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Dragonflyer Newsflash # 15

August 15th, 2006

Aloha Dragonflyers,

This newsletter is quick. It is solely to inform you of August 16th National Education Day to learn about the illegality of the war in Iraq and support Lt. Erhen Watada in his effort to say NO to that war.


Please go to the web site Sign the petition. Become more informed and tell your friends about this movement to stop the war. Learn how you can get the documentarySir, No Sir” to learn how our outspoken troops changed the course of that war by refusing to kill the Viet Namese people. Please do whatever you can do in your community to realize that we can and must change the course of this war.

We know that we need to stop allowing rigged elections. We need to restore democracy in the United States. Put on your thinking caps. My friend, Shannon Taylor Makowski, thinks we should have a class action suit against Bush for defamation of character! Hearing Gunther, Shannon’s German husband, talk about Bush requiring barbed wire around his hotel when he visited Germany (at German tax payer's expense) I think Shannon has a case. Let’s get creative and do everything in our power to reverse the present unacceptable reign of terror.

Lt. Ehren Watada
Lt. Ehren Watada
On Wed. Aug. 16th, the day before Ehren’s hearing, we can show our support by organizing meetings and waving signs on the highway in support of his refusal to accept this illegal war.

Write letters to editors of your local newspaper. Instead of wishing this war were over, let’s make it BE over. Let’s create peace.

My friends, Shannon and Gunther, made a new web site for the islands where the local people can show their support, and as part of the National day of Education, Wed., Aug. 16. The people of Hawaii, along with anyone else, are being asked to support Ehren by posting a message to him on the home page of
Go to the bottom of the home page and click on comments to post your message of support.


I had the great honor of hosting Ehren’s parents, Bob and Rosa Watada. They came to the Big Island, speaking before the showing of “Sir, No Sir” -- a movie about the Viet Nam war resisters who changed the course of that unfortunate war. (I highly recommend your getting this informative documentary and showing it to your community.)

bob and rosa watada

Here at the Dragonfly I gave Bob and Rosa (such gentle, loving folks) the Lomilomi Suite, taught them about the blood type diet and organic vitamins, took them swimming with the turtles in Honaunau Bay, showed them how to walk the labyrinth, aum and use the far infrared sauna, gave them lomilomi massage, flower essences, etc.
We became fast friends working together to keep their brave son out of jail and the country out of war. Bob kindly allowed me to make suggestions for his letter to the editor.

Now the NY Times story has prompted interest in book and movie rights. Bush is going on trial!

I learned from Bob that Ehren (a name that means Honor) said that no matter if he is jailed or even killed for refusing to fight this insane war, he asked his father to “get the truth out.”
What is the truth? We can guess that our tax money is being used at a rate of 5 billion a month—or is it 3 billion a week?
And who reading this letter doesn’t know that Bush declared warnot because that country had Weapons of Mass Destruction or connection to 911--but rather because of greed for control of oil?

What I love about what this noble Watada family is doing is that they are allowing all of us to unite, refusing to be a party to this insanity, refusing to believe the lies of our president, refusing to allow this brave lieutenant to be put in jail for “contempt” of his out-of-control Commander in Chief, George W. Bush. It appears that this courageous Lt. Watada could certainly spend 8 years in jail UNLESS we take action.

Have a look at Ehren's video message.


Praying you are all well and peace full.

Aloha nui loa,


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Barbara Moore
Barbara Kenonilani Moore

Feel free to forward this newsletter to anyone who might be interested.

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