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     Dragonfly Ranch Healing Arts CenterHealing Arts Retreat
Dragonflyer Newsletter # 11

July 22nd, 2005

Aloha Dragonflyers,

Hoping this newsletter finds you in good health. Some fun news has been happening at the Dragonfly that I am excited to share with you.

Dragonfly livingroom


Dragonfly was blessed to have a master virtual tour designer, Tom Merchant, at, visit from Minnesota. Previously a photographer for Geo Magazine, Tom is world-famous for the technique he has developed and he said he had “great fun” making the tour for Dragonfly. I think the best part of the tour is the Labyrinth. When you go on the tour, notice that you can go up and look down at the floor of the labyrinth—like you are suspended in space. Totally trippy!

Take the Virtual Tour !   Photo by Tom Merchant.


I’m in love! with my new home—the Dragonfly Cottage. In fact, I am luxuriating in the amazing peace of this private healing space less than 4 minutes from the Dragonfly. (see map) It is an adorable, clean, 2 bedroom, bug free house with doors and windows.


Dragonfly Cottage

Cottage kitchen    Check it out on the 360 Virtual Tour.--it’s the last tour on the scroll bar. When I’m here at this private mini-health spa, I remember to pray, drink my water, jump on my rebounder, do the infrared sauna, use the chi machine, take my supplements, watch the sunset, etc.

Dragonfly Cottage even has high speed internet connection and is wheel chair accessible! My plan is to take advantage of this private space for my personal growth whenever it is not being used as a vacation rental. Having this extra unit 4 minutes from Dragonfly means that workshops can accommodate groups of about 20.


Dragonfly Cottage


With the new Dragonfly Cottage, I am wiring Life After Dragonfly. I will continue doing what I love—on a smaller scale.
It feels a bit odd to get the Dragonfly to the place of perfection I’ve always dreamed of—with wind chimes, stained glass, crystal chandelier, fountains—and then let go. But I feel it is time for me to write, teach, retreat, be free of the responsibility of running a business.
Working up to this moment for years, I have released attachment and feel it is almost time to put Dragonfly on the market. If you are interested, or know anyone who might like to purchase the Dragonfly in all her glory, please call me soon. I would prefer direct sale.


My advisors and dreams are telling me to have faith in finding a partner (or partners) who would like to invest in my projects. Learning to trust in trustworthy people seems to be part of my spiritual growth.
My dear Hawaiian kahuna friend asked if I know anyone interested in buying 32 beautiful acres near Kealakekua Bay. I told him that I know LOTS of wonderful folks interested in intentional community—who would be respectful of his family’s aina. Please let me know if you would like more information about that or other projects I am working on.

Dragonfly Ranch 360 shot


I am feeling open to loving a soul mate.
Know a single gentle man who:
1. has impeccable integrity
2. wants to live in Hawaii with a strong-willed, zany (Aunty Mame-type) woman
3. loves fluffy little dogs (my fur-children)
4. would like to have a mutually respectful, considerate, FUN relationship
5. has a tremendous sense of humor?
I’m not holding my breath about this happening as I am delightfully happy as a single woman.
Yet...on the chance that it is time for me to embrace a relationship, feel free to contact me with details if you know a man who may fit my qualifications.


Layers of Light now has a structured water from Asia which holds the M Power frequency that gives balance, improves the immune system, lowers stress etc. This high level oxygen water gets into our cells in a unique way—even into the liver.
Since I got the water last month, my experience with it has been remarkable. I highly recommend trying it. I learned that the M-power Mix is extremely important to take at the same time. With the liver flushing out toxins, the mix is necessary to eliminate the toxins from the intestines. Such an easy way to clean the liver!


Photo by Gary Turner.
Neighbor/friend/artist: Herb Kane.
Herb has been adopted as a State Treasure by the Hawaii Legislature. Click to enlarge.


Morgan with Pentax   Morgan, our raw food chef extraordinaire, has a fancy Pentax Optio 550.

It is tiny, both optical and digital zoom, has a 2 inch viewing screen, is 5 megapixel AND is an underwater camera! On top of that, it only cost $295 on


“Imagine being pain free” my friend wrote me after I told him about my new Soliton healing laser. Well, I am not only imagining it—I am doing it! I carry around this telephone size laser in my purse and I never go to bed without it. My right hip used to keep me awake at night with pain (especially in the Winter).

Now I place the laser on my hip for 3 minutes and the pain goes AWAY! I, and the laser, both go off to sleep. If you are interested in learning about the new laser, you can go to

Snow Princess Anastasia

There is even research coming from Russian doctors that says this Q1000 tool is curing diabetes! You can bet I’m spreading the word about this remarkable new technology.


  Slice jicama
spread on pumpkin seed butter
decorate with edible flowers
(red) begonia
(orange) nasturtium
(pink) impatiens
(blue) clitoria. Yes, that IS the flower's name (for obvious reasons).


Ever heard of this group of wild and crazy women over 50 who dress up in purple dresses and red hats and have a ball? Well, I’m officially one of them. I’m the Queen of the South Kona Red Hatters. I just returned from a convention in Las Vegas with nearly 6000 other Red Hatters. All the women were so friendly and fun! If you want to see just how liberated old women can get, view my photos here.

Or read my full story here.


Sue Ellen & BarbaraExalted Queen Mother, Sue Ellen Cooper-founder of the Red Hat Society-and me in Las Vegas MGM Grand Studio 54.

I must admit that the merriment factor of the group of woman attending the conference far exceeded my expectations! If you are interested in joining the Red Hat Society or starting a new chapter, with the purpose of living a life “full of exuberance,” focusing on having fun—check out the website

The woman in jester cap, Dr. Maxine Harper, is talking with me about holding laughter playshops at Dragonfly.


Phoenix & Kimberly   Actress Kimberly Estrada (pictured here with Makana) recently in Million Dollar Baby, is part of the crew that came to feature Dragonfly in an ABC Let’s Go Travel Show—to air in September.
On Kimberly’s back side, she sports a Phoenix Bird that she allowed Phoenix to pose next to. Our dear Phoenix recently “flew away” to Colorado for the summer.  
Phoenix & Kimberly


Scentual Circles Workshop

  Margo Adair, Bill Aal and Dan Edwards will be holding a workshop—especially for healers--at the Dragonfly Oct. 7 to Oct. 12. Details about early registration discount, and other workshops on our workshoppage.

Scentual Circles workshop is scheduled for the first week of November.

Also, along with setting up Laughter Playshops for the Red Hat Society, we are beginning the process of holding ongoing workshops with an exciting European couple, Martyn Carruthers and Teresa Mocna, responsible for

Wishing all of you a pleasant summer, filled with peace and fun, love and laughter.
Want to read an uplifting message from Deepok Chopra?

Barbara Ann “Kenonilani” Moore

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Barbara Moore
Barbara Kenonilani Moore

Feel free to forward this newsletter to anyone who might be interested.

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