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Dragonfly Ranch Healing Arts Center    Healing Arts Retreat


*Both upcoming ORENDA CLEAN BURN SHAPE workshops can be seen as 10-DAY TAX WRITE-OFF VACATION/TRAINING.
Anyone wishing to become an Orenda partner (no charge) or a manager, (getting a 40% discount on future orders of Orenda products), can investigate sharing the Orenda business with others--making your whole 10 day Hawaii business trip be a tax write off!
See the videos at


ONE WEEK (or 10 day) RETREAT
Thanksgiving with Dr. DIANA HOPPE!

November 22 - November 29 (or December 1)
Dr. Diana Hoppe - author of Healthy Sex, Healthy You. Besides being a fun person with expertise about hormones, Diana is a highly respected speaker/teacher/certified Ob/Gyn who appeared on the Dr. Oz show. See Dr. Hoppe's stellar credentials at




We are pleased to have Dr. Diana Hoppe lead of Giving Thanks for our vibrant health.
We will be learning how to cleanse our bodies while enjoying organic food and a detoxing program that helps release fat, inches and toxins - with ease!


In May we host another weight management 10 day cleanse. Jin Shin Jyutsu teacher, Deborah Myers of Santa Rosa, will be teaching gHealth at Your Fingertipsh--giving us simple methods to keep our meridians open. See: When I met Deborah, I apologized that I could not stay for her class due to having a headache. She asked if she could hold some points on me. I agreed to let her touch me and within a few minutes the headache was gone and I enjoyed staying for the class! Deborah even teaches us a technique to avoid jet lag when we are flying. That's May 16 to the 26th.
So you get to spend 10 days in Hawaii at the Legendary Dragonfly Ranch AND:
*Use the CLEAN BURN SHAPE Orenda products that cleanse your body while you drop excess fat (let go of up to 10 pounds in 10 days along with unwanted inches\especially around your waist)
*Walk the meditative labyrinth in the colorful Illuminarium
*Exercise with great teachers\yoga, chi gong, hula-hoop dancing
*Swim in world-class diving/snorkeling bays where wild friendly dolphins like to frolic with respectful snorkelers
*Use the K1 jiggler machine for added easy exercise
*Be served all healthy meals provided with snazzy aloha and Phoenix humor
*Learn how to prepare the ideal CLEAN BURN SHAPE food direct from our organic garden
*Learn Master Gardening techniques about how to grow your own super food with Joe
*Relax and enjoy the grealh Hawaii
*Ride the hammock on the Sunset Lanai deck
*Use Flower Essences personally designed for you own gsoul developmenth
*Experience far infrared sauna detoxing
*Enjoy aka aka (laughter) therapy
* Jam and dance--bring your instruments  
*Learn about using Orenda--Ultimate Pack provided for you to try for one month
*Learn from health care experts about how to improve your health (and possibly your wealth\see my Closer Look Ad.
(All of the above are optional.  Whatever part of these offerings you want are provided as part of the CLEAN BURN SHAPE 10 day package. Massage and other spa pamperings are also available options--for additional cost.)
The cost for all food, lodging, training, sauna, snorkel gear, exercise classes, etc.--AND Orenda products? $2600 ($260 all inclusive per day). Those of you who want to sign up for the gearly bird specialh will get first choice of rooms, along with a $600 discount: $2000 for your 10 day stay at the Dragonfly for the CLEAN BURN SHAPE weight management/cleanse. The FUN is included for free! This is a grand opportunity to transform your body/mind/spirit (and for some: your pocketbook) while having a healing/educational/fun 10 days in Hawaii. Are you ready?


Heaven & Earth talk scheduled on Friday, Aug. 23 at the Dragonfly Ranch in Honaunau  from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.

International Sacred Geometry teacher and healer, Patricia Athena, accompanied by

Photo by barbara Moore: Patricia Athena, workshop facilitator,  with 1400 year old Kwan Yin from the Tang Dynasty who presently resides at the Dragonfly Ranch.

astrologer and teacher, Kathryn Andren Mina of Honaunau, will discuss "Earth Grid Activations & Galactic Alignments.'

These two talented women will give a multimedia presentation that includes:

*Ancient Earth Wisdom

*Earth grids in Egypt, Bali, and Singapore

*Current astrology news

*A deeper understanding of galactic alignment

*Sound and heart opening healing meditation 

Residents and tourists alike are invited to this free introductory talk that will be followed by a workshop on Sunday for those who wish to dive deeper into this realm of these exoteric concepts.Anyone wishing to be supportive of Patricia Athena's teaching is invited to donate a suggested contribution ranging from  $11 to $33. 

For more info on astrology consultations and classes with Katherine visit: Gemini 

Following the introductory talk on Friday, there will be a "Kwan Yin and Dolphin Healing" workshop on Sunday,  August 25th at Dragonfly Ranch from 10am to 5pm

Patricia Athena has a profound connection with the Goddess Kwan Yin and has been given a special healing modality to find balance with the changing earth energies. This modality involves the interface of the endocrine glands and the energy centres of the body.  Visit Patricia Athena's website at to learn more about her healing work.  For this who wish to make a supportive contribution, a donation of $88 is suggested. 

Founder of "Dolphinwave and the Athena Isis Mystery School", Patricia Athena is an international speaker, workshop leader, therapist and meditation teacher who leads retreats in Hawaii and Bali. Having recently spent several months in Singapore, Patricia Athena currently resides in Australia. Her teaching background has given her the multifaceted skills to work with individuals and groups. For more information see

Contact Patricia at or Barbara at the Dragonfly Ranch 808 328-2159. Guests are welcome to come early to walk the labyrinth or view the rooms for rent at this award wining B&B/Healing Arts Eco-Spa located half way down Hwy 160 in Honaunau.A map can be found on



Songs and Stories of the Healing Island 

Cello/Guitar ?gTalk-Story Salon?h at Dragonfly Ranch:Healing Arts Center
March 29, 2013
Healthy Pupus at 6, Music at 6:30

An evening of music and storytelling which celebrates the unique people, places and culture of Hawaii Island will be presented by Nelson Denman, a cultural arts ecologist who has composed a new folk opera on Ecuador's constitutional rights for nature.

The event at Dragonfly Ranch:Healing Arts Center in Honaunau will feature Denman?fs original songs, storytelling and inspired conversation about the importance of sustainability and nurturing our connection to nature. ?gAs a storyteller and musician, I am able to sing and play using images and visions that inspire a call to action, both in our inner and personal growth, and in our community. I feel that part of my kuleana, my responsibility,?h he says. ?gSongs and Stories of the Healing Island is a ?etalk story?f version of the larger musical, but it leaves more room for improvisation and guest performers.?h

Nelson is no stranger to the evocative power of music. He got his masters degree in education at Harvard University where he attracted a following of listeners. Barbara Moore, soul proprietor of Dragonfly Ranch, says ?gAccording to one of my guests who knew Nelson at Harvard, students would frequently gather to hear him practicing his cello in the student chapel where it had a resonant, soothing effect on his stressed out classmates.?h

Nelson was a founder of the Santa Fe Green Party, and a composer and bandleader for the All Species Project. On the Executive Committee of the Northern New Mexico chapter of the Sierra Club, Nelson was also involved in Deep Ecology, Permaculture and Ecological Design--always combining it with his music.
?gI was inspired by living near and among native peoples in New Mexico, Mexico, British Columbia, Mexico & South America, Tibet, Nepal and Hawaii. I saw the way they put their teachings into story and song.?h

We are please to announce that Nelson will be staying in Hawaii a while, living at the Dragonfly Ranch and teaching permaculture starting in April. He presently plays cello in the Kamuela Philharmonic, the University of Hawaii, and the Hilo Symphony. Denman intends to continue performing and teaching guitar, bass, violin and cello in Hawaii, as well as wherever he travels.

Nelson gives credit to Keala Ching, Kalani Souza, John Keawe, Nino Kaai and Ke Aloha, and other native Hawaiians he studied with who have deepened his respect for Hawaiian music and traditions.
 ?gA few years ago, I was asked to write and perform a song for a conference on Health Tourism, so I wrote a song entitled ?eThe Healing Island?f,?h says Nelson. ?gIn the song, I wrote of an island that is a healing place to live and to visit. Hawaii Island, with its volcano and snow capped peak is also a healing vision for the world.?h Nelson goes on to say that ?gHawaii is a very special place and unique among the United States. It is developing as a model of sustainability and it's also in transition from an industrial consumerist culture to organic conserver culture.?h

Hawai?fi?fs indigenous society carries the wisdom of the natural world, he explains. ?gOne way that we can support and encourage this is by reviving oral culture; learning, creating and telling stories, and sharing them with others.?h

Nelson?fs musical project is sponsored by the North Kohala Community Resourse Center, with support from the Russell Foundation and the Dorrance Family Foundation.

Please join Nelson on March 29 at the Dragonfly Ranch for ?gSongs and Stories of the Healing Island.?h Healthy Pupus and Meet the Artist at 6:00, Music and Talk-Story at 7:00. A $20 suggested donation is requested to support the artist.

For directions to the Dragonfly Ranch, go to or call (808) 328-1906.        

Details on Nelson Denman?fs folk opera about Ecuador?fs constitutional rights for nature can be found at


Restore the Roots of Health

Each of 5 Lectures show how to Live a Vibrant Life
Tuesday, February 19, 6 -8 PM ?| Dragonfly Ranch,
1 1/2 miles above Pu'uhonua O Honaunau National Park (Hwy. 160)

Wednesday, February 20, 3-4 PM - "The Stories of Living Long" Regency at Hualalai
75-181 Hualalai Rd. Kailua-Kona

Wednesday, Feb. 20, 6 - 8 PM - at Kona Beach Hotel Yoga Studio
75- 75-5660 Palani Rd, Kailua-Kona

Thursday, Feb. 21, 6:30 ?| 8:30 PM - Naniloa Volcanoes Retreat
Sandalwood Room - 92 Banyan Dr. Hilo

Friday, Feb, 22 2013 6 - 8 PM, Waimea Events Salon
66-1664 Waiaka Street, Kamuela, Hawaii

Doctors Giving Five Island Wide Talks for People Who Want to be Pro-Active about Their Wellness

Do you need help sleeping? Want healthy digestion and elimination? How about mental clarity and balanced emotions?

Leaders in new-paradigm thinking about aging healthfully will be on the Big Island leading a series of presentations on regenerative medicine and natural ways to promote wellness.

Returning to lecture on the Big Island for the sixth time, internationally celebrated MD, Ph. D. research scientist and anti-aging specialist, Dr. Shanhong Lu, uses an informative power point presentation to show exactly how toxins and stress negatively affect body chemistry. She then offers solutions that purify and re-balance the body. Dr. Lu, who practices medicine in Mt. Shasta, has sparked a health renaissance with her visual, witty and science-based public appearances, which have inspired thousands of people to take charge of their wellness.

According to Dr. Lu, her mission is to "empower each individual to awaken the doctor within, giving the body a chance to heal and live at it's optimal potential." She gives positive suggestions about how to heal and balance by supporting the body with a paradigm shift called "Awaken, Cleanse, and Feed." Originally from China where her mother is a heart specialist and her grandmother was a midwife and a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, Dr Lu integrates Eastern and Western medicine to optimally provide individuals the best of both worlds. She says, "I want people to take charge of their health and become their own doctors."

Dr. Sharon Olson, an integrative osteopathic family practice physician from Waimea, is giving an introduction for Dr. Lu's anti-aging lectures. Like Dr. Lu, Dr. Olson believes in promoting proactive healing through integrative medicine. Dr. Olson says, "We have found a program that uses scientific breakthrough technology to enhance the body's own natural healing ability."  These two integrative physicians emphasize the importance of this information, especially when we recognize that we are living in a "sea of toxic chemicals" (including vog), experiencing chronically high levels of stress.

Joining Drs. Lu and Olson will be George Hall, co-founder of Orenda International, a paradigm-shifting company that exists to help people restore not only control over their health, but also their time, finances and careers. Of Orenda, an unconventional love-based corporation which integrates philanthropy within its daily operations, George Hall says
"We believe in a leadership model that lifts people up."

"After meeting Orenda co-founder brothers, George and Bob Hall four years ago" says Barbara Moore, "Soul" Proprietor of Dragonfly Ranch, "I became convinced that Orenda is a company I dearly love. I feel especially honored to introduce George Hall to this community as I know him to be an authentic gentle man of impeccable integrity." Moore adds, "By thoroughly investigating nutritional advances that allow us to deal with toxins and stress we are involuntarily subjected to, this company has given me tools that vastly improved my life."

The Hall brothers also share knowledge and profits broadly through the Heart of Orenda Fund, which supports charities like Smile Train, Child Help-USA, Doctors Without Borders and Vitamin Angels, among others. Moore adds, "Thanks to Dr. Lu, it has been my privilege to introduce my friends, doctors and the Big Island community at large, to an amazing team of healers and healing tools. The Hall brothers have generously combined cutting-edge health science and good business practices to truly help heal the world."    

George Hall and Drs. Lu and Olson will give five talks on the Big Island, starting at the Dragonfly Ranch: Healing Arts Center on Feb. 19th from 6 to 8. A short presentation will be given at the Regency at Hulualalai on Feb. 20th from 3 to 4pm followed by a longer talk that day at the Kona Beach Hotel yoga studio from 6 to 8pm. In Hilo, the lecture will be held at the University Campus Center, Room 306 from 6 to 8pm on Thursday, Feb. 21. The final presentation will be hosted at the Waimea Events Salon from 6 to 8pm on Friday, Feb. 22.

All five lectures are free and open to the public. Free samples of healthy "undutched" chocolate and high antioxidant aronia berry juice will be served for refreshments.
To see George Hall and Dr. Lu talking about improving health while aging, see the "Live Long" video at


Three Big Island Events Feature Holistic
Pioneer & Eco-Communicator Patricia Sun

Friday, Feb, 22, 5:00 ?| 5:30 PM, Sonic Healing, Waimea Events Salon
66-1664 Waiaka Street, Kamuela, Hawaii
Saturday, Feb. 23rd, 5:00 pm 73rd Birthday Celebration, Healthy Potluck Dinner
Dragonfly Ranch Hwy. 160, 1 1/2 miles above Pu'uhonua O Honaunau National Park

Sunday, Feb. 24, 2:00 -5:00 PM, Workshop at New Thought Center
Pualani Terrace, 81-6587 Mamalahoa Highway (Hwy. 11)  Kealakekua, Building C-302
Patricia Sun: Where Planet and Person Meet

"You can't take sides when you know the Earth is round," says Patricia Sun, whose ideas were far ahead of their time in the 1960s when she influenced such futuristic thinkers as Michael Toms of New Dimensions Radio (recently deceased). The times are finally catching up to her "New Style of Thinking," a process extraordinary for its power to depolarize people.

Author, speaker and one of the first proponents of the holistic health revolution, Ms. Sun will be on the Big Island Friday, Feb. 22 for a Waimea sound healing event, a gala celebration at Dragonfly Ranch for her 73 rd birthday on Feb. 23, and a workshop on "The Evolutionary Healing in You" at the New Thought Center of Hawaii in Kainaliu on February 24.

Patricia Sun began her work as a family counselor but rose to prominence after Toms and his wife Justine Willis Toms invited her as a guest on a KQED Public Radio special on "Spiritual Healing." She appeared in dozens of the New Dimensions radio shows, making lucid comments about the upheavals in consciousness American society was experiencing during the 60s decade of love and the 70s decade of the Vietnam War.
"This is how you transform the world: you transform the piece of the world you are sitting in," she would say. "War represents a failure of humankind's intelligence," she often averred, followed by instructions on how to deconstruct the problem. "Trust that the problem is part of a flow of creation and that it is an opportunity for you to handle it differently."

The woman who graduated Phi Beta Kappa at the top two percent of her class in 3-1/2 years from the University of California at Berkeley with two degrees, one in Social Sciences & Psychology and the other in Conservation and Natural Resources, states with simple elegance: "A new style of thinking is itself the process."
Ms. Sun consulted with the FBI and the U. N., teaching about evolutionary leaps and how, "we need to know. . .  that there is a big difference between making a judgment and being judgmental. There is a good reason why Jesus said, 'Judge not lest ye be judged.' Not being judgmental gives our minds and even our bodies, a chance to shift out of polarized, immature thinking, A chance to forgive others and ourselves so we can all face mistakes,|as the wonderful insights for change that they are," she writes.
Amatra Barbara May, Holistic Health Practitioner and New Thought Board Member, says that in the New Dimension radio programs, Ms. Sun inspired a new era for holistic and healing arts professionals to be taken seriously. "It helped to expand our dream to facilitate folks in participating in their own transformation of body, mind, and spirit. When we talked last week, Patricia said, ?eThere is (still) a Huge Hunk of unconsciousness being expelled in our owning our destiny to handle our own transformation in very simple and powerful ways.'"

While some bemoan the belief the human race has gone over the edge, cannot reverse human damage to the ecosystem, and is finished, Ms. Sun affirms otherwise: "We are a very young species, so new we are not finished yet."

In an upcoming book, she writes, "My theory is that humans have evolved to a unique readiness to see enough of what is good; and enough of what is able to be achieved, with courage and earnestness: to manifest a collective quantum leap in consciousness. I believe we are now at a rather narrow window?\of huge opportunity. The Age of Realization."

Alan Cohen, author of A Deep Breath of Life, says, "Patricia is a master teacher whose influence on the planet is quietly enormous. The world is indeed closer to heaven for her presence here." Patricia Sun is available for private consultations during the week of Feb. 25 -28 at Dragonfly Ranch.

At the workshop on Sunday, Ms. Sun will share tools for a healthy self and a healthy planet. "Healing the planet is done by healing ourselves. Healing at this level leaves us transformed. A huge leap in consciousness is coalescing worldwide around our challenges,|personal and global. It is a psychological and spiritual opening of transcendent proportions. Yet it uses our everyday fears and wounds as we face them in love, in the now.  We are all involved. Please join me."
Friday and Saturday's events are free and open to the public. Admission fee for the Sunday workshop is $30 at the door and $25 in advance. Please go to to register.

Mothers and Daughters: Breathe In, Breathe Out sponsored by various Arts Commissions in Washington as well as Seattle's Sno-Isle Library system.

March 3rd, 2013 at 3PM (Please RSVP)

This program is a presentation about mothers and daughters,the life cycle, the mother/daughter evolutionary process that lasts our lifetime and is wonderfully entertaining. Please scroll down and read more about the program as well as the author at

Mothers and Daughters

"What I do in my speaking engagements, always, is to try and connect to my readers and listeners, in the belief that what connects us is far more central than what separates us, and the response from my audience is tremendously affirming. I am hired to speak at women



Harmonic Healing Workshop with Yumi and Gen Morita

Date/Time: Sunday February 10th, 2013 from 1 to 3 PM

Yumi and Gen Morita at Harmonic Healing Workshop

The Dragonfly Ranch: Healing Arts Center in Honaunau is proud to host the healing duo of Yumi and Gen Morita. They have been offering short Harmonics Healing introductory workshops each month at the Dragonfly followed by one-on-one consultations in an open clinic style.

The workshop consists of a presentation along with demonstrations and practices for participants. Knowledge will be shared of anatomy, including where organs are and what they do. A Japanese method called Soto Therapy that uses specific heat applications on organs will be taught. Sotai Exercise, how to move the body in gentle, comfortable positions for improved healing, will also be shared.

Gen and Yumi have been practicing and teaching this complete healing system based on traditional Japanese medicine for 20 years, and have led over 200 workshops. Both are currently directors of Hawaii College of Oriental Medicine (HICOM) which is based in Kailua, Kona.

After the free workshop, the Morita healing team will be available for half-hour private consultations. Harmonics Healing holds the principle that since the body tends towards wellness and realigning with natural energies, this technique will encourage swift healings. Gen Morita says, "Giving the body the proper care and nutrition will create health for our us and our environment. Using 'Life Energy Testing,' a simple energetic feedback system similar to muscle testing, Yumi acts as the interpreter to help patients determine foods, medicines and behaviors that will support or harm the body's natural healing process."

Presentation and workshop will be from 1-3 PM one Sunday a month, with refreshments included. The open clinic will be directly following. Barbara Moore, soul proprietor of the Dragonfly Ranch: Healing Arts Center says, "It is a privilege to host these amazing healers who moved here after the disaster in Japan last year. Gifting donations is appropriate and will be gratefully appreciated by these talented healers who are blessing us with their gifts." To learn more about this healing couple's use of subtle yet powerful healing techniques, see their site on the web at .

Anyone wishing to attend is asked to come a few minutes early to the this center for healing. The Dragonfly Ranch is located at 84-5146 Keala O Keawe Road, just above the historic Pu'uhonua O Honaunau National Historical Park, 1 1/2 miles down from the Honaunau post office. Guests are welcome to come early to relax and look around as well as stay late to visit and spend time in the productive organic garden. In the "Aloha Aina" tradition, visitors are welcome to "give to the land" or contribute to the calabash before taking from the overflowing organic vegetables. Moore and her ohana team of this award-winning B&B welcome visitors to walk the labyrinth, and tour the rooms as well as the healing spa facilities.