls were born with that knowledge, but it was
forgotten in the adjustment to ?life in the flesh? and its needs,
and even more so, indoctrination by family, educators, religion and
society. But they all knew that would happen because it is inherent
in third density embodiment; therefore, according to the plan, light
in ever increasing intensity has been provided by beings throughout
the universe to merge Earth peoples? consciousness with their soul
level knowingness.

So what is considered in your world to be a recent political event
had its beginnings long ago in your counting of time and is far, FAR
more than Obama?s imminent presidency!

Think of the innumerable times ?historic? has been used to describe
this, and rightly so! However, most people have no idea how truly
historic it is?they have not yet reached their soul?s knowledge that
includes what I just explained or what I and other sources of
messages have told you through our receivers: /This era on Earth is
unique, what is happening is unprecedented in the universe. /

Replace your concerns about his safety with gratitude for the shield
of protective Christed light surrounding him, and yes, the light in
your prayers does indeed add to his well being.

_We encourage you to be patient while everything unfolds_, knowing
without any doubt whatsoever that the light is in control!

This applies to the global economic situation too. There is no way
to sugarcoat the bleak news that this is worsening, however, we do
ask that you remember what was in a recent message (see next
paragraph) about your agreement to experience this and your innate
ability to handle it.

*Excerpt from October 22, 2008 message*

We have been asked how people around the world will weather the
effects of what finally is called what it is, an international
economic crisis, and we can only say that this is like in any other
situation on the planet: The universal law of attraction, or ?like
attracts like,? which is totally neutral and constantly in
operation, will serve each individual in accordance with his or her
perception of and reaction to personal situations. The energy sent
forth by those who see themselves as tragic victims will zoom out
and draw to itself the energy of thought forms in the ?universal
soup? that match the individual's thoughts and feelings, and the
energy combination will manifest ?tragic victim? circumstances for
the person to deal with. Those who feel genuine gratitude for what
they have will be provided with more to be grateful for, and the
energy of sharing with an open heart has the same positive result.

But always _the foundation of weathering any distressing situation
is staying out of fear about it_! The magnified energy of fear
assures that the law of attraction will bring fear-filled
circumstances to the fearful person. How long it will take to reach
the end of the tunnel and what you will encounter during the
transition from the totally corrupt system that is collapsing to an
honorable system that will serve all peoples fairly we don't know.
If we could give you a timetable, we would, but exactness in your
time for completion of all details cannot be determined in this
moment. The darkness that for millennia has produced dire situations
for Earth and her resident life forms to contend with cannot be
undone overnight?that is, not by the energy of third density
thoughts. Few people know the phenomenal power of their thoughts or
know that never before have changes the magnitude of world
transformation and spiritual renewal come with the astounding speed
and scope of the Golden Age plan. We urge you to look within and
reach what your souls know: This is a time not for impatience or
doubting? /and especially not fear!?/but for steadfastness in hope,
optimism, gratitude and LOVE!

I believe it is well worth my repeating something else: Earth?s
ascension is assured and on pace; it is up to each individual to
decide to physically accompany her. If it is your wish to do so, the
energy of fear or other negative attachment is not your ally because
it blocks the light that bodies require to survive in the higher
frequencies of Earth?s journey to her destination.

Absorbing light is as simple as living from your heart, the seat of
your soul, and souls are made of light energy. You need not study
spiritual or metaphysical material, perform rituals or find a guru
or other mentor. You need not spend years looking for some elusive
entry into the light?you ARE light! You need only to know this and
live by it! It isn?t by chance that the Golden Rule was so named, or
that despite all the dark manipulations of the Bible?s original
content and intent, /?Do unto others as you would have them do
unto you? /remained. The guidance of the Golden Rule, in all its
simplicity, is part of the elaborate plan that already has
manifested Earth?s Golden Age in the continuum.

(Reminder: In Matthew's language, "continuum" means something
already so, done, actualized, can't go back, be cancelled, be turned
around, it is so.)

Earth has reached energy levels where the higher frequencies are
accelerating everything, and whatever is in your thoughts is
manifesting more quickly than previously?/be careful what you
think!/ Not only is it important to focus only on what you /want/ in
your life and your world, but also to refrain from thoughts of
retribution, revenge, or punishing others. Those carry the heavy
negative energy attachments that account for generation after
generation of violence, brutality and oppression as one side
retaliates for what the other side?s ancestors did to the first
side?s ancestors, thus incurring karma upon karma for all those
souls to deal with. While we understand the desire to hold
accountable President Bush and others operating within the
Illuminati for their actions that amount to crimes against humanity
itself, we encourage you to let the judicial system do what it will
and be content with that.

When the Golden Age plan was formulated, Bush and those other strong
souls willingly agreed to fill their roles as long as necessary,
then join the light forces. Those roles were essential to the part
of the plan that covered third density karmic completion and
subsequent reconciliation of darkness and light within balance,
wherein all is light.

Whatever ?punishment? you may feel ?fits the crime? committed by
Bush and all the other like-minded individuals, we tell you that
they have imposed upon themselves unimaginably harsher consequences
than any of your legal systems could ever conceive, and that is why
time and again we have urged you to send them light.

//Let your thoughts be of peace, love, honor, abundance, fairness,
goodness?all the beautiful, harmonious facets of life you want for
yourself and your world?and know that we are among the myriad light
beings who lovingly are by your side in every moment.

*/January 20, 2009/*

On the inauguration of Barack Obama as president of the United
States, we ask that you fill your hearts with love and gratitude and
direct those feelings to him and his family and to the individuals
who will assist and advise him. The outpouring of those kinds of
energy streamers is like a blanket of golden filaments surrounding
your world. By sending that energy to the Obama family and the new
administration, you are radiating light to guide, protect and
contribute to their success in governing wisely and honorably; and
the light in their efforts beams out to the world, thus benefiting
all souls and Mother Earth herself.

Although inauguration day is a specific date in linear time, in a
universal context it is a major part of the master plan devised by
the spiritual hierarchy in conjunction with physical civilizations
in the timelessness of the continuum. (There's that word again)
Obama?s willingness to come from a spiritually and intellectually
highly evolved civilization to take on the primary leadership role
in your world is part of that plan, which all of you knew and agreed
to prior to your birth. The soaring hope of peoples around the world
when he was elected has grown exponentially, and Mother Earth
herself is feeling uplifted by the surge of harmonic waves from her
residents and from all light beings throughout the universe.

The first day of new presidential leadership is an event of
paramount importance in a series of on-target powerful developments
in the plan?s goal of spiritual renewal and reformation in your
physical world, but in the /*continuum*/, /its success already has
been achieved!/ [/Note: The November 21, 2008 message in
?Matthew?s Messages? on //www.matthewbooks.com/
<http://www.matthewbooks.com/>/ explains the plan./] Nevertheless,
all of the forward movement is operating in /your /concept of time,
and in this respect, your every thought, feeling and action is
creating not only your personal lives, but collectively are the
stepping stones to Earth?s ?future? world. All those steps are being
taken at one pace or another, and holding your light steady in trust
and patience as events unfold within the new US administration will
heighten the collective consciousness. The higher the collective
consciousness of a peoples, the higher the vibrations they radiate
and attract in kind, all the while assisting Earth?s ascension into
the increasingly higher frequencies that you perceive as time
passing faster and faster.

Abundance is the God-given right of souls, and joyful living
circumstances for /every/ person on the planet is part of the master
plan that includes the election of Obama.

_From a purely ?3D? perspective_, his administration is facing one
of the gravest situations the world has ever encountered. And
indeed, it is a huge mess that must be cleaned up!

_However, what we see from our vantage point_ is that Earth is far
healthier today than she has been for millennia, and due to the
massive infusion of off-planet light that guided individuals into
generating their own light, the turn-around in Earth?s condition has
happened with speed that is unprecedented in the universe. Again,
this is all according to the master plan, and every soul on the
planet is participating one way or another.

The population as a whole is seeing the economic situation, as it is
reported by mainstream media, with unemployment, retail sales and
real estate statistics along with various analysts? forecasts.

Therefore, in the collective consciousness the situation appears
dire?by some estimates, the spiraling downward will continue for as
long as two years and the overall impact will be felt with leveling
out stages over the next ten or twenty years.

The analysts are calculating in accordance with economic history and
they see the resolution as combined government and corporate efforts
to return to what they consider the soundness of the global system
that existed prior to the meltdown.

You know better!

You know the economic system is collapsing to end the Illuminati?s
long stranglehold on all aspects of commerce, taxation, investments,
and such, and that _a new foundation based in light is rising out of
those ashes. _

You know that the increasing light in your world is propelling Earth
to her fifth density destination;

you know about the universal law of attraction and the advent of
on-planet assistance from the same advanced civilizations that have
been helping from afar for sixty-some years.

By living in consonance with this awareness, the light in your
optimism and trust has raised the vibrations within the collective

?your contribution has been phenomenal!

We want to clarify some misunderstandings prevailing even among the
most faithfully dedicated lightworkers about the economic reforms
underway. Some persons still do not know the magnitude of what is
commonly known as NESARA. In previous messages I have recommended
reading the explanatory messages about the true NESARA, but we
understand your time constraints and I have been requested to
summarize that material [Special NESARA Edition in ?Matthew?s
Messages? below September 11, 2006 message on www.matthewbooks.com
<http://www.matthewbooks.com/>]. Most succinctly stated*, NESARA is
that master plan for manifesting spiritual renewal and world
transformation. *

Underlying all of the death, destruction and tyranny in the Middle
East is the extremely heavy karma being played out. Long before your
recorded history, the inhabitants of those lands battled savagely
for supremacy, and ancient blood permeated the earth. The resultant
negativity had to be released in massive degree so Earth could move
out of deep third density, and souls who lived in those early
civilizations have returned time and again with the chosen mission
to reduce the accumulated negativity. The inhabitants of those lands
today came in for the same purpose, but this time, they are here to
complete the release and achieve karmic balance as individuals and
for Earth.

We know that overview seems dispassionate in light of the extensive
pain in Gaza, just as in Iraq and Darfur and all other places on
Earth where darkness still has a toehold. Even though we know that
the individual and area-wide karmic balancing taking place is
essential and we know that the souls who participated in accordance
with original or amended contracts have achieved leaps in spiritual
growth, we weep for those who are living in the midst of trauma
because they are not aware of their loved ones? magnificent
accomplishments or their very own. The balance to our deep sadness
for them is our joy in the assurance that one day they will know
what we do, whether they are in spirit lifetimes or in Earth?s
Golden Age that they helped to manifest.

Now, in the same spirit of exultation and brilliant light of hope
that is pervasive in your world, we bid you farewell even as we
lovingly accompany you every moment along your pathway. Matthew.

Hope you enjoyed this excerpt. Looking forward to Matthew's next
message around March 20th, my birthday season, Spring, the Equinox,
more Light, Flowers. Hooray! Love 'n hugz ... Joline


Suzanne Ward


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