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Dragonflyer Newsletter # 34

In memory of our dear Makana. March 2002/October 2011


Aloha Dragonflyers,

We are blessed to have Dr. Lu (click here for more info) offering her 4th annual educational seminar at Dragonfly Ranch tonight (Sat. Dec. 10) at 7pm. I invite you watch her charming 3 minute video to see who she is and what she talks about.
Dr Lu

Barb Garcia of Ke Ola Magazine wrote this note:

Subject: Are you experiencing any age or

stress related symptoms?

Aloha Friends,

I'm encouraging you to attend a short talk by Dr. Shanhong Lu, MD, PhD this weekend. Nearly a year ago, I was skeptical and reluctant to attend a talk when Dr. Lu was visiting the Big Island.
I ended up being "blown away" by her knowledge and the way she shared information about our aging processes, and in my personal situation, what she had to say about menopause symptoms, since I had been suffering from them. One thing that stuck in my mind was when she drew a chart and wrote down "You can either live long and die short, or you can live short and die long- which would you rather choose?" That made so much sense to me because I know both types of people- those that have chosen to live long healthy lives and die quickly and those that have chosen to live short and die long, meaning their healthy years are in the past and they are slowly dying, suffering all along the way, sometimes over decades. Personally, I want to live long and die short, and I want to enjoy as much of my time here as possible, so suffering from menopause symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats is an option I would rather not live with. I had already been taking bio-identical hormones with some relief but not enough to cure my discomfort. When Dr. Lu said that some of the products she recommends will cure menopause symptoms (and one of the gals there swore it was working for her) I figured I'd give it a try for a month. Here's the thing... like so many of you, I'm very reluctant when it comes to MLM aka Network Marketing companies, even though I like many of their products. So, I tried these products for one month and amazingly, I felt a difference- my hot flashes went away. I decided to buy more. Over the course of this past year, I've run out of the products 3 times for a week or so at a time. When I stop taking them, my symptoms come back. If it weren't for running out and noticing the difference, then taking them and feeling the relief, I would not be able to say - without a doubt - there is something to this!

I have never recommended anyone try a product (other than the Vog Relief herbal capsules that I've gotten so much help from) until now. If you or anyone you know (men, too) are experiencing any aging related symptoms or any health related issues of any kind, I would really love it if you would come hear Dr. Lu and ask her questions about your own situation. She is speaking at 3 locations this weekend, starting Saturday 12/10 at 7pm the Dragonfly Ranch in South Kona; Sunday 12/11 at 4:30 at the Aloha Center in North Kona and Monday 12/12 at 6pm at Kohala Chiropractic in Hawi. It's only for one hour or a little longer if you stay to ask questions. If the products are not something you resonate with, it's fine, you may learn something from her talk like I did- she is incredibly intelligent so bring your unanswered questions to her!

I'll be at the talk on Sunday at the Aloha Center, and whichever location and date is most convenient for you, just go! I promise you will learn something new.

Malama pono, Barb

PS: here's a link to Dr. Lu's website and a couple of her mottos:
Shanhong Lu, MD, PhD
Mt. Shasta Integrative Medicine:
"Empower You to Awaken The Doctor Within"
"You do have to age, but you don't have to rot"
"Live Long, Die Short"



Dawn Beck & Gerald Gatz

For those of you in relationship who which to deepen your sexual/spiritual connection, I suggest you attend the upcoming Tantra Workshop Jan.12,13,14,15: Come experience this weekend in Paradise, inspiring couples to explore and create more playful, passionate, sexual, and intimate ways to navigate the ever changing waters of Love! Dawn Beck and Gerard Gatz, from Boulder, CO, are honored to do this unique, powerful, and fun workshop; Sacred Sexuality and Conscious Loving for Couples, at the Dragonfly Ranch.As Certified Tantric Educators, through the Source School of Tantra, being a conscious loving couple of more than 13 years, Dawn and Gerard offer transformative tantra based workshops and private coaching for individuals and couples; always in a safe and sacred space.  Visit their website for more information: www.tantricsacredjourneys



Linda Tellington Jones

I would love to host anyone who wants to attend any of three extraordinary workshops (being held elsewhere in Kona) taught by my dear friend, Linda Tellington-Jones, in January/February. Click here for more info.


Keep an eye on our workshop page to find out about our Permaculture Preparedness Weekend, Patricia Sun's retreat, art with Mimi Sammis, Gyrotonics with Virginia Holt, yoga with a variety of teachers, weight loss programs and cleansing programs with Anita, Rapid Eye Technique with Valerieann, Orenda with Dr. Shanhong Lu, Uncooking Classes with Anita, Energy Healing with Debbie Jones, Non Violent Communication with Yumi and Gen, Hawaiian Culture Immersion, "The Divine Feminine" with Laura Eisenhower, Laughter Therapy Retreat with Amatra, etc. Please let us know if you are interested in attending a workshop or having us host your group!



Friend Barbara

Like the Dragonfly Ranch


I will be sending a newsy Dragonflyer shortly. I just wanted to alert you to these opportunities now.

Wishing you all the happiest of holidays filled, with warm Aloha!

Barbara Ann "Kenonilani" Moore

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