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Dragonflyer Newsletter # 16

November 7th, A good day to vote for peace.

Aloha to my Extended Dragonflyer Ohana

Sketch of DragonflyRanch by Disney artist Joe Rohde 2006


joe and family

Long time Disney artist, Joe Rohde loves to draw! He enjoyed making this sketch on the deck, looking down at the garden below the Honeymoon Suite and he kindly scanned it in to share it with all of you. Joe and his joyous family got stranded in Hawi when a flood prevented them from returning one night. They found that exciting! But they left just before the earthquake, missing out on that thrill for a minute. You can see the photo version of this beautiful sketch in this Honolulu Advertiser story about the Dragonfly on Oct. 15—the day of the earthquake!

Melody, Kellan, Joe and Brandt



Sunday morning, Oct. 15 we experienced one minute of the earth a rockin' and rollin'--with  glasses tumbling off the shelves and the house shaking. It was very  exciting! and a bit frightening. Other than a big mess to clean,  no real damage was done. Many of you emailed and called me to see  how we fared. Thank you for your concern. It was heartwarming to  know how people around the world care for me!
 While we have a national disaster with roads and harbors closed, no on died and not much personal damage was done. The end result of the shake was an outpouring of concern and renewed affirmation of life and love. All's well that ends well! More written in Hawaii Health Guide. Sign up for their informative newsletter from their home page.


The biggest personal  news is that I have decided to NOT sell the Dragonfly. Numerous people have been telling me how very important it is for me to  continue doing what I do here. Often people let me know that they  love the inspiration they get from the Dragonfly! One guest came  as a child and returned to experience her honeymoon at the Dragonfly  while another begged me to stay here so her unborn children can  step into the magical world of the Dragonfly.

On top of all the encouragement, my team of support people has  become even more stable and stellar! Without their help. I could  not make the decision to continue operating the Dragonfly.

Suddenly, when I let go of my years of struggling to let go of  my life's work here, I feel reinvigorated and enthusiastic! The  place is finally arriving at a dreamed-of level of perfection with  all the support I need to make it world class. My wonderful ohana  team is helping me organize everything, making life much more aesthetically  pleasing, smoother to operate and more fun and rewarding on all  levels!

I discovered that it is easy to go forward when you aren't stepping back!


Not long ago, I had the good fortune to meet Grace Kelland, the founder of Gracious Living, and facilitator of Gkamp Retreats--just before she left the Big Island to return to LA where she was the former event coordinator and store manager from Codepink.

Grace and I instantly experienced an incredible synergy and magic occurred. We had a knowing of each other immediately, even though we hadn't met in this lifetime. Our visions merged so that our pieces of the puzzle fit together perfectly. I have the perfect place and she knows the perfect people who will perfectly love doing their amazing retreats here. Grace has a talent for taking my ideas and organizing them. I also am amazed at her plans that just needed a solid place to become a reality. The Dragonfly Ranch is the place!

I see Grace not only as my Personal Assistant (my dream come true that my Life Coach suggested years ago) but as my peer whom I admire, love and respect. Grace. The name of my dear grandmother and the perfect name for the Dragonfly Ranch event coordinator. Fortunately, Grace has agreed to return to the Dragonfly as often as possible to further our dream of a foundation and healing retreats.

Our tried and true Ohana Team standbys, Phoenix Williams and Carolyn Miller, are returning from their well-deserved vacations and will add their solid love and responsible caring to this dynamite team—no longer feeling overwhelmed (especially since Mona "Banana" is doing her magic here--for which we are most grateful!) With this team, we are able to take good care of all our guests and find the time to take care of ourselves and enjoy Hawaii. We have discovered that setting an example of healthy living and caring for the aina is the best way to teach good health.

A huge Mahalo to Lori Droll for transforming the Dragonfly in the the few months she gifted us with her angelic energy. She is now taking well deserved "Lori Time". We look forward to her return to our team...when the time is right.

Yeah Team!


ms. Chiff Pussycat   One of our guests brought a black kitten to the Dragonfly. I was put off by the thought of the kitty staying with us—until I met her. She endeared herself to everyone for the two months she stayed with us. She frequently wore cobwebs and caught geckos, getting into mischief constantly—thus her name. As of this writing, she has gone somewhere else. We pray it is a happy place.


We can not be yawning while our rights as Americans are being removed by this administration. While I have not been a political being, I am a humanitarian and do want to preserve our wonderful tradition of freedom.


Supporting local boy, Lt. Ehren Watada, is one of the best ways we can expose Bush’s lies. Ehren father, Bob Watada, wrote this letter to the editor of West Hawaii Today and is now on an extended speaking tour of the USA. Find out when he is in your neck of the woods. Please extend him your Aloha. The letter he has written Congress needs our support. Please click here to sign and send to others for signatures.


In contrast to the depressing news of the world, I am delighted to tell you about Martyn Curruthers and Teresa Mocna.
Returning to the Dragonfly from their home in Europe where they are well known as healers/teachers, they are coming to teach their incredible method of finding inner peace. It is my belief that if each of us comes to terms with our own demons, forgiving ourselves and our families, recognizing and embracing our gifts and responsibilities, we can then have peaceful friendships, peaceful communities, peaceful nations and a peaceful world. Finding the truth and learning to deal with it in a loving way is a key part of Soulwork. Their unique methodology, combined with Hawaiian training from kahunas, is inventive, very profound work yet quite simple and easily learned when taught by these two extraordinary people, Martyn and Teresa. I encourage those of you who are therapists or interested in personal therapy, to check out the web site,
Contact us about attending this revolutionary workshop in early January.


With my decision to keep the Dragonfly Ranch, I am planning on having the Dragonfly Cottage be in a trust, using it for cultural/healing purposes. It has already been blessed as a Soncco Wasi, house of the heart, by our Peruvian shaman. My plan is to have the cottage be a extension of the Dragonfly, open for tax deductible donations (under the Foundation for the Preservation of Hawaiian Healing Arts). Martyn is writing up terms of the foundation and wishing to be a part of it. Grace has contacted actress/writer/film maker/inspirational speaker, Angela Shelton, with the idea of having a home here for empowering women recovering from sexual abuse. Check out Angela’s amazingly honest work using video to boldly reveal and heal incest. (If you get a chance, watch her movie, “In Search of Angela Shelton” that you can purchase online.)
We remain open to ideas about how to best use and finance this sacred healing spot.

Our pentatonic tenor Music of the Sphere wind chimes appealed to our special dear friend, Barbara Blywise a Seattle therapist who decided to take time here for her personal healing (She got two good extra days because of the earthquake.) We drop shipped her a set of chimes and she generously gifted the Dragonfly Cottage with a set.

Many friends have asked about these cathedral-sounding chimes they hear while they stay here. We can send them (or the smaller ones) anywhere, to anyone who wants them, for a discount price. Please let us know if you are interested.

Barbara Blywise and wind chimes


I got a call from a Dragonflyer who is a successful TV writer/producer. He wanted to "pitch" the Dragonfly Reality TV Show with Bravo. I like the idea and gave it some serious thought. I realize that it would be fun to have others see who comes here, what conversations and interactions we all have, including our challenges and how we live gently and joyously, with love and humor. Yet, I’m doubtful that I want Hollywood to make decisions on how to share this wonderful life we have here. Would they want to plant piranhas in the hot tub—to create the drama they think MAKES viewers?
So I realized that, while it would be beneficial to share our cutting-edge mentality with couch potatoes wondering what to do with their lives, we have to keep the Get a Grip on Dragonfly Reality TV Show real and full of love and magic in the way that we experience it here daily. We have our little dramas. But we always use consideration, kindness, and humor to deal with growth. The Dragonfly Reality TV Show will be heartwarming and funny in a loving way.
As soon as I made that decision to keep it an inside job, two unrelated Dragonflyers, Loren and Jamie, who are both film makers called me out of the blue. I told them about my idea. They love it and are up for it. We are thinking creatively about funding a pilot show. So...we put it out there that this project is a good one and we are open to abundant funding. Anyone have ideas on how to manifest the Dragonfly Reality TV Show?
We are considering a web cam.


Revered lomilomi kahuna, Aunty Margaret Machado, trained me in this Hawaiian ancient art in 1974, She turned 90 in August. Aunty is "hangin' in there," still making it to church and spreading her limitless Aloha. She was given the Massage Hall of Fame Award this year for her 30 years of teaching thousands of students. Words can not express my gratitude to my dear teacher for training me to share this loving touch with others.



Thousand Hand QuanYin
click on image to view

Thousand Hand KuanYin recorded in Beijing during the Spring Festival celebrations this year.

All 21 of these extraordinary dancers are complete deaf-mutes from China,relying only on signals from trainers at the four corners of the stage.

You won't regret taking the time to view this six minute video.



Taj Jure invited me to her 50th birthday party on Kauai where she asked incredible slack key artist, Makana, to play. I found that Makana has the same healing frequency in his music that I learned about through Layers of Light!.

Over the Halloween weekend, we had a slumber party at Taj and Marc's (rentable) cabin near Waimea Canyon where we watched the sun rise, in awe.That's where dear friend, Katy Fisher, took photos of me in my costumed glory you see below.


With warm wishes for your own glorious Fall, I bid you all.

Aloha nui loa,

Barbara Ann “Kenonilani” Moore

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