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Here at the Dragonfly Ranch, our subtitle is no joke! We are consistently bringing in the latest state of the art healing machines from The Healey, to Gem Beds, to The Bemer with healing sessions provided by practitioners that have experiences from all across the globe. Currently we have a gorgeous jungle Healing Temple that is remote from the main house and other abodes, therefore making it super private and quiet. We offer massage, Flower Essence readings, swimming with dolphins guided tours with our inhouse Mermaid Chantel or Barbara and all kinds of other healing sessions depending on who we have onboard during the season you decide to stay with us.

While we offer cozy one-on-one sessions with practitioners in the Healing Sanctuary, we also offer many stimulating healing arts classes like Yoga, Guided Meditation, Art Classes, Dance and Aerial Silks classes up top Mauka (mountain) in our gorgeous colorful Illuminarium. Schedules are posted in rooms and in the main kitchen. Many times you will have the opportunity to meet and talk with our teachers and practitioners to get a better feel for what you want out of your sessions and classes because many live here!

*Prices depend on the practitioner and is solely decided by them.

The Dragonfly Ranch is truly the ideal location for retreats. Especially for retreats in need of a large gathering space… or spaces as well as multiples of sleeping accomodations.The Dragonfly Ranch offers an expansive deck (lanai) and workout/meditation labyrinth Illuminarium that both look out to the Big Blue. Each space can easily accommodate up to 35 people sitting for a meal on the lanai or up to 40 for a dance class or less for yoga up in the Illuminarium. We also have 3 other gathering places like the Gazebo overlooking our organic food gardens, the Bonfire Pit and the Illuminated Garden where people can hang out, process what they learned or journal quietly and many times, privately. Being 35 minutes to town, 10 minutes to the beach, right off the main paved road… but still submerged in the jungle, make for the perfect “retreat” into nature so that the hustle of city life can fall off and you become the innate self you always wanted to get back to. Lastly, we have many kitchens where meals can be prepared privately, with the group or by the staff at the Dragonfly.

If your group is large, you may want to consider renting our three 7-person mini-vans. It makes for easy drop-off and pick-up since you’ll be staying here and we are happy to provide you with rides to and from airport with a 3+day rental.

If interested, please let us know in your contact form and we will put you directly in contact with our Retreats and Events Coordinator.


While most of our guests don’t want to be in a sterile hotel and love the homey feeling here in the natural surroundings, others may arrive with different expectations. Therefore, we hope by putting out the facts, you can determine yourself in advance if this place is right for you. Remember, “A Marriott we are not!”

If you are looking for Mai Tais by the pool, this isn’t the place. The ocean is two minutes away with beautiful beaches for world class diving and snorkeling or just relaxing.

The Dragonfly is like a treehouse, with lots of natural open spaces. We live in harmony with nature, never spraying toxic poison. Remember, “It’s a jungle out there.” Some creatures, such as mosquitoes, spiders or geckos may come inside. Mosquitoes are not usually bad at night (day/sunset-biters) but if you are especially tasty, we recommend that you bring with you a spray that works.

While Kona is drier than other parts of the island, very sensitive noses may detect a hind of mildew or mold, especially during the rainier season (April- October).

We do not allow smoking in the rooms or on property. Even smoking on the grounds carries into everyone’s screened-in rooms.  Please wait until you have left the property to do so.

Sound travels more here than other places. You might hear a goat sneeze a block away on a silent night, which is how the nights usually are. Sounds of the country can include roosters in the distance and neighborhood dogs that bark at times. While we are considered a peaceful and quiet place by many, some people are more sensitive than others. In this case we provide earplugs.

HANG LOOSE MONGOOSE LIFESTYLE…with house pets for friends. We are not anal retentive folks and have an easy lifestyle here, laughing, talking and enjoying our well-mannered pets. If you think dogs should never come in the house, then you would not appreciate our four loving little chihuahuas who think they live here with us (because they do). We also have five cats who are told to stay outside for the sake of cat allergic people. All of our animals love people and are respectful. Our pets do not gravitate to people who do not want to love them.

We respectfully play music now and then. Occasionally we like to light a fire and do a fire-dancing or drumming circle, inviting guests to join in (concluding the session at 9pm).


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