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Dragonflyer Newsletter # 9

October 15th, 2004

Aloha Dragonflyers,




Dragonfly rendering

I wish to thank artist friend, Shazar, for her superb new rendering of the Dragonfly.


Soon I will send a newsy letter that I am composing as I travel. For now, I just want to let East Coast friends know that I can come see you!


I’m on the East Coast!
I recently celebrated—year of the monkey 60th birthdays—with 18 of my childhood friends (many I’ve known for 55 years) in Las Vegas.
Then I flew to Canada for 5 days to visit my Canadian family without awareness of the need for a passport or birth certificate!

Tara with her Son, Mother Barbara,and Barbara’s Mother
Tara with her son, Solomon, mother Barbara, and Barbara’s mother

  I had to go by car across the border, foregoing my plane ticket in order to get home. After some days in the Bay Area, I flew to Minn. for the 6th annual Labyrinth Society convention where I toured 22 labyrinths and learned much about the benefits of labyrinth walking.
(if you are interested in walking a labyrinth, check The Labyrinth Society website to find a labyrinth near you.)

At the conference, people “ahhhed” when they saw the slide of my labyrinth in the Illuminarium! From St. Paul, I flew to New York. I will visit friends in NYC as well as DC and along the East Coast during the Fall “color show” before returning to Las Vegas on Oct. 26th and returning home on Oct. 28.


A few of you have conveyed a wish to have me visit you. Makes me feel loved! I most certainly appreciate hearing who wants to see me on this journey, even if I won’t have time to accept all invitations. Phone # 808-936-9408


My holistic doctor told me that the shock in the bones that happens when “stomping”—as opposed to walking softly--helps counteract osteoporosis.
One of my new labyrinth friends, Kiana, told me that fresh-off-the-press studies are indicating that onions help to assimilate calcium in the body.
Soooo, I have been walking my labyrinth with weights, encouraging that shock action on my bones. And now, I will gladly eat more onions!


Our new brown bag living room floor, was so successful, we decided to do it on all the floors at the Dragonfly. Some of you requested info on how to do this. The lahaha floor use to work, but with the heavy rains, it is too moldy. Besides saving thousands of dollars in flooring, it is snazzy!
Every Dragonflyer Newsletter includes a recipe. This time it is for a floor.
After my last newsletter, a number of you asked about how to make the brown paper bag floor our model/actress friend, Joy Bryant, so kindly modeled for us.
Here it is:


Every Dragonflyer Newsletter includes a recipe. This time it is for a floor.
After my last newsletter, a number of you asked about how to make the brown paper bag floor our model/actress friend, Joy Bryant, so kindly modeled for us.

Sand floor to make it smooth.
Get a roll of brown bag (or any other paper you want).
Tear it in irregular shapes.
Dip it in a mixture of white glue, watered down to 1 part glue and 3 or 4 parts water—can even have some tint (like tea) to add variety of colors for added splendor.
Squeeze the glue mixture out of the paper, making the “textured look”.
Place paper on floor, spreading flat, allow glue to dry.
Paint on a water base verithane--or better yet the German more organic version of this gloss, allowing it to dry before reapplying.
It’s fun, beautiful, economical and practical! My wonderful Dragonfly ohana (family) is redoing all the floors with this technique—eliminating the possibility of mold/mildew odor.



Fear's Empire by Benjamin Barber--a man who thinks the best way to protect ourselves from terrorists is for America to stop being arrogantly imperialistic--instead creating friendly alliances, knowing that we are all part of the same world.


Recently I not only met but also hosted a Republican who actually VOTED for Bush.

Mike & Barbara   Guess what? I adore this man. He is deep thinking, sincere AND funny.
While his wife, Diane, does not agree with his politics, they have lived together successfully for 22 years. We had a lovely dinner with another interesting couple that included a civil, yet lively, discussion about politics. I have hope for Mike because he informed me that he is a “closet tree hugger”.

A republican gentleman I met while flying First Class to Las Vegas told me he will not vote for Bush again. I am praying that Mike and many other intelligent Republicans have a change of heart when they step into that voting booth.
I am deeply saddened by this war and the unnecessary loss of lives—on both sides. I used to be fearful about the outcome of this election. Then I decided there is already way too much fear in our country.
What we need is to, as one bumper sticker says: “visualize world peas”.
I sincerely hope we will have new leadership be my birthday present on Nov. 2.
Whatever the outcome, we need to activate ourselves and see if we can expand the two party system.
Won’t it be lovely when all of us apolitical people get together and figure out how to get honest government to be responsive to the needs of the planet, all it’s inhabitants and all the air, oceans, rivers, lakes etc.?

On that note, I will send best wishes to everyone.
Hoping your Thanksgiving will be one of great thanks
for all our blessings.
Have big fun!

Barbara Ann “Kenonilani” Moore

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