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Intern With Us

The Dragonfly has been featured in numerous magazines as well as on television programs in Germany, Japan, and the U.S. It is internationally recognized as a unique Healing Arts Center.

The kind of people we have at the Dragonfly are individuals who live life joyously – with reverence and integrity. Those of us on the Dragonfly Team are Ohana (family), sharing this heavenly spot, playing together, accomplishing tasks without needing to be told what to do. It is an honor to be sharing, growing, laughing, loving, caring with a group of considerate, balanced, creative individuals who have generosity of spirit. Being at the Dragonfly, in this healing community, is like a reward for living life “rightly.” We like to associate with, accomplish goals with, and laugh with fun people who know that life is a wonder full gift. Taking care of our bodies is a given. The Dragonfly Ohana maintains an alcohol and smoke-free environment, encouraging Healthy Pleasures.

We want happy people to come here and invite their dearest friends here to relax and enjoy the play of life on earth. We encourage our family to be free of debt and obligations, free to enjoy life, undaunted about doing whatever needs to be done to make the Dragonfly fly successfully. This is not a work exchange or a salaried position. This is being a helpful, considerate guest who get to play in the garden, prepare wonderful organic food and enjoy the Dragonfly Aloha, her ohana team, and her wonderful guests.

The Team: A talented group of Dragonfly Ohana is dedicated to the vision of this Healing Arts Center. In the Spirit of Aloha we rotate the opportunity to stay at the Dragonfly, sharing simple pleasures and daily chores, providing a positive, nurturing environment for each other and for visitors. Barbara offers the opportunity to stay three months at a time to Contributing Travelers who like to accomplish what needs to be done with a merry heart, feeling joy and taking pride in doing everything as well as it can be done.

To know more about Contributing Traveler program, please email your resume and three references to aloha @ dragonflyranch.com

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