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Dragonflyer Newsletter # 5

May 2003
Aloha Dragonflyers, Since the last newsletter in July, much has changed at the Dragonfly. Starting with the most recent good news:

The Dragonfly has been blessed to make a strong alliance with a highly respected keeper of the ancient Hawaiian wisdom, Papa K. He and his new bride-to-be (July 16 wedding), Rebecca, will be living at the Dragonfly starting June 5th. We intend to collaborate on having workshops to teach Lomilomi and other Hawaiian healing arts. Having the opportunity to have daily contact with our “resident Kahuna” is a gift beyond words.

Later in June, another Visiting Teacher, Wolfgang Moeller, will be bringing his healing talents (and expertise in running retreat centers) to the Dragonfly. This loving German gentle man has taught the Barbara Brennan method of healing and now teaches Pathwork. He will be our honored guest until July 21.

Our Visiting Teacher in May, Se’a Criss, brought her wave movement therapy called “Yogaia”. Originated on this island a few years ago it is basically contracting and expanding the spine rhythmically, coordinated with the breath. Se’a is a fantastic teacher and healer. I have been applying her teaching to my 5 Tibetan Sacred Rites and daily swim. This gentle movement is a wonderful way to keep the spine flexible, “pumping” the spinal fluid. Before long, perhaps with the help of Loren Lewisohn, Se’a, may have her second Yogaia video ready for purchase.

Other important late breaking news is my reluctant decision to release the stewardship of the Dragonfly. While I am in no hurry to stop hosting wonderful people, doing my healing work and being a part of the magic that happens here, I am approaching 60 and have been doing this for 30 years. It is becoming time to find someone who is more energetic with more business orientation who can make the Dragonfly fly higher. If you are interested in this job or know of anyone who would be right to care for the Dragonfly, with Aloha, please give me a call. It is my intention to write my movie, “To Die Laughing” and my book, “Healthy Food for Two—Your Dog and You.”

Other news: In the Sept. I had the good fortune to attend the Labyrinth Society Convention in Sacramento, followed by my 40th class reunion in Burbank, California in Oct. Eighty of us went on a 5 day cruise to Mexico. Getting reacquainted with my classmates that I knew from kindergarten was a delight. It was an extremely heart-warming trip!

While I was on the mainland, I bought a beautiful Toyota Privea van which has the license plate, “4FUN”. I am proud of my Dragonflymobile!

My staff continues to change and improve all the time. My graphic artist/friend for 18 years, Susan Lawton has completed her book on the Medicine Wheel. Thor, who was a student at Heartwood, will be arriving mid June to help with “dis and dat.” My trusted friend, Phoenix, one of my webmasters who has been a Dragonflyer for a few years, has returned with his humor, music, and multitalents. Another webmaster/delightful Dragonflyer, GJ of the Netherlands, will be returning in September. (No wonder my web site is so great, eh?) As always, I am looking for hard working, honorable people to work with me here. I have found that when people are trustworthy and fun, things get done with ease.

At last I found the perfect workshop coordinator: Tracy Holzman. Having retired as CEO of her company, Tracy is a good friend and frequent guest. She has been successful in organizing and assisting with workshops at the Dragonfly. If you are interested in bringing a group here, contact her at 510-235-6143.

My holistic lawyer turned me on to the fact that Teflon is extremely dangerous for our bodies—as well as for the planet. If bird food touches Teflon, birds that eat the food will then die. Not good! As a result of the e.mail Duane sent me (which you can see by clicking here), I got rid of all Teflon pots and pans. But I couldn’t stop using my Teflon rice cooker! Finally, I discovered a fantastic stainless steel cooker that can also be used as a steamer, turning off automatically. I got two so I can steam veggies while grains are cooking. I was so impressed, I became a distributor of these great little healthy machines. If you are interested in getting one, I will gladly drop ship it to you. ($69 plus tax and shipping.)

Those of you who know me, know I like to share the “latest, greatest” whatever in health (like my new rice cooker). Fortunately this one is not one of those multi-level disasters. This is the organic golden flax ground fresh daily in the coffer grinder. Whoee! It works wonders. Regular flax seed is good, but the organic golden flax is even higher in all the good things, including taste. Breakfasts at the Dragonfly have much improved with the grain cooked in the new rice cooker, and the flax seed topping—along with roasted pecans. Yum Yum.

If any of you coffee drinkers out there want to drink organic coffee and help support the Dragonfly, we now have pure 100% Organic Kona coffee available on our Dragonfly Goddess label. Our motto: AWAKEN THE GODDESSENCE WITHIN.

If any of you can get away, or know anyone who can, we are running a special during June: stay 3 nights for the price of 2! I’d love to have you experience our new, luxurious sheets (800 thread count) that we purchased in our constant effort to improve the Dragonfly experience.

Yes! Eight hundred thread count for the Royally Sweet Suite!

For those of you who haven’t been here in a while, the Business Temple (converted bus) has now been completed—with me driving the eye ball! A Swiss woman, Sonvja, painted the bus and JinAnn coordinated the fish head.

Regarding our Pomeranian family we suffered a near tragedy in September when Kiki was hit by a car. Her back legs were paralyzed until she got acupuncture and experienced the healing miracle of time. Kiki now does her daily yoga, rides the chi machine with me and takes far infra red saunas. All is well! Kiki’s internationally famous healing tongue lives on. Kavika remains the proud and loving father of our adorable Makana, now just 4lbs, turned a year old in March.

Speaking of fathers, mine is still trucking at 93. Happy Father’s Day!

Married to Geaorge Kahumoku for 9 years, mother of beautiful Sarah Hall, my hanai tete (adopted sister), Maggie lived here with me for 8 years, loving the aina and lovingly caring for this home. She brought to the Dragonfly her unique humor and artistic flair, but more than anything, she gave her potent Aloha to all who entered the Dragonfly gate--especially to me. While it is difficult to release attatchment to such a great soul, I know that Death was Maggie's friend who gave her a lift on June 9th, freeing her of the painful struggle.

Mahalo and Aloha Nui Loa to Maggie Kahumoku.


You now have the latest news from the Dragonfly for Spring 2003! Hoping all of you are well and enjoying each breath of this precious life.

When the place sells, I’m going to miss hosting all my friends. Come visit me while I’m still here! Aloha nui loa, Barbara

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