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Dragonflyer Newsletter # 7
February 14th, 2004

Aloha Dragonflyers,

Hoping this newsletter finds you in good health and happy Valentine spirits!
Life is very good at the Dragonfly. We have over 90% occupancy—with the HIGHEST order of lovely guests.
What fun! Each day, in a very dear way, we are living Kahlil Gibran’s words: “In the Sweetness of Friendship, let there be Laughter and the Sharing of Pleasures.”

This morning after breakfast, for example, Phoenix sang a sweet song and played soft guitar for a young woman and her mother (who recently lost her husband). Deb and I held each other in the kitchen, swaying to the music, laughing together as we cried tears of joy.

Marilyn & Debra Derusha


Dr. Emily Kane
Dr. Emily Kane

There is still time and space to sign up for the 5 day workshop starting March 5th. Dr. Emily Kane works magic with hormonal balancing, is a great yoga teacher, and is offering an individualized session with each person attending the retreat.
The first 2 days are for relaxing, snorkeling, communing with the dolphins, getting massage, using the far infra red sauna and resting.

The last 3 days are packed full of teachings and yoga classes. Emily is a fine naturopath/acupuncturist/shiatsu therapist/nutritionalist as well as being a delightful person. Please share with your menopausal friends about this opportunity for empowerment!
Check for details on our workshop web page in progress.

Also in March , at the Spring Equinox, as well as in June, Cynthia Neilson (well known Iyengar teacher in the Orange County area) is leading Yoga retreats. Read more; Dragonflyer newsletter 6www.members.cox.net/santosha.



I have gotten final approval from the county regarding my latest structure (the Illuminarium). I also got full thumbs up from Bishop Estate. I had to remove the 4 ugly white tents. I must admit that the Dragonfly looks much better for it. No more tentalows means less staff quarters. But with my hard-working, self-motivated, mature staff who are natural care takers, it is perfect. We are constantly refining and eliminating clutter. Clean and pretty everywhere! The organic garden is flourishing, delicious and loved like never before, feeding us and guests.


I am in love with every member of my staff. It feels so wonderful to be totally harmonious. Work doesn’t really seem like work when you are feeling joyous. We face our challenges with humor and grace, remembering to laugh at ourselves and not take anything personally.

Phoenix, Barbara, Deb & GJ

With Phoenix, Deb and GJ living here, I’m in staff heaven! Rosey comes in to make sure the garden is pumping and Deb 2 comes to manage my office. I’m free to do what I love--my healing work. Bobu has returned as the “drop in handyman.” (He once left me because I had people who were not “treating the temple with respect.”)

Not only does each of my present staff treat the Dragonfly with respect, but they take care of their personal bodies as temples. They are also aware of caring for our mother Earth as a temple. Each day I ask to be worthy of these blessings. I have to remind myself that I have worked 30 years for this high point.


Anyone knowledgeable about treehouse construction ? Our huge monkeypod trees are awaiting ideas.


A little book called “Prayers” by Don Miguel Ruez (“The Four Agreements”) is inspirational. He tells us to pray with authority-- ”like the wolf howls to the moon”.
You can order online.
If you haven't read his other books, I recommend them as well.

"The Hidden Messages in Water" is an eye-opening theory showing how water is deeply connected to people's individual and collective consciousness. Dr. Masaru Emoto describes the ability of water to absorb, hold, and even retransmit human feelings and emotions.He found that water from clear springs and water exposed to loving words shows brilliant, complex, and colorful snowflake patterns, while polluted water and water exposed to negative thoughts forms incomplete, asymmetrical patterns with dull colors. Emoto believes that since people are 70 percent water, and the Earth is 70 percent water, we can heal our planet and ourselves by consciously expressing love and goodwill...

Fujiwara Dam Water, before offering a prayer

Fujiwara Dam Water, after offering a prayer

Dragonfly is ordering the books and video as we speak ! You can learn all about it when you come here.


As you all may know, I have an organic line of coffee called Dragonfly Goddess (Awakening the Godessence Within). If you are going to drink coffee, which I do not recommend doing), make sure it is organic. Better yet, if you want to boost your immune system without frazzeling your nerves, SNIFF your coffee. Shake the beans and breathe deeply through your nose!


(anyone not interested in health, please skip over this entry)
Because I feel so good, I want to share with you that this is the first year I have avoided a flu or cold in the Fall since...I can remember. Eating out of the garden, exercising, and being happy certainly helps. But I honestly believe I can attribute some of this good health to my adopting a program called Layers of Light, a 3 fold system used by NASA. I gently urge you to check out my web site: www.mylayersoflight.com/dragonfly
You can actually use the little computer test to “feel the shift” that happens when your chakras are aligned with the frequency this company managed to put into the energy pouch, the music, and the powdered acidophilus mix. For those of you interested in improving your health, I love sharing this discovery that helps me feel amazingly balanced and powerful. Feel free to call and ask questions about why this “frequency” thing makes us feel stronger.


Kiki, Mekana & daddy Kavika

My "babies" all listen to the Layers of Light vibrational frequency with me while we sleep with the music playing. They seem even more loving, calmer, quieter and precious than ever. (This is a prejudiced point of view but I think it is true!)


As a member of the human race, I think we are all here on the planet together, taking care of ourselves, each other and our mother, Gaia. When all of us at the Dragonfly went to see a documentary called TIBET: CRY OF THE SNOW LION, I vowed to encourage everyone to see this movie. While I sobbed through much of the movie, I left inspired to do whatever I can to make the Chinese aware of their need to start respecting the Tibetans, their land and their culture. As well as refusing to buy products made in China, I am writing to Walmart, etc. Please let me know if you feel the same after seeing this movie. We are all the “Ohana of the World” and it feels like it is time to embrace our obligation to take care of our family.
www.tibet.com & www.tibet.com/Action


We have a friend, Craig, who delivers fresh Alaskan king salmon to Dragonfly each week. So we are reveling in this find and share these low-mercury-content meals with our guests. We do, however, still eat ahi (tuna) once in a while, even though the mercury level is high. I learned recently that using fresh cilantro (coriander, Chinese parsley) with fresh ahi dinners (high in mercury levels) actually draws the mercury out of our bodies. We are now adding cilantro to my latest greatest dressing recipe that includes the purslane (which has high omega 3, calcium, and protein).


Blender full of purslane, lemon basil, and coriander
Quarter cup olive oil
1/8th cup lemon juice
Fresh ginger and garlic to taste
One omiboshi plum (to add salty zest and to alkalinize the body)

Sending all Dragonflyers my love
and hoping you are having a fun time with your number one Valentine ( yourself ).

Aloha nui loa,

Barbara Kenonilani

We wanted to have you get this Dragonflyer on Valentines Day.
One of our guest here pointed out that everyday is a Valentines Day at Dragonfly.

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Barbara with Kiki
under Hanging Jade

I granted my talented Dutch webmaster, GJ, permission to have this link in the newsletter:

Dragonfly Ranch Healing Arts Center

Call:1-808-328-9570 for information, or 1-800-487-2159 for reservations
E-mail: reserve @ dragonflyranch.com

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