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Dragonflyer Newsletter # 6

November 2003

Aloha Dragonflyers !

Welcome to the new and improved Dragonflyer Newsletter
ala webmaster GJ working on it from Holland.
For any of you who have never stayed at the Dragonfly, I hope this gives you a taste of what we are up to here.
For all of my dear friends, please forgive my not being able to write personal notes. Just know I love you. I will respond to your replies.

Barbara with Kiki
under Hanging Jade


Up coming workshops soon to be posted: Yoga with Cynthia Neilson on going retreats; Hormonal Transition with Dr. Emily Kane in March; Dolphin Healing Energy with GJ in April; Francine Hart teaching Sacred Geometry Art in May. Others include Ohana Lomilomi Massage Training, Qigong and Labyrinth workshops. Check for details soon on our workshop web page in progress.


Good news. Concerned citizens took legal action and WON a major court case against a big developer who was violating zoning laws. We are keeping this little part of the world from being "developed" unconsciously !

It is exciting news to have found a wonderful new teacher of yoga. She is presently a respected Iyengar yoga instructor in the Laguna Beach area.
Cynthia Neilson has long dreamed of having a center like this for teaching yoga, Pilates, Qigong, Tai Chi, art, etc. Besides being a multi-faceted healer, Cynthia grew up in Kona and has an Aloha heart.

Cynthia hopes to set up routine yoga retreats with an eye on possibly becoming the next Dragonfly steward. Knowing how good Cynthia is, I'm looking forward to being a workshop attendee!


Under the new see-through roof over the previously open deck above the Lomilomi Suite, meeting space for all kinds of movement, lectures, etc. is now ready.
The new 26ft by 30ft covered space without walls has a beautiful view of Kealakekua Bay, as well as a clear view of the sky!


We are now offering facials, manicures and pedicures as well as exotic tropical body scrubs. In addition to these pamperings, we are finding that couples as well as individuals are appreciating the expert tantric treachings of Yazmina Lakshani


You may recall from my last newsletter that I am nearing the end of a 30 year chapter called Dragonfly Ranch. It is up for sale for $795,000. I’ve had a few inquires. While finding just the right new owner(s)feels like a bittersweet ending of a tremendous love affair, I am in no rush to give up the joys of hosting the wonderful guests who come to stay at the Dragonfly. Hope you’ll come visit before I leave! (An owl just flew by the pink sunrise sky here in my pavilion, an amakua omen confirming the wiseness of releasing the Dragonfly to fly higher.)
I have guidance to celebrate the 30th anniversay of Dragonfly all year and make hay at the Dragonfly until spring of 2005. We are just now peaking with workshops and loads of fun ! I want the Dragonfly to fulfill her mission more than she ever has in the past. The present Dragonfly team is capably moving forward with dreamed-of plans.


For 5 days in a row I have had the privilege of introducing respectful dolphin-loving guests to the Spinner dolphins in one of the three nearby bays. Dolphin visits are always heartwarming and delightful with unexpected new twists. Yesterday, while dolphins were swimming close to us in Honaunau Bay I asked them to give a sign to a young guest (the seed of flower children) who wishes he could give up alcohol and own his mission on the planet.
Shortly after my request, this guest popped up beside me

Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins
Picture by Dragonfly guest
Brent DeLess

with glee, informing me, "A dolphin just pooed in my face!" He determined this unique blessing to be quite an honor when I told him of my request for a sign to be given to him.


All my suites now have these amazing high thread count sheets. www.overstock.com
Could it be that I could get in the Guiness Book of Records for being the only high tech tree house with these extraordinarily luxurious sheets? In an effort to make the most comfortable beds in the world, I have purchaced "therma foam" toppers for some of my king size beds. I am experimenting to see if they are better than the goose down mattresses.


Sunpentown has not only the greatest rice cookers / vegetable steamers but also stainless steel Hot Water Heaters that stay hot and can be served by pressing a button. Upon request, I have been drop shipping these items to people on the mainland. Please let me know if you are interested in having one or both sent to you.


I am taking a workshop in Turtle Qigong from a Chinese woman Master named Chen.
I figure, that with the aging process happening, we are becoming human antiques. We might as well stay in "mint" condition. As my business goes into the hands of my new team of competant people, I’m hoping to have more time for exercise, reading, watching movies, laughing and, of course, writing.


My movie, "To Die Laughing," is like a baby inside me, kicking to be born. When I told a guest about the premise of the movie and gave her a brief outline with it’s goofy ending, she looked amazed. "My husband and I invited Goofy to our wedding in Disneyland!" she told me. It turns out that Crystal and Byron Johnston do soundtracks for successful movies and feel that our goofy connection is an omen of good things to come. They are encouraging me to complete the outline for Robin Williams to see so they can write the score for it.


I am making the leap into purchasing a state of the art digital camera with professional quality printer--as well as housing for underwater shots. I’m excited about doing portraits of people, weddings, and dolphins. Dragonfly "advocate," Charlie Hawkins, just got the state of the art digital movie camera. Together, we can work as a photo team!

That’s the latest news from the Dragonfly. Hoping you are all well and happy.

A hui ho (until we meet again), Come visit soon!

Kenonilani Barbara

One less Moore Nov. 14.
On this day, my dearly beloved father and Master of Fun, Spencer O. Moore, died.
We were all ready for this natural transition so it is not a shocking day. It is more like a Graduation Day. As I review his life, I am experiencing poignant tears of pride for the privilege of being the daughter of such a colorfully humorous and generously loving soul who completed his 94 years of life successfully, releasing peacefully and without pain. I relish the waves of emotion I feel and am filled with gratitude and awe.
Life...and Death. Both are amazing blessings.

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