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Dragonflyer Newsletter # 10

March 3rd, 2005

Aloha Dragonflyers,

Wishing you a late

Hau'oli Makahiki Hou! Happy New Year!

Or an early wish for 2006...
Honeymoon suite

We have been blessed here at Dragonfly to have everything running extremely smoothly. All kinds of good news and fun photos click them to enlarge!) to share—keeping you all up to date on the latest developments here.


Living / Dining

  From the new concrete entrance, to every floor in the house, we have revamped the whole place. Those of you who asked how we did the brown paper bag floor (note photo) can go to the recipe in Dragonflyer #9 online. Having every floor done in this way has given the Dragonfly a continuity it has never had before.


We are proud to offer our guests our new 4 person sauna. TheraSauna is the greatest! This new technology vibrates the fat globules and pushes out toxins—even heavy metal like mercury.
If you are interested in buying a sauna, I can have it drop shipped to your home at the lowest price allowable. N.B. TheraSauna gives constant emission of the far infrared 9.4 micron wave length through pure ceramic—making them far superior to other saunas, with many therapeutic advantages.

Pain relief and improved circulation are two major
therapeutic reasons to try this comfortable low heat, high sweat sauna. I previously disliked taking a sauna. Now I use the far infrared sauna every day! It’s my preventative medicine insurance policy.


Many are so "in the works" that they are not ready to view—but stay posted!

On March 13 we are hosting a Chi Gong workshop: An acupuncturist from Siberia, Galina Vladi, will be teaching this profound set of exercises and sharing her wisdom.

The week of June 12 - 18 we are privileged to host Julianne Bien (pictured) from Canada. She will be teaching "Color Harmonics, Aloha! - Hawaii Rainbow Playshop," color therapy using the Spectrahue light she invented.

  Julianne Bien

The week of June 20, Connie Fenty of the Labyrinth Society will be teaching "Labyrinths, Naturally."

Dr. Kevin Fleming is looking at May and September for his “Taking the Training Wheels Off: Tools for Full Life Engagement” workshops geared for executives as well as people looking to be more effective and satisfied.

October is when William Aal, Margo Adair and Dan Edwards will be doing a 5 day retreat called “Healing the Healers” for health care professionals, Tax write-off!

Also in October is when Lynn McKenzie, an intuitive from Sedona, wants to teach her work on "Communicating With Animals."

Scentual Circles Workshop

  Hallie Sawyers will be offering a "Scentual Circles Workshop" using the labyrinths for a week in the fall of this year. Explore relationships among the labyrinth, essential oils and the chakras.

Kat Lyons (pictured), a life coach from California who takes people on mystery school journeys to Egypt, is planning a "Mystery School Retreat" here in the fall.

Our latest exciting news involves two extraordinary musicians who have been found to hold the healing frequency that harmonizes with Layers of Light products.
Guitarist and inspirational speaker Mark Romero, plans to teach a workshop “Making your Life a Symphony.”

Kat Lyons

Peter Sterling, harpist from Sedona, also carries the frequencies recognized by Layers of Light, is talking to us about having a workshop at the Dragonfly. He wants to share his experiences about angels and teach people how to play the harp. Date not set yet.

Special invitation: Members of the Red Hat Society are welcome to come for a weeklong retreat learning hula, swimming where dolphins like to play with people, and having lots of good fun.


Naya Vera & Phoenix
Naya Vera & Phoenix

  I've come to realize that having a family of friends working together harmoniously, along with meeting wonderful guests from around the world, is what makes this business fun and exciting for me. I have been extremely blessed this year to have the continued support of my dear “brother,” Phoenix. Soon we hope to record his lovely guitar music and put it up on this site.

We were fortunate to have Naya Vera return from Germany this year. GJ, our Dutch webmaster returning to the Dragonfly for the third year, is pictured here attending to the Goddess at the entrance. It is a special gift to live with men who are respectful of the feminine.

Gj working on the Goddess
Gj working on the Goddess

Carolyn Amy Naya & Phoenix
Carolyn, Amy, Naya & Phoenix

Our new mascot, replacing our dear Nashira (who graduated from teenagedom) is Miracle, also from the Netherlands.



Sonia, Mahina’s aunty from Puerto Rico, regretfully had to leave our team to go take care of her mother. Mahina, who teaches hula and ukulele, worked with her aunty on redoing the brown paper bag floors..


Dragonfly was graced with a visit from a gifted and entertaining Snow Princess Anastasia, with missing front teeth! She gave us and her lovely parents a private original dance performance while humming a creative tune, lasting for over an hour with several brief intermissions. Snow King Kavika accompanies her in this photograph.

Snow Princess Anastasia


Denis Korotovskihk giving a raw food workshop
Denis teaching a raw food workshop


We all feel honored to have Denis Korotovskihk join us here. At the young age of 32, he has worked in LA and New York as an advisor in the finest gourmet live food restaurants.

Denis now leads workshops and teaches individuals how to improve health--using food as medicine and using the Tibetan yoga practices for spiritual opening. Denis, AKA Yogi De, trained with many masters, including the Dalai Lama’s teacher.

I was using the book to do the 5 Tibetan Rites WRONG until I met YogiDe. Now I do the rites RIGHT! See his new workshop coming up starting in May.


is for fun plateNew license plate

Looking spiffy !

Barbara with car sign
Barbara with car sign


This year we had some heavy rains and strong winds starting our new year. The touch of bad weather gave us time to count our blessings as we prayed for the tsunami victims.

Jan. 23 we invited visitors to walk the labyrinth here at Dragonfly, joining the worldwide labyrinth walk, praying for the victims of the tsunami as we visualized purifying the water of that area. For those of you interested in finding a labyrinth near you, go to the Labyrinth Society and click on locations:

Rainbowed Labyrinth
Rainbowed Labyrinth

Remember from Dragonflyer #7 when we showed Messages from Water? On Feb. 23 Dr. Masuru Emoto spoke in Kona about learning to heal ourselves and the planet through gratitude and love, prayer and positivity. It was quite an honor to meet this wise gentleman personally. He is amazingly insightful, inspirational and very funny. His new book, Hidden Messages in Water, hit the best seller list this week!


Kiki peaking
Kiki peeking

  All my friends share info about their children. Well, my “kids” are doing well. Kiki is being her cute self and has grown her hair back since we got her wearing her Layers of Light pet pouch and put her on the pet mix.

She and Kavika will be celebrating their 10th birthday this Easter. Baby Makana Lani "heavenly gift" who will turn 3 in March, loves to play with kukui nuts. But when she tires of running around, she sometimes just rests beside her relaxed dad with the nut in her mouth.

Makana & Daddy Kavika
Makana & Daddy Kavika


Hina, Ames & Jessica
Hina, Ames & Jessica


"We loved it here..."

Hina, Ames & Jessica of Northern California here wearing their "crowns" made by Ames said "Our fantasy became reality.
We're going to have this be our annual reunion adventure."


That’s a big question. What is the answer? As most of you know, I LOVE the
Dragonfly. I’ve spent 30 years crafting this place and I think it is the Funniest, most love-filled movie in town. When I have quality ohana (extended family) assisting me in making the Dragonfly FLY like it is right now—and I don’t have to worry about all the details, I shine! That is how things continue being. It’s fulfilling to my soul and makes me happy. On the other hand, I have been sorting thru my things and lightening my load, preparing to release attachment—if it is for the betterment of the Dragonfly—to the right person for the right price.

I am thinking it would be wonderful if someone wants to franchise the Dragonfly—hiring me as an advisor. Wouldn’t it be fun to go different places in the world knowing that you will find clean/comfortable/beautiful accommodations inhabited by other considerate, interesting, fun people in a place run by loving people who care about the health of the planet as well as your health and happiness? That plan needs a strong business oriented leader to pull it off.


When I went on the Journey of Transformation to Egypt with Jean Houston in1980, I met a 60 year OLD lady, Hazel Stanley, who said, “Fly light and fly right.” Now I ARE that 60 year OLD lady saying the same thing.

As I clean up my outer space, I am mindful of bringing more integrity to my inner space--every thought and action. I am constantly dumping negative thoughts as soon as I realize that they are messing up my inner peace. I want more space in my life for ALOHA! Each day, I hear myself speaking with more compassion, caring more deeply for each person I meet, sharing more love from my heart. I continue to be more and more grateful of this play of life on earth—grateful for this body I get to inhabit and care for as long as it works.


Since there is no owner’s manual on the body, I have determined for myself my new policy for my remaining “elder” years. The following is my personal prescription for myself. We will be refining it for Rejuvenation Retreat Workshops scheduled to begin in May.

  • Awake and drink one oz. of Nutriharmony whey (visit or call Denise at (888) 373-0736
       to learn about getting the purest protein source I can find.)
  • Ride the chi machine while coming awake and giving thanks for the day
       (planning how to make the most of each breath)
  • Continually I wear the pouch, and daily take the powder, listen to the music,
       and soon will be drinking the new Sito Water infused with the quantum
       frequency, layering all the Layers of Light.
  • Daily practice of the 5 sacred rites (20 minute exercise) before breakfast
  • Drink fresh Noni juice
  • Get early morning sun while working in the garden
  • Eat 2 or 3 meals of pure, organic food—mostly live from the organic garden
       and preferably not very late in the evening
  • Take the best vitamins, gingko and antioxidants, I can find
  • Jump on the rebounder at least 12 minutes a day
  • Swim in the ocean—preferably with the Dolphins
  • Walk the labyrinth prayerfully
  • Enjoy a relaxed half hour to 45 minutes of TheraSauna far infrared sauna
  • Laugh and love as much as possible
  • Before retiring, I take the Nutriharmony whey cocktail with calcium
  • During each day I hope to have contributed to the happiness of others

    The True Meaning of Life

    "We are visitors on this planet.
    We are here for ninety or one hundred years at the very most.
    During that period, we must try to do something good, something useful,
    with our lives.
    If you contribute to other people's happiness, you will find the true goal,
    the true meaning of life."

    -H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama

    I’m feeling more energetic and I think I’m looking better! My body seems to be getting firmer and stronger. So I feel like what I am doing is working. It feels like a full time job, this maintenance game! But then, if I don’t take the job, the alternative sucks.

    I just got an inspirational email from my childhood friend, Kathleen. Want to read about the first female African woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize? It all started when she planted a tree in a desert.

  • Wishing you all a successful year filled with
    abundance, good health, love and joy.

    Barbara Ann “Kenonilani” Moore

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    Barbara Moore
    Barbara Kenonilani Moore

    Feel free to forward this newsletter to anyone who might be interested.

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