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Dragonflyer Newsletter # 8

July 11th, 2004

Aloha Dragonflyers,

Hoping you are all having a grand summer. Busy busy busy here. In this newsletter, I have put Health Tips at the end. Those of you who wish to have more information can click the links to more info.


Good news! In today’s edition of West Hawaii Today newspaper Dragonfly was voted the most popular B&B in West Hawaii. What an honor! I have to admit I was floored with the news that my 30 year project of crafting this Swiss Family Robinson retreat was recognized by folks in my community. I'm successfully recovering from flabbergastion.


On July 18th, the public is invited to attend an open house celebrating our Best B&B Award starting at noon and ending at 9p.m. It is a fun event, sharing healthy snacks, music, art, fun and health. To mention a few things happening: New t-shirts with Andrew Annenberg Place of Sanctuary painting will be available here and on line. Alicia Bay Laurel, author of “Living on the Earth” will be performing songs that she wrote. The organic garden will be open for nibbling, the labyrinth can be walked, and the new 4 person far infrared sauna will be open for use. Artists Sue Swerdlow and Francene Hart will be featured. Physicist, Nissim, will be here. Orchids will be on display and a number of people will share their favorite way to improve health. Autumn Johnson will demonstrate Layers of Light. Lots of good fun!


I am proud to announce that we have an 80 pound baby: a crystalline amethyst, (photos). It resides next to Quan Yin. It feels powerful and seems to add a positive energy. Besides that, it is beautiful. Local Feng Shui master, Marta Berreras blessed it, feeling this was the place it belongs.


Life keeps getting better. Since I got final approval on the Illuminarium from the state and clearance from Bishop Estate for being in "total compliance", I also got a low interest refinance allowing me to be free of all my credit card debt. Free at last, free at last! It has taken 60 years but I finally feel like a bona fide grown up! I’m even considering buying my little fee simple retirement 2 bedroom home up the street.


Many new projects happening here. We have been fung shueing everything. This means clearing and eliminating all that no longer serves to enhance the Dragonfly. Every room has been revamped, thoroughly cleaned and redecorated. Throwing away, giving away. Pulling out old carpets, putting down a brown paper bag flooring that is beautiful and easy to keep clean.

Model/actress Joy Bryant (starred in “Anton Fisher” and soon to be released “Skeleton”) kindly modeled our unique new living room brown paper bag floor.

The Dragonfly is classier than ever --but still has that down-home touch of funk.

Joy Bryant


My dear friend, Bobu, recently revamped all the screens in the old Coffee Drying Shed so that it is restored to it's shining self. New built-in shelves, new furniture, and mini store etc. have been added recently—all with the loving touch of Bobu.

The living room walls have new paint and a new Hawaiian-style clock (pictured), as well as new furniture. All comfy with that special Dragonfly touch of fun.

By the way, Bobu gave me a bit of information about q-tips that I think worthy of passing along. Most cotton is highly sprayed with poison. Putting poison cotton inside the ear, so close to the brain, does not seem like a good idea. You can find organic cotton q-tips at your local health food store.  


We have a high tech tree house with wireless internet in every room. Bring your wireless if you want to stay connected! We have wire for those who don't have wireless-and computer for those without and nothing for those who want to get away from the net.


Another bit of good news: quarantine regulations have eased up for animals coming into the state. Those of you who don't want to be apart from your dear ones can now bring them on vacation with you. more info.

My dear friend, Tracy who has a Dragonfly Pomeranian descendent (little black baby, Kui,) will be able to bring her girl with her the next time she visits.
  Tracy has organized a a number of workshops at the Dragonfly and continues being a major supporter of Dragonfly magic.

Her little sushi mermaid present (pictured) decorates the entrance to the house where she joyfully greets new guests as they arrive.


This seems like it is time for a good dog story. We have a dog in the neighborhood who came on New Years to get away from the fireworks. He gratefully spent the night in safety. Ever since then, we have pre-warning of thunder on the way down the hill. "Thunder Dog" plods his way here to get away from the rumble, stays here until it is over, and then returns home. He is pictured here with our web designer, GJ, who blesses us with his presence each year. He is from the Netherlands.

GJ & Thunderdog


I recently was invited to Maui to attend a lecture by Marshall Rosenberg. I recommend his book called Speaking Peace about non violent communication. This system of communicating from the heart, without judgment, makes a person feel heard and understood.


I have attended a Turtle Longevity Qigung teacher training course from a wonderful teacher named Chen. As soon as I get my discipline act together, I will be teaching Qigung.



I'm planning to go to Japan with Layers of Light sometime this summer. I am spending 3 days in Las Vegas at the end of July demonstrating Layers of Light to naturopaths. Then I will attend a 60 birthday gathering with my childhood friends of 55 years (Chere Amies "Y" Club) in late September. We are painting the town in Las Vegas! After that, in October, I will go to Minn. for the Labyrinth Society meeting. I've never seen the Fall leaves on the East Coast so I am hoping to catch that glory this year. Perhaps I can visit some of you back there! I will be returning to Newport for another Layers of Light training in early November, celebrating my 60th birthday. I’m praying for the right team to show up and take care of Dragonfly when I am gone. I’m visualizing the perfect match.


November. That will be a telling time politically. This is a time of vigilance NB June 24 speech by Al Gore. One of my guests suggested that the only way we can be sure our vote is counted--which is critical this year--is to get an absentee ballot! I suggest that we all do this and that we encourage all of our friends to vote this way.
LATE BREAKING NEWS: oh oh. Who is in charge of the post office? How can we avoid what happened in Florida? There is a woman with a Black Box voting plan. Can it be the solution? Check out the practical activism box at;


  Jeannie Dancs-Arthur had her dream come true on her last day at the Dragonfly. I was privileged to have a camera to capture her rapture.


Using (preferably a cast iron) skillet, place 2 cups whole, unhulled white or brown (not black) sesame seeds.
Turn heat on--not very hot.
Add Redmond Real Salt to taste (as much as 2 tbs.).
If you have fresh herbs that you are fond of, they can be added into mixture to enhance flavor.
Stir with a wooden instrument consistently to avoid burning.
When seeds start making popping sounds and release fragrant smell, turn off and keep stirring until cooled.
If you have a Japanese grinding bowl and pestle, use to crush seeds--roughly.
You can also use a coffee grinder or blender--gingerly.
This flavorful mixture can be used on rice, salad, fish, soup or whatever.

This Redmond Real Salt provides an important electrolyte balance.

Still using teflon? While it is temptingly easy to clean, one of my guests sent me an email that made me eliminate my teflon pans. It said that when bird seed is put into a teflon pan and then fed to birds, the birds die. Sorry to be the bearer of this news. When I tossed my Teflon, I thought it would be tragic to do without it. But...it is no biggie.


My interest in Layers of Light took me to the mainland last month. I attended a conference that confirmed my feeling that this company is (1) on the cutting edge of important healing technology, and (2) rich with integrity and positive energy. I was extremely impressed with the quality of leadership as well as the affability and high minded purpose that drives this company. I will attach my review of the weekend that I wrote to the over 80 people who have signed on with this company under me--my Layers of Light Ohana that is growing every day. I encourage all of you who care about your health to go to my web site www.mylayersoflight.com/dragonfly if you are interested in learning about these amazing tools. While protecting us from Electromagnetic Fields and toxins, many people find that they help us by improving the immune system, lowering stress levels, giving a sense of balance, increasing energy, improving sleep, providing more flexibility and organizing our minds with more coherent thinking. Generally enhancing our lives by making our energy more harmonious is what happens. Besides feeling so much healthier and more capable myself, I keep hearing heart- warming reports from my friends when they use this simple system of a necklace, music, and energy mix powder. The new fragrant Soma oils, three frequencies higher than the JAS wave frequency, are producing yet more miraculous results.


One of my guests, a psychologist Shannon McCarthy, who bought the Layers of Light system when she found it made her be able to do the "up" part of the push up (that she had been only doing the "down" part of for everyday of the last 6 months), told me about an amazing product she is taking. We agreed that since she was willing to try Layers of Light, I would try her new whey product form New Zealand. It is 100% pure, raw, organic whey processed at low heat to preserve live enzymes. It is especially good for Blood Type O searching for a high protein source that is registered as glutathimine (growth hormone) and is not a meat product. It is less than 1% lactose so works for lactose intolerant people. Besides that, it smells and tastes delicious and encourages muscle growth. I have found this Nutriharmony whey product to be wonderful for my body! Anyone interested in trying it can call and talk to Denise Albian at 415-488-4264. She claims Nutriharmony products brought her back from anorexia. download more info


Any of you out there wishing to help spread the news, here is our press release.

So, my friends, be well. Come visit me.

Sending oodles of warm Aloha,

Barbara Ann “Kenonilani” Moore

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Barbara with Kiki
under Hanging Jade



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