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Dragonflyer Newsletter # 18

Sept. 7

Aloha Dragonflyers

Mahalo to all of you for giving me positive feed back about these Dragonflyers, helping us to keep in touch this way. Phoenix has kindly set up a blog for me, saying, “Every day, guests turn you on to something wonderful that you can forward by keeping you blog current.” A task—but worthwhile! If you would be interested in reading short blurbs more frequently, here is the address to check. (http://dragonflyranchblog.blogspot.com/) I want to make it interesting with photos and links, humor and insights like my friends do: Singer/writer Alicia Bay Laurel www.aliciabaylaurel.com/blog/
And amazing artist/photographer Ross Lewellen and Danish writer/radio literary show host, Hanne Moeller. Their blog/podcast address: www.twolanett.com

Swimming with the dolphins this morning, I searched my heart to find the answer to a new dilemma.

As you can see in this picture, the dolphins are close to Ross as he free dives up for air. My question to you biologists and nature loving folk with scientific knowledge of dolphins is about the recent decisions a few dolphins have made regarding cozying up to humans. Is their desire to cuddle beside us at all harmful to them? Some believe they have a protective film on their bodies that we should not touch. Can anyone help me with the answer to this question? Before now, we have considered dolphin etiquette to be not touching the dolphins, even when they come close to us. Now, what do we do about dolphins touching us?

Our friend, Ross Lewellen, painted the watercolor above while he was here. He and his
sweetie/writer from Denmark, Hanne Moeller, are keeping a journal of their travels, including this story about their time on this island with our dear Hawaiian Capt. Kiko

Do we really need to take supplements if we are eating carefully?

(Sent to me by my Ohau healthcare practitioner, Richard Deihl)

Do Americans Need Nutritional Supplements?

Did you know that only 9% of adult Americans consume enough healthy foods to meet their recommended daily requirements of essential nutrients? According to researchers Ames and Wakimoto at Johns Hopkins, "Suboptimal nutrient intake is a widespread problem in the USA .²

Which nutrients are they talking about? Vitamin C, folic acid, magnesium, acetyl-l-carnitine, zinc, copper, B12, essential fatty acids, vitamin D, selenium , lipoic acid and essential amino acids needed for building body protein. There are likely others as well.

What is the result of these deficiencies over time?

a. Premature aging.

b. Chronic ill health: diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, stroke,
cancer, impotence, chronic fatigue, hormone problems, osteoporosis,
sleep disorders.


Why chance that a simple deficiency will end you up like many Americans: unfit, obese, on multiple prescription medicines, over caffeined, underslept, and wishing they could actually regain their health.

I’m happy to tell you that I found a most effective liquid vitamin/mineral supplement. It is totally easy to take because it tastes good. It is all natural—from pure, non-irradiated vegetables and fruits that are not Pasteurized . VIBE is an "all-in-one" supplement providing a convenient, economical, and powerful way to receive balanced nutrition. When my 87 year old friend, Barbara, in Honolulu, called to tell me she felt “50 years younger” after using Vibe for one week, I cried with joy. You can learn about it at:


My new Vibe friends, Will and Tashina of Ashland, 541-552-0877, turned me on to a great machine that, among other things, actually builds muscle and bone. With my family history of osteoporosis, I jumped on it!

The development of vibration training came from a desire to improve bone density and muscle integrity in cosmonauts. The technology was originally developed to counteract the lack of gravity in space by the Soviet Union. After decades of research, this innovative machine has received endorsement by many professional athletes and is ensured to produce effective results for your physical therapy needs. More info in this pdf file.


Most of you do not know that Hawaii is being turned into a huge military training ground and toxic waste dump. The figures are astounding. My wonderful friend, Kyle Kajihira, of American Friends Service, has used the Freedom of Information Act to discover that we have Depleted Uranium both here on the Big Island as well as on Oahu. And where does the Navy put toxic waste when it can no longer be used? “… more than 8,000 tons of chemical munitions, including blistering agents mustard gas and lewisite, were dumped in the shallow seas off O'ahu island.” Kyle added, “We need an international public outcry to stop this Military contamination of Hawaii.”

You can read portions of the EIS as PDFs online at: http://www.govsupport.us/navynepahawaii/EIS.aspx

The deadline for comments is 17 September 2007. Comments can be sent to:

Commander of the Pacific Range PMRF
PO Box 120, Kekaha, HI, 96752-0128

The Navy has planned over 140!!!! RDT&E projects. Many are for the development of TOXIC new weapons systems including sonar that is life threatening to whales and dolphins, and lasers with dangerous chemical fallout. This military build up in Paradise is TOTALLY OUT OF CONTROL and does not take into consideration adverse effects on people in the test area or the long-term effects on the environment!


Fortunately, all is well in our corner of Paradise. By the grace of G.O.D. (give own definition), I have been able to maintain the Dragonfly Cottage as a secondary home while successfully continuing with the work of the Dragonfly Ranch. Business has doubled in the last 3 years!
I have various dreams of keeping the Cottage as a valuable place to heal— as a Noni Healing Center and/or a women’s empowerment center (such as Phoenix Rising in San Diego). I have also considered simplifying my finances by selling the Dragonfly Cottage to the right individual or foundation—especially one who wants to see it used for healing purposes. Please contact me if you are interested in buying or participating in building the two-story second home that is permitted on that ½ acre in Kealia (four minutes from the Dragonfly Ranch).

Wonderful people are continuing to appear here, joining the Dragonfly Ohana. Please contact me if you are among those lovely beings who would appreciate 3 months (more or less) in Paradise as part of the Dragonfly team.


Leading as the Dragonfly Ohana team prototype, the Man Who Would Be King, Phoenix the Great, is here now (fortunately!) in his full glory, creating music, cooking up a storm, inventing delightful dishes that we all enjoy sharing. Here is his one of his dynamite breakfast dishes:

Eggs Dragonfly
Poached eggs over sauted collards with maitake mushrooms, (courtesy of Bob & Debbie Rudell) onions with a cilantro pinenut garlic dressing atop organic wheat free whole rye bread. Yum! Yum!

Ming Ping, PhD of Taiwan —university professor, writing a book about “Communities” Internationally. We are hoping Ming will be joining us here one of these days.


The 10 Best Foods You May Not Be Eating
I'm starting a blog and dedicated to sharing all the good things I learn about in a more timely manner than the sporadic newsletter. This story on the best foods is my inagural post. Please don't hesitate to send me any important things you hear about regarding all things for a better life. OK, the 10 best foods...

A great resource for this type of information is Dr. Mercola at http://mercola.com. Sign up for his newsletter, you won't regret it!

Many of you out there have already kept up with these two hot internet sites. But just in case you haven’t already heard about or seen them,

THIS IS A “MUST SEE" MOVIE (2 hours). While I may not agree with all the concepts, the information about the world banking system is chilling and eye opening.

Check out this informative video about Codex:


Friday afternoon, Sept. 7

I just got a call from my family on the mainland telling me that my dear brother, Jim Moore, was found dead this morning in his home in Idaho. I am in shock. He just turned 66 and was not in ill health.  I'm sitting here, processing this devastating information as I write through my tears. My brother was notoriously a man of few words—mostly “Yep, Nope and Maybe”--but when he made sentences, his words were always directly to the point, and more often than not, quite funny. Jim's emails (onemoorejim) like this satire he sent me, saying only, “Gotta love the Onion,” were never wordy.

His signature tag was, “Life is too important to be taken seriously.” Yet Jim seriously felt the unjustness of torture and turned me on to tomsdispatch.com to understand the bald truth, humorously stated, behind the news we see.

It is odd that just yesterday I was reading what a Kauai friend wrote about his buddy who died. I saved the following two sentences, thinking that I might someday want to quote these words:
“…I feel some tears well up, but these tears come from great joy, for I can feel the Light ‘on the other side’ brightening as the Oneness receives a Great Soul who has come home. It is a time of celebration.”
I know Jim was not one for flowery words or even a belief that would necessarily embrace this concept. But if ever there was a Great Soul who lived his life his way with great integrity, and shined a Bright Light, it was my brother, Jim. He cared for both our mother and father like only the most loving of a son could care. He tenderly brought up his two sons like only the most patient and loving of a father could raise his sons. And, in the tradition of his father, continued being a very caring life partner to the wife he loved and lived apart from. I’m sure that his beloved Elaine, the love of his life; his precious sons, Darren and Eric; his loving brother, Rip; his cousins (especially Wendell); and numerous friends would all say that Jim was a VERY Great Soul. Because he was such a Great Soul, having “one less Jim” is too important to not be taken seriously. He will be sorely missed.
What I find hard to accept at this moment is that Jim’s death is just so sudden…and so final. I know that time will make accepting his transition easier. Now, it comforts me to recall the Hawaiian belief that “only bodies die, not people.” Also, I give thanks that Jim did not suffer. Quickly is a good way to go. And I feel certain that if it is possible, our dear parents will embrace Jim’s Bright Light on “the other side” where the three of them can have a “coming home” party, with some good belly laughs.
In Idaho on Oct. 20, on this side of that “thin veil”, the Moore/Wyse/Starke families will come together to comfort one another, to celebrate Jim Moore, telling funny stories about our dear “Jimmy”, toasting to his stellar life--with “strawberry daiquiris”, as was his wish.

"I would rather be ashes than dust! I would rather that my spark would burn out in a brilliant blaze than it should be stifled by dry rot. I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet. The proper function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them. I shall use my time."

~Jack London~

Hoping all of you reading this newsletter will be reminded that life is precious. We all need to live our truth…every moment.

Wishing you all good health and happiness…every moment.

Aloha nui loa,


Aloha nui loa,

Barbara Ann “Kenonilani” Moore

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Mahalo to Red Mahan for photographing
me on the beautiful North Shore of O'ahu

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